KoreGra Overview: February 2020

Here is a condensed version of our Twitter translation thread for Kore Kara no Granblue Fantasy February 2020.


As previously mentioned on Granblue TV Channel, Xeno Vohu Manahu and Xeno Cocytus will run starting February 6th. Nightmare Skip is in, just like Xeno Ifrit and Xeno Sagittarius’ run in January.

The next Pride of the Ascendant fight, the Great Wall (Fire), also goes live February 6th.

Little Skyfarer a la Sacre Blumiel! reruns from 2/10 to 2/17, and in addition to the raids -> cooking episode system previously implemented in the event, every three Special Quests will also trigger a cooking episode.

A Table for Six will be added to side stories this month.

Unite and Fight Changes

With no more seeded crews, the preliminaries reward system is changing.

Prelim crews 1 to 300: 45 badges, 1 Lineage Ring, 1 gold spellbook

Prelim crews 301 to 1000: 25 badges, Coronation Ring, silver spellbook

Prelim crews 1001 to 8000: 25 badges

Crews 1-8000 will qualify for Tier A. Crews 8,001 to 19,000 will now be in Tier B, and the reward for qualifying for Tier B will stay the same at 10 badges.

New rewards are being added for players who are in Tier A, 10 badges for filling all of the requirements:
-Lose in Tier A
-Earn more than 3 billion points as a crew
-Earn more than 90 million honors in one day

These are noted to be a test run, and if things need to be adjusted after February, they will. As previously noted, this Unite and Fight will raise the EX+ boss’ HP to 21 million, and the EX+ Lignoid in Trial Battles will also be updated accordingly. They aren’t sure on how much they will expand the individual ranking tiers for 100 badges and 75 badges. Check back Soon™

Sixth Anniversary Event

Some clarification was made regarding the free Eternal you get from completing the event – while you still won’t get a Revenant Weapon with your free Eternal, you WILL get 50 relevant Golden Fragments, which are used in the 5* uncap process. The gold brick is still available if you already have an Eternal, and don’t want one free.


February’s 5* character uncap: Tiamat

4* weapon uncaps:
Shrimp Spreader (Premium Friday gun)
Gangsta Knife (Fire Yuisis dagger)
Gottfried (Aglovale sword)
Ancient Bandages (Ayer fist)
Another Sky (Wind Vira harp)
Full Metal Recoil (Light Silva axe)
Bloody Scar (Veight dagger)

4* summon uncaps in February: Freyr and Demonbream

Quality of Life Updates

The Raid List will remember the difficulty you last selected, instead of defaulting to Normal. There will be a Raid List option directly on your Home page.

The Character Map in the GBF Handbook will gain an option for setting one of the ten Eternal recruits as a goal, and track your progress towards the character unlock. Further updates to the GBF Handbook are still planned, to make the game easier to get into.

The updates to the AP and EP display on the home page, where you can tap on them to use refill items directly, will be coming to every other screen as well. Certain quests, which dumped you to the generic quests page when you failed, will bring you back to the quest’s page so that you can get back to it quickly. This applies to:

-Raids on the Raid List
-Treasure Quests in the Special Quests menu
-Fate episodes

Campaigns and Merchandise

There will be a GBVS release log-in campaign in GBF. The next two weeks of Granblue TV Channel will also star Oosaka Ryouta (Percival) and feature GBVS. The Feb 2nd episode will highlight RPG mode, the Feb 9th episode will be Versus mode.

The Cystore Valentine’s Campaign is also coming! You will be able to order valentines for your favorite characters, and receive gifts from them in return, from Feb. 4th through Feb. 14th. Expect a guide from us on how to order, just like we had last year.

Coming to prize games across Japan in February: tiny hanging figures of the Dragon Knights.

Merchandise previously exclusive to Comiket 97 and the Ikepri Hotel collaboration will soon be stocked on the Cystore, including the SIEGFRIED set of Black Dragon Knights merch, the Primarchs collection, and the Djeeta collection.

Tokyu Hands and Animate will both have special 6th anniversary pop-ups with unique merchandise from March 7th through April 9th. More info on these to come later.

Lastly, the Sixth Anniversary stream will air on March 8th, 2020, from 1800 JST to 2100 JST. As usual, expect guests, games, shenanigans, and announcements. (Maybe there won’t be seiyuu sniffing this time… maybe.) We will post links as soon as they become available, and yes, we will be translating it in real-time. March Koregra will be posted afterward.