February 2021 Koregra Roundup

This official monthly update for Granblue February 2021 was posted, here’s a summary of the updates.

February 10th: Dread Barrage returns. The enemies will be Water element (Earth favored).

Update 2/5/2021: Dread Barrage will also provide players with 4 potions, 4 clarity herbs, and 2 revive potions for every battle, similar to Unite and Fight.

Update 2/5/2021: The T4 class from the anniversary event will be new as of the event, and after finishing the event you will have everything you need to unlock it.

Valentines 2021 Ordering Guide

GBVS Updates

End of February: RPG Mode chapters 46-50 added to #GBVS, taking place after the ending of RPG mode 2/26 – 2/28: Blitz Mode returns

Merchandise Updates

7th Anniversary Stream

The Granblue Fantasy 7th anniversary stream will be on Sunday, March 7th from 6 PM JST to 9 PM JST. It will have the usual set of anniversary news, updates for the rest of the year, giveaways, and Shenanigans. March KoreGra will release after it. More info coming soon.