Granblue TV Channel #42 translation thread: special guest Inada Tetsu (Ladiva)

It’s another week of love, with Inada Tetsu joining the Granblue TV Channel cast again. Let’s dig in!

Opening gag

The opening gag has Ladiva trying to figure out what she wants to write for the Dreams of Skyfarers corner. She tries to write her catch phrase “It’s Love” (technically she writes “It’s Arab”), but sneezes and turns it into “It’s ove” – making the hosts wonder what the hell it’s supposed to be.

Creating Ladiva

The first topic of the day is how Inada Tetsu plays Ladiva. He says that the character started out as a brawler (and is still a brawler), but as time has gone on, the character’s kindness and gentleness have really come to the forefront.

He always leaves the studio feeling cheered up and refreshed after playing Ladiva, because of this aspect to the character.

As for the 2017 Christmas character single “Merry Love” with Hirohashi Ryou (Sen) and Sakura Ayane (Clarisse), the lyrics were written by Tange Sakura (Cagliostro) – she loved how Inada sung it, telling him “That’s exactly the Ladiva I was imagining.”

Katou Emiri thinks about this for a second, and says that now she wants a Cagliostro-Ladiva duet.

Inada agrees, and isn’t picky about how it happens – he would love to have the two characters interact more, or he would also enjoy being on the same stage as Tange Sakura for a Granblue Fantasy event of some kind. He enjoys thinking about how the two would interact, because the self-centered and cuteness-obsessed Cagliostro and the altruistic-to-a-fault Ladiva would have fun interactions.

(Note that the two characters do have a Cross Fate Episode in the game, but the actors were not involved)

Pro Wrestling is Real

Inada also notes that he had two big pro wrestling roles in 2019 – one as Ladiva, and one as Mao (the DDT pro wrestler, not the voice actress) in Kemonomichi. He also made an appearance in the ring at Animate Girls Fest when Dramatic Dream Team ran a Kemonomichi promotional event on the street, and got to give a man the Chest Chops of Doom.

You should watch DDT wrestling, they’re really fun
Inada Tetsu in the black shirt, Mao shirtless and unmasked

Inada has loved wrestling since he was in the 2nd grade, so he really enjoyed all of the wrestling he got to do last year. He compares Luchador Gran to his childhood hero, Mil Mascaras, while Luchador Djeeta is much more like a modern female pro wrestler.

Inada’s GBF status

Inada started playing Granblue Fantasy because of his appearance at Granblue Fantasy Fest. He knew that SSR Ladiva was going to be released soon, so he saved up for her, and got her on the 2nd 10-roll. He shows off some of the teams he’s assembled in a little under a year, highlighting his Deadbeat Dads + Ladiva earth team (featuring Cagliostro gaining XP in the back) and his water team, which he’s very proud of.

He’s doesn’t understand grids very well, and asks the hosts for advice.

Katou: “They don’t need to be SSRs – you should fill your grids with weapons of the appropriate element first.”

Katou and Ono nearly jump out of their seats when they see Inada leaving a Lumi sword on the sideline, and they quickly convince him to equip more of his Light weapons.

Ono says that he made many of the same assumptions as Inada did when he started the game, and gives him tips on how to prioritize some weapons and how to use other weapons on fodder.

A look at Inada’s light team and summons lead to screams of disbelief from Ono and laughs from Katou.


Katou: “It’s probably 0 stars, so it’s the same bonus as Metatron”

Ono: “Ohhhhh, okay”

They give him advice on how sunlight stones work, and move on to the next topic: picking appropriate classes.

When they try to get Inada to unlock more classes, the dreaded “Clear Pandemonium” message comes up, and they have to explain co-op to him first.

Ono: “If you ask someone in the crew LINE chat to help you clear it, someone should step up and do it for you really quickly.”

Inada: “I’m such a newbie, I didn’t think you would let me into your crew”

Katou: “We have space, come on in!”

Ono: “When you need something, ask us! That’s how we all get stronger.”

Ono tries to switch the conversation to making all of the elements better, but when he talks about all elements, what he really means is (and he spends an extra ten seconds rummaging through his pockets – the Gisla is really stuck in there today) Dark Enmity.

Inada: “I want to find a weapon that I love this month.”

Ono: “We’ll be waiting for you in the shadows.”

New Ladivas?

If a new Ladiva were to come out, Inada would love to see a heel version of the normally babyfaced Ladiva. He compares it to Keiji Mutou putting on the mask to become The Great Muta, or Jyushin Thunder Liger’s mask breaking off and revealing the heel persona of Kishin Liger.

Inada: “I wonder what could happen to make her so angry that she becomes Kishin (Demon God) Ladiva. If there was an enemy so great that she had to put aside love for victory. To protect a greater love, she has to abandon love herself – that kind of thing.”

Ono/Katou: “That would be so awesome.”

Ono jokingly suggests a swimsuit version of Ladiva, and Inada points out that a lot of pro wