Granblue TV Channel #21 translation: guest star Touyama Nao (Lyria)

Week 2 of Touyama Nao on Granblue TV Channel continues with a look at her daily schedule, as well as a peek at her teams and grid! (guro warning)

Opening Gag

The episode begins with Siero and Gran waiting for Lyria to reveal her Six Elements – Siero thinks it will all be about food, while Gran says it will have at least something about him.

o ka zu go han gu is basically FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD G
Whoops, the G was supposed to be FOOD too

As she reveals it, it says O KA ZU GO HAN Gu – okazu = side dishes, gohan = food, and the gu… might be Gran? When Gran asks, Lyria says “oops, that was supposed to be kanji” and replaces it with the gu for “ingredients”

Free talk

The hosts check in on Touyama Nao’s GBF status, which she’s reluctant to do in front of such powerful skyfarers as Katou Emiri and Ono Yuuki.

Katou: “Don’t compare yourself to us!”

Touyama proudly declares that she’s able to OTK (One Turn Kill) all of the Beasts in Rise of the Beasts, which used to take her minutes at a time. She can even do it without needing Assault Time!

Doing the Beast dailies used to be rough and take her up to three hours, but these days she takes care of them in under 40 minutes, which proud parents Katou and Ono praise her for.

Ono: “You’ve grown so much!”

As a callback to Granblue Channel’s radio days, Katou Emiri asks about how Touyama Nao’s parents are doing in the game. Mamabou is doing well, but Papabou is a slow learner, and relies on using elixirs as soon as he fails in a quest. One of Touyama Nao’s old Granblue Channel nicknames was Shiruyama (Elixiryama), but it turns out that the real Shiruyama was her father this whole time.

Other stories from the Touyama family: she and her father decided to race to see who could unlock Seofon first, but her father hit a huge block: he couldn’t defeat some of the enemies because they were too hard for him, and he was down to only 4 elixirs left. When asked how he got so low on elixirs after many giveaways by Cygames, his response was:

Papabou: “The main story quest has so many tough enemies that I use dozens of elixirs on them!”

Another tale of Touyama Nao’s father: she found out that he’d leveled and uncapped tons of weapons but never put them in his grid, including weapons that other players would use as skill fodder.

After noting that Touyama Nao’s adventures with her father could become its own series, they move on to Touyama Nao’s questions for the hosts.

Her first question is based on her own habits of taking notes on how to beat certain enemies – whenever she gets stuck, she asks Katou Emiri or other seiyuu who play about how to beat certain enemies. Her notes have gotten so extensive that she’s on her second notebook, so she asks Ono Yuuki if he’s ever taken notes like that.

Ono replies that he kept notes on Ultimate Bahamut Impossible’s HP triggers, but hasn’t kept that many notes otherwise. When asked why, he says that he can ask Katou Emiri about any other questions he has.

For her own part, Katou Emiri says that she used to take notes on how to use certain skills, but now she spends a lot of time reading strategy sites while playing. She does say that she took notes on Ultimate Bahamut Impossible as well, and her notes filled four pages.

Touyama Nao’s Daily Schedule

Touyama’s daily schedule is based on her off-days from recording, but it turns out that the day is mostly her working anyway.

Touyama Nao’s “days off”

In the morning, she does mindless “yes/no” work on photos and scripts, while autoing quests in GBF. (This quest autoing happens all day)

She’s not a great reader, so she tends to get sleepy after reading the source material for characters she’s going to play, and takes a nap in the middle of the day.

Then she writes in her blog, which she says used to take her up to 5 hours a day. GBF is a frequent topic in her blogging, and each Granblue Fantasy Fest tends to take up to 3 posts to cover. Another popular topic on her blog is her cooking, because while she enjoys cooking, she’s not very good at it. Her failures make good material for her blog posts.

As for her TV time, she and her family often use that opportunity to watch shows she’s featured in, and her most recent watch was a Granblue TV Channel with Lyria.

