Granblue TV Channel #37 translation thread: special guest M・A・O (Narmaya)

This episode aired during Granblue Fantasy Fes 2019 – we were only half conscious for it, but it’s time to go back and take stock of all the M・A・O faces!

Opening gag

The opening comic introduces Narmaya, who spends so much time pampering the staff in the studio that no one’s getting any work done.

Siero’s solution is to muss up Narmaya’s hair and blind her – she can’t pamper what she can’t see. Narmaya tries to put her warrior training to work, and pamper those who she can’t see, with predictable results.

All About Narmaya

The opening chat focuses on Narmaya’s height – and the height of all female Draphs, for that matter. Katou Emiri notes that the character concert really showed off how short Narmaya is in a way the game does not, while Ono Yuuki searches the studio for something of comparable height to Narmaya.

Narmaya’s shorter than the Vyrn plush they have – about to the tip of his eye ridges.

As usual, the hosts point to the board where the valentines are posted, and as Katou Emiri explains what these valentines came from, MAO laughs and says that she knows, because she has valentines of her own from that year (2018).

Katou Emiri: “Who did you get?”

MAO: “A lot of them.”

They move on to talking about MAO’s first impressions of Narmaya as a character. When she first saw the character, she thought that Narmaya was both cute and cool, and felt a kinship to her because when she started playing the role, she was the same age as Narmaya (24).

Katou Emiri also notes that because of Narmaya’s (pre-5*) skill 1 silencing her for two turns, she was one of the first characters where skill order truly mattered. Ono Yuuki, who cares about character strength more than anything else, loves the additional damage that Narmaya does on her attacks.

When asked if she uses Narmaya herself, MAO says yes, both because it’s her, and because at level 100 she’s been so much easier to use with the addition of Glasswing Waltz (her 4th ability). She talks about mashing on the attack button hard until that ability comes off of cooldown.

“Ahhh, wait, I’ll be ready soon!”

The hosts go back to talking about Narmaya’s huge popularity, from appearing in the first season of the anime to having her own character song, which was performed in 3D for the character concert.

Nothing particularly interesting here, but MAO’s expression is unreadable
Ono Yuuki looking at the heart shape around swimsuit Narmaya

Since the episode aired on the day that Christmas Narmaya released, the hosts look at Christmas Narmaya as well. MAO loves the kimono-style Santa look for Narmaya, and Ono Yuuki sneaks up to the monitor to get a better look at the design.

MAO’s 6 elements

Katou Emiri starts the segment by listing off all of the elements that have a MAO. Narmaya covers dark, water, and earth, while Pecorine is light – she’s 2 elements away from joining Imai Asami in the Six Element Club.

Katou: “We usually have the guests use the color of their character’s element for this segment, so I wonder what MAO will use?”

The answer: MAO used all six of them.

MAO face MAO face MAO face MAO face

MAO: “They set 6 out for me, and I thought this a really extravagant way to do this segment!”

MAO with a full grip of poster boards

MAO’s 6 elements describe her life as a Granblue Fantasy player.

凝 (to go hard) – she goes in hard on collecting items and drops in the game, but then when she reads about how to use them, she tends to doubt the information she gets.

“How can I be sure this is right?”

迷 (to get lost) – there’s so much to do in the game, she spends a lot of time staring and trying to figure out what she should do next, whether it’s to work on a character, build up a summon, or any of the other things she can do in GBF. It leads to:

“I don’t have enough time to do all this stuff!”

悶 (distress) – she stresses out about all the things that she feels she doesn’t have time for. But she was saved by the:

天 (for 天司, “Primarch” in the English version) – Primarchs, who she absolutely adores. She loves them so much, that at the end of “000: What Makes the Sky Blue 3”, she:

泣 (cry) – cried at how good the story was.

箱 (box) – this one is short for 箱推し, where she is a fan of the entire group of Primarchs, rather than just a single one of them.

The camera flickers to various products on the set which have been good for Primarchs fans, and Katou Emiri immediately calls MAO out on her claim that she likes all of the Primarchs equally. MAO admits it – she loves Sandalphon the most.


