Fukuhara Tetsuya and Kimura Yuito interview – Famitsu 04/11/2019

(translated from the 04/11/2019 issue of Famitsu by @vibratingsheep, all mistakes are Sheep’s. All bolded phrases were highlighted in the original interview.)

The Granblue Fantasy style built over 5 years

Famitsu: When you look back at the last 5 years, what stands out?

Kimura Yuito (KMR): I left the Granblue Fantasy team for a time, but when you consider the time we were in development, I’m right at 5 years now.

Fukuhara Tetsuya (FKHR): I’ve been here since we started development, so it’s been about six and a half years for me. You could say that I’ve given this game my 30s.

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Touyama Nao (Lyria) Web Newtype interview

Web Newtype has published an interview with Touyama Nao (Lyria), recorded after she took home Best Supporting Actress and the newly created Game award at the Seiyuu Awards. The awards ceremony was why she was 2 hours late to the 5th Anniversary broadcast, in case you were wondering. The full translated text of the interview follows:

Touyama Nao with her Seiyuu Award

Newtype: It’s been quite a while since your debut, hasn’t it, Touyama-san?

Touyama Nao (Touyama): I’m about to start my tenth year in the business, but it feels like it’s gone by so quickly, and I haven’t done that much…. Because everything still feels so fresh to me, I feel like a greenhorn compared to the other ten-year vets near me (laughs). To this day, I still feel excited when I see ads for the voice school I went to, or see the training materials we used. They brings me back to a time when I didn’t know what path I could take to follow my dream, or when I had just joined an agency and didn’t know the rules of being a pro yet.

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