From Granblue TV channel episode 10: Fukuyama Jun enjoying curry in the bath.

Ono Yuuki’s first question about her schedule: does she eat curry in the shower, like Fukuyama Jun claims that he does?

Touyama Nao: “When we saw that episode, my mom turned to me and told me that I was not allowed to eat in the bath.”

Do not mess with Mamabou.

Ono’s last question is why Touyama Nao’s dance practice comes after midnight. Touyama replies that she gets her best practice when she’s alone and no one’s watching, and learning to do the dances with light enough steps to avoid waking up her family make her very adept at them.

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Meteor. Their question: we’ve seen Ono Yuuki and Katou Emiri’s grids. But what about the guest’s grid?

Touyama Nao: “Are you sure you want to answer this question while I’m the guest?”

Touyama Nao’s earth party

Touyama starts with her beloved Earth party, which has Aletheia, (level 80) Siegfried, and a 4* Threo. Bringing up the rear are a level 95 Cagliostro, and Alexiel. She plays as Weapon Master for that team (she has only unlocked Chaos Ruler of the Tier IV classes, so she doesn’t have Berserker available) and enjoys turn 1 chain bursts with Aletheia. She often puts Lyria in Threo’s spot, for when she wants to hit big CAs.

Lancelot, Silva, and Vajra, with

They move on to her Water party, which she’s been working on for a while. Ono Yuuki thanks her for using Lancelot, but when they look at her grid…

Naobou please

Katou and Ono both draw attention to the Three-Tiger Axe (Earth) in that grid.

Touyama: “Its attack is so high!”

Katou: “It would be better if you had all water weapons in there.”

Yay Naobou!

After a quick search of her available weapons, they pull a Xuanwu Mace Malus from her inventory, and Touyama cheers when she sees her numbers go up.

Touyama: “To all skyfarers out there, please remember that this is me we’re talking about here, and be nice.”

Hurray for yellow numbers! Go Naobou!

With Katou’s advice, she also removes the Leviathan Bow Magna and inserts a Scarlet Vane, prompting even higher calculator numbers and a cheer from Touyama.

Katou: “It feels so nice to see the yellow numbers when your numbers go up!”

The second mail comes from known, who asks what the hosts do along with their daily quests.

Kat0u watches TV while grinding, but sometimes she reads Twitter for GBF updates.

Katou watches TV, but often finds herself playing right as Cygames updates the game, so she goes to Twitter to read more about what was just changed in-game. Touyama Nao comments on her multitasking, and Katou responds with a story from her MMO days, where she would often play and read strategies on two separate PCs rather than on an iPhone and an iPad. She often two-boxed in those games as well, with two gamepads.

Ono Yuuki’s usual GBF time is on his exercise bike, and Touyama Nao says that she does the same thing while doing sit-ups. She’ll sit up and press buttons with each one, drawing laughs from the studio as they imagine this.

Katou Emiri has her own exercise and GBF story, saying that she was running Unite and Fight while doing squats, because she didn’t want her crew to fall behind her opponent.

Lyria’s Journal

The September 7th part is correct, at least

The Lyria’s Journal segment has one major new announcement, which had to be corrected after the episode aired. The next Proving Grounds will run on September 7th, with Fire enemies (the episode says Earth enemies, which is incorrect).

The other announcements:

Dancing Avengers starts on August 28th, with a free skin for Aliza.

The Together in Song rerun begins on September 12th, with 4* uncaps for Nobiyo and Narita. With the event rerun, a Niyon skin will go on sale.

Okinawan Rail Bird skins for

Finally, Happy New Genesis releases on August 28th, with Okinawan rail bird skins for the main character and Diantha included as pack-in codes.

Since September has 5 Sundays, there will be a special episode next week. It will feature Eguchi Takuya (Vane), Ono Yuuki (Gran), Oosaka Ryouta (Percival), and Shiraishi Minoru (Lowain) playing Granblue Fantasy Versus at Granblue Fantasy Extra Fest Sendai. See you then!