(someone was nice enough to subtitle MAO fangirling over Sandalphon at Granblue Fes 2018:)

MAO makes reference to this scene, half-apologizing for her screaming on stage when they announced Sandalphon’s “Ain Soph Aur” single.

Katou Emiri tells her to own it, saying that she really wishes she could go deep on otaku talk with people more often. Ono Yuuki tells the two of them to go on right ahead, but Katou Emiri is a little embarrassed to let her full ota show – she says that her eyes change to the eyes of an otaku.

Even so, Ono Yuuki gives them permission to go as deep as they want, and MAO and Katou Emiri want to – but Shiraishi the narrator quickly moves them on to the next segment.

Dreams of Skyfarers

MAO’s two things she wants to do in GBF:

  • Pampering VR
  • Forging a katana

The pampering VR would be a Narmaya version of the Dragon Knights VR experience, while she really does want to forge a katana for Narmaya

Katou Emiri talks her down to making a katana-shaped letter opener, which MAO accepts as an acceptable alternative. Since Imai Asami already made her own FRIED SHRIMP, this one seems very realistic to the hosts.

Katou: “What would the pampering be like for Narmaya VR?”

MAO: “It’d be Narmaya in your own home, offering to put a blanket on you, or make dinner, or take a walk with you outside.”

She also suggests a Narmaya VR Cafe, with all sorts of Narmayas ready to pamper you. Ono Yuuki thinks it would be great to have every outfit and season of Narmaya there all trying to spoil you at once, while Katou Emiri suggests a VR segment where Narmaya lets you use her lap as a pillow for the full pampering experience.

MAO herself gets excited at this prospect, saying that since there’s already a Narmaya body pillow, it could turn into a full cuddling experience. She gets so many ideas in her head that she starts spouting gibberish mid-sentence – she had so many ideas and they all just tried to come out of her mouth at once.

Subtitles failed at capturing what she said… because they weren’t really human words

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Island Rail, who loves the Grand Blues! comics. They especially love 1198, “Nightmare on Sister Street”, and asks the hosts who their favorite Big Sister character is in GBF.

Katou loves the Tien and Feower big sister-little brother relationship, and enjoys using the two of them together in her Arcarum teams just so they’ll talk to each other.

MAO apologetically votes for herself, saying Narmaya is her favorite.

Katou goes back and says that Lyria has started getting more of a big sister role as more and more young characters join the crew.

Ono Yuuki’s favorite GBF big sister is the big sister who taught him how to play GBF – Katou Emiri. Katou goes along with it, and says that her favorite big sister in the voice cast of GBF is Kaida Yuko (Freesia).

The second mail comes from Namako, who is a huge Narmaya fan, and is happy that Narmaya, Eahta, and Fif have formed a little family. They would love for Narmaya to get an earth or light version to be able to join either of them (which, again, came true 2 hours before the airing of the show).

They then ask for a fluffy Narmaya-Eahta-Fif character song, and ask for Ono Yuuki’s approval… which he provides, but wonders why they ask him of all people for approval.

Katou and MAO talk a bit about how Narmaya has so many fate episodes but hasn’t had her own event yet, outside of a few cameo appearances in her swimsuit. MAO turns to Ono Yuuki and asks for his approval for an event, which he gives before turning to her and reminding her that he doesn’t have the power to do anything.

The third mail comes from Shadowcat, who asks if the hosts have a favorite character who will never leave their parties – theirs is Narmaya.

MAO tries to hold in a laugh since everyone on set knows what her answer will be.

She whispers to the camera “Sandalphon”

She treats Sandalphon like she treats Narmaya – she loves switching his skins to whatever she wants to see on that day.

When asked what her favorite is, she points to his anniversary skin. She especially loves that skin’s Home page lines.

Katou Emiri loves the Black Knight, and tells the story of the first two weeks of November 2019, when she would go to the Black Knight’s page constantly and refresh it in the hopes that her 5* uncap would come.

Her tweets at the time:

Closing comments

The show aired a day after Narmaya was announced for Granblue Fantasy Versus, and they spend a moment plugging the game while wondering what she’s going to play like.

With that, we’re on to next week, when MAO asks all the GBF strategy questions she’s been saving up, and then talks about the skins she wants to see in the game! (We’ll get this translation up shortly, we swear)