Granblue Summer Stream 2020 Announcement Roundup

Here’s all the announcements from the Granblue Summer Stream 2020 – expect this post to be updated later with more information.

Stream Prizes

For reaching 1.8 million viewers on the stream, we received the following gifts:

  • 200k = 300k rupees
  • 400k = 10 elixirs
  • 600k = 3k arcarum points
  • 800k = 1k crystals
  • 1m = 2k more crystals
  • 1.1m = 100 half pots
  • 1.2m = 300 berries
  • 1.3m = 5 gold XP books
  • 1.4m = 5 gold moons
  • 1.5m = 1 damascus ingot
  • 1.8m = 10k Crystals (Revealed at the end of the stream)

GBVS / Relink Announcements

The full Belial Trailer

Granblue Fantasy Mobile Game News

Summer Kaguya was also shown

The Evoker skins will be on sale starting 8/9, and will have new Charge Attack Animations.

The raid updates will hit on August 31st. August 14th: Flip chests adjusted so certain treasures no longer make the chest flip and play a chime. Including: Malice Fragments, Rose Crystals, etc.

Raid Skip is such a big feature that Cygames made an entire commercial just for it!

Currently planned to cost 200 mobacoins or 200 crystals for a roll, 2000/2000 for a 10 roll. It will have a spark system as well – 200 rolls and you will be able to pick the skin of your choice.

They showed the current state of Seofon’s new 6* CA, and the official Twitter can show it in motion.