Granblue Fantasy heavy metal references

This is the static version of the living reference document. If you don’t think this is the latest version, check Google Docs. Please let us know at @granblue_en if you think we’re missing anything!

EustaceAnti Social DiseaseImpellitteriBest of Impellitteri2002“Anti Social” in English
Eustace Slow KillImpellitteriSystem X2002“Slow Death” in English
Eustace (Halloween)Tonight I FlyImpellitteriStand in Line1988
Eustace (Halloween) Wasted EarthImpellitteriCrunch2000
Eustace (Dark)Shed Your BloodImpellitteriEye of the Hurricane1997
Eustace (Dark) Forever YoursImpellitteriCrunch2000
NemoneStand In LineImpellitteriStand in Line1988
MelleauImpellitteriImpellitteri(the band’s name)1987
VaseragaForgotten TalesBlind GuardianThe Forgotten Tales1996
Vaseraga (Earth)Battalions of FearBlind GuardianBattalions of Fear1988
Vaseraga (Earth)Soul ForgeBlind GuardianA Night at the Opera2002“The Soulforged” is the name of the song
Vaseraga (Earth)Welcome to DyingBlind GuardianTales from the Twilight World1990“Welcome to Death” in English
Vaseraga (and Zeta)Black ChamberBlind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond1992
IlsaSacred HellEdguyThe Savage Poetry1995
IlsaHymnEdguyVain Glory Opera1998“Evensong” in English
IlsaTinnitusEdguyTinnitus Sanctus2008“Ear Ringer” in English
Ilsa (Summer)Shadow EatersEdguySpace Police – Defenders of the Crown2014
Ilsa (Summer)Hellfire ClubEdguyHellfire Club2004
Ilsa (Summer)Rise AgainEdguyVain Glory Opera1998Song name “Until We Rise Again”
Katalina (Grand)Enchanted LandsRhapsodySymphony of Enchanted Lands1998Kat’s Emerald Sword in Granblue Fantasy Versus is also from that album
ZetaRhapsodyRhapsody (of Fire)(the band’s name)1993In 2006, Rhapsody changed their name to Rhapsody of Fire
ZetaThousand FlamesRhapsody of FireRain of a Thousand Flames2001
Zeta (Dark)Shining StarRhapsody of FireInto the Legend2016
Zeta (Dark)Infinite WondersLuca TurilliThe Infinite Wonders of Creation2006Rhapsody of Fire co-founder Luca Turilli’s third solo album
Zeta & VaseragaMagic HorizonsLuca TurilliKing of the Nordic Twilight1999
MarquiaresUnholy WarcryRhapsody of FireSymphony of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret2004RIP Christopher Lee
MarquiaresMystic MoonRhapsody of FireDark Wings of Steel2013
MarquiaresReign of TerrorRhapsody of FireReign of Terror2010
SiegfriedManiganceManigance(the band’s name)1995
Siegfried (Summer)DelivranceManiganceRecidive2011
Siegfried (Summer) MessagerManiganceAnge ou Demon2002
Siegfried (Summer) L’Ombre d’HierManiganceRecidive2011
HelesAutumnalDark MoorAutumnal2008
HelesReckoning NightSonata ArcticaReckoning Night2004
Heles (Summer)Graven ImageSonata ArcticaWinterheart’s Guild2003
Heles (Wind)Reckoning DaySonata ArcticaReckoning Night2004“Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night” is Sonata Arctica, “Reckoning Day” is Megadeth.
Sarunan (Dark)UniaSonata ArcticaUnia2007
SandalphonAlone in HeavenSonata ArcticaStones Grow Her Name2012
SandalphonEclipticaSonata ArcticaEcliptica1999
SandalphonPower of OneSonata ArcticaSilence2001
Sandalphon (Summer)Land of the FreeSonata ArcticaSilence2001
Sandalphon (Summer)One-Two-Free-FallSonata ArcticaStones Grow Her Name2012
Sandalphon (Summer)Running LightsSonata ArcticaPariah’s Child2014
YngwieNo MercyYngwie MalmsteenFire & Ice1992
YngwieOdysseyYngwie MalmsteenOdyssey1988
Rising Force (MC job)Rising ForceYngwie MalmsteenRising Force1984
Rising Force (MC job)Unleash the FuryYngwie MalmsteenUnleash the Fury2005
Rising Force (MC job)Jet to JetAlcatrazzNo Parole From Rock ‘n’ Roll1983feat. Yngwie Malmsteen
ZooeyGamma RayGamma Ray(the band’s name)1989
Vira (SR)DarkaneDarkane(the band’s name)1998
AmiraBal-SagothBal-Sagoth(the band’s name)1989
AmiraAvantasiaAvantesia(the band’s name)1999Avantesia is a project created by the lead singer of Edguy.
AmiraPower WithinDragonForceThe Power Within2012
AmiraInhuman RampageDragonForceInhuman Rampage2005
LucioEve of SeductionSymphony XParadise Lost2007“Revelation” in English. We’re not counting Paradise Lost, it was written in 1667.
LucioOut of the AshesSymphony XThe Divine Wings of Tragedy1997
LucioAwakeningsSymphony XThe Odyssey2002