Granblue TV Channel #38 translation thread: special guest M・A・O

No prelude, let’s just get to the MAO faces

Opening gag

The opening comic starts with Narmaya seeming to pamper the air. When Gran tries to figure out what she’s doing, Siero silences him – she’s making a fan service set for all the captains out there, as her special Christmas present.

The hosts mention that this Narmaya fan service set might as well be spoilers for the Narmaya Pampers You VR special that was suggested last week. There could be a lot of demand for this one…

MAO face 1: the “I’m back as a guest” MAO

Narmaya events?

The first topic of the episode is what MAO would want from a Narmaya event. Since the episode aired close to Christmas, she thinks that an event where Narmaya and Fif go shopping for a birthday (she corrects herself) Christmas present for Eahta would be heartwarming and fun. Katou Emiri, a longtime Fif fan, agrees.

Katou: “We could see Eahta as Santa – they’d come back intending to surprise him, and boom, he’d have a countersurprise!”

MAO’s GBF question hour

MAO has been playing GBF a decent amount lately, and she has a lot of questions for Katou Emiri and Ono Yuuki. Her first question:

She doesn’t have enough True Anima. She’s told that the Magna/Omega 2 raids (Grimnir, Shiva, etc.) are great for True Anima drops, but when she goes to find coop repeating rooms, she sees a bunch of rooms with rank 170+ requirements, and frustratedly screams like this:

This is such a good MAO face

The advice from the hosts: Katou Emiri definitely recommends the Regalia Series (Grimnir, Shiva, etc) because the drop rates are solid there. Ono Yuuki mentions that 30 Omega Fragments can become one True Anima as well, but for people who don’t have huge stockpiles of Omega Fragments, that costs them valuable anima trades.

MAO’s second question: where should she start with 4* uncapping her grid?

She gathers up weapons in preparation for Unite and Fight, but by the time the Unite and Fight comes and goes, she hasn’t finished the grind and it’s on to a new element! So she ends up with 1 or 2 4* weapons per grid, and never finishes anything.

Ono: “If you keep going evenly like that, you’ll actually end up finishing them all around the same time. But I definitely recommend picking one element, making it your focus, and using that on everything. Especially if it’s dark, and you have Gislas.”

Katou told him to use Dark enmity as a shortcut, and he took it to heart – he started with Dark, and used Dark to build everything else.

Katou Emiri herself is more in MAO’s position – she has a large number of half-completed grids.

MAO’s light party face

MAO thinks about it, and says that she would probably work on her Light party first.

When they start talking about Luminiera Swords Omega, the building blocks of the Light grid, MAO mentions that she has 4 or 5 of those at 3 stars.

Ono: “That’s amazing!”

MAO’s third question: are Seraphic weapons worth it at SR? Or should they only be used if they’re completed?

Katou replies that they’re great at SR.

MAO’s fourth question (Ono: “These just keep coming, don’t they?”) – she just rolled the Grimnir summon, but is he worth putting into a grid at 0 stars?

Katou: “Yes.”

It’s hard for MAO to use 0 star summons since her stats go down, but because the summon call is so strong, Katou Emiri reaffirms that it’s worth using Grimnir, even with lower stats than MAO’s other summons.

Katou asks MAO another question: does she have any Limited weapons?

MAO in a child’s voice: “Limited… what?”

MAO: “I do, and I think I have a lot of them in Light. But I threw them all in my stash. I keep waffling on if it’s worth using Damascus items on them, so they just sit there.”

MAO’s daily schedule

Her schedule… kind of speaks for itself.

On her days off, she sleeps at around 2 or 3 AM, wakes up at around 2 or 3 PM, and spends her whole day flipping through video games while watching TV. She uses up her stamina in mobile games, when she runs out of stamina she plays console games, and when she gets tired of console games she goes back to playing mobile games.

At midnight or so, she realizes that she needs to take a bath and hops over there, and then after that she dozes off in bed thinking about what she’s going to do tomorrow before she actually falls asleep.

Katou: “My days kind of look like this while it’s Unite and Fight, too.”

MAO realizing that Katou Emiri does this during UnF but it’s GBF the entire time

Katou mentions that at midnight, when Unite and Fight ends, she does her dailies, and then…

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Twashtar, who asks about the host’s favorite skins. Twashtar loves the Narmaya CD skin, but really likes the 5* uncap CA animation. They also like the Vajra kimono skin, but miss the “Happy new year!” shout of the normal version when you have CA skip on.

MAO loves the umbrella in Narmaya’s 3rd Anniversary skin, and thinks it’s beautiful. She loves putting it on Narmaya during the New Year.

Katou loves Cagliostro’s school uniform, specially when she sits down on a school desk.

Katou loves the Valentine’s Day skins the most, though, and brings up Lyria’s cooking skin as an example, prompting joyous squeals from MAO at Lyria’s preciousness.

She loves how cute the Valentine’s girls are, including Narmaya, and requests a White Day skin.

Katou: “But what would they wear…?”

Ono: “Maybe a… white tuxedo?”

MAO: “Or a white sweater!”

Ono suggests a sweater over bare skin, which the two ladies laugh at, because it would be a funny addition to Erune fashion. MAO and Katou fantasize about Eustace wearing such an outfit:

The second mail is from Sho, who asks when Narmaya will get a perfume of her own (like the Dragon Knights, the Society, and the Primarchs have). What about body pillows?

While thinking of what a Narmaya fragrance would smell like, MAO suggests Ylang-ylang flowers, a sweet scent. Katou suggests perhaps a scent that would bring incense to mind, which MAO would love.

The last mail is from I want Ilsa to work me to death, whose name makes MAO bust out laughing.

The question is: if the hosts were able to be reborn in Granblue Fantasy, what would they want to be reborn as? The mailer would love to be one of Ilsa’s soldiers so they could be drilled hard by Ilsa.

Katou would love to be a Harvin, and would love to see things from a Harvin’s-eye-view. She would love to look up at male Draphs from that height, just to be impressed.

Ono: “You’d just end up being Sierokarte – you sound like her already, after all.”

Ono Yuuki is a power gamer, so he would love to be the 11th Eternal.

MAO loves the world of GBF but doesn’t want to interfere in it, so while she would love to be on the Grandcypher herself, she would love to be a cat and see her favorite characters interacting without inserting herself into the scene.

After a Lyria’s Journal that a lot of Granblue Fantasy Fes 2019 news, it’s time to preview the next Granblue TV Channel special – a 1-hour episode with Katou Emiri and Touyama Nao invading the Cygames offices.