Granblue TV Channel #41 translation thread: special guest Inada Tetsu (Ladiva)

Regular episodes of Granblue TV Channel started back up again on January 19th, with Inada Tetsu showing up in full Ladiva glory.

Let’s get back in the saddle!

Opening Gags

Introducing Ladiva, the wrestler who has so much love that few are able to bear the brunt of it. Gran has to switch to Luchador to accept all of Ladiva’s love, and poor Sierokarte is stuck in the middle.

Thankfully, because the clinch between the two wrestlers is full of love, apparently it doesn’t hurt…

Inada Tetsu, as he has done in his previous appearances for Granblue Fantasy, shows up in a Ladiva costume, with a wig, dyed blonde hair, and croissants for horns.

According to Inada, the saran-wrapped croissants are great accessories because they double as emergency rations, in case he gets hungry.

As for the belt, he found it at a store in Nagoya before Extra Fes Nagoya, and wanted it because it would make a good championship belt. However, when he puts it on, it looks tinier than he’d imagined.

The hosts joke about the size difference between Inada and Katou, saying that it’s like having a real-life Draph and Harvin in the studio.

Ono encourages Inada to lean forward just a little, and when he does so, he completely obscures Katou Emiri from view.

All about Ladiva

The hosts discuss the gap between Ladiva’s role and looks – in spite of being a duelist, a bodyguard, and a bouncer, Ladiva’s profile reveals very feminine and cute interests.

Ladiva is one of Katou’s favorites, and she talks about her first impressions of the character – she thought that Ladiva was going to be a burly lunkhead from her appearance, and she ended up falling in love with the character.

When Inada was first recording for Ladiva, he thought the character was going to be comic relief, but the script revealed a very loving person. Because of this, he kept things very serious while playing Ladiva, and the character has done far more than he initially imagined. Ladiva has a character single (“Merry Love” with Clarisse and Sen), an SSR version, and her own event.

The hosts also discuss Ladiva’s unique and all-encompassing love allowing her to be the only character who gives presents both on Valentine’s Day and White Day.

The Ladiva timeline shocks Ono Yuuki – has it really been 5 years since SR Ladiva was first released? The Christmas version with the reindeer horns piques Ono Yuuki’s curiosity:

Ono: “If you cosplay this version of Ladiva, how are you going to do the antlers?”

Inada: “Maybe I’ll use thin baguettes.”

Ono: “Would a pretzel work better?”

Inada: “Pretzels might be a better shape.”

As they talk about the SSR version of Ladiva, Katou Emiri talks about how she first saw the young version of Ladiva on the back of a magazine, before she was released – she walked by and saw someone holding the magazine, causing her to do a 180 and shout “IT’S LADIVA!” in the middle of a subway station.

The hosts talk how “No Rain, No Rainbow” highlighted Ladiva’s motherly nature. They enjoyed how many characters showed different sides of themselves, both personality-wise from some of them getting drunk or just showing some weakness, and in a literal sense, since many characters are never shown from the back.

Katou: “I would love to see a second run of this event, with new characters coming to Raduga that we didn’t see before.”

Inada, looking straight at the camera: “My schedule’s open.”

Katou: “I want Ladiva to listen to my problems, too!”

Inada: “Any time, as many as you want. Maybe I should open my own bar…”

To wrap up the segment, the hosts watch Ladiva’s Granblue Fantasy Versus trailer, and Katou Emiri joins in the “La di va! La di va!” chant.

Katou Emiri pumping the fist and chanting Ladiva’s name is pretty cute

Inada Tetsu’s 6 elements

On to the talk show segments!

Inada Tetsu’s 6 elements expressed very uniquely, as he uses

Light/Dark: Inada loves movies, and he enjoys going to theaters. He likes seeing them with the impressive sound systems and big screens, and goes to the movies once a week. Because of his work schedule, he often ends up going to the late shows, and is a huge lover of popcorn, especially caramel popcorn.

Water/Fire: hot water, AKA onsen. He enjoys going to the many onsen around Tokyo.

Fire/Wind: He also loves saunas, as well.

Wind/Earth: after getting out of the sauna, he enjoys the stone saunas and heated rock beds that are also offered at some onsen.

The little Inada, and the big Buri.

Fire/water/earth: eating. Inada is a big eater, and believes that good food and good liquor are two of the greatest joys in life. He enjoys seafood, and believes that the king of fish is buri (amberjack yellowtail). There’s a personal touch involved, too – one of the stages of buri growth is called inada, so he feels a connection to that fish.

Dark: he loves to sleep, as well.

Dreams of Skyfarers

For Inada’s requests of Cygames, he brings up the following:

The Ladi-Bar, a real-life Raduga where he can stay behind the counter in-character as Ladiva and be a real mama like she is.

Katou: “I want to goooooo!”

Katou suggests finding a real bar to take over, and Inada jokes that she should be one of the bartenders, prompting art of Sierokarte shaking cocktails.

Inada: “You could be my first employee”


Mailbox segment

The first mail comes from Primal Beast Shiva-inu, who wants to see more of the Grandcypher’s inner workings. From Sandalphon’s cafe to Ladiva’s Raduga, they wonder what the hosts would like to see next.

Katou Emiri would like to see a lot of the daily operations of the ship – who does the laundry? There are maids on the ship, and while there are characters like Ladiva who are definitely good at household chores, but doing them for an entire ship would be impossible.

Katou: “Lancelot would definitely suck at it though”

Ono (Lancelot): “HEY!”

Next time, on Granblue TV Channel: the hosts talk about the recording of Merry Love, the GBF Christmas single, and take a peek at Inada’s progress in the game.

We’ll try and actually translate this one within a reasonable time frame (but no promises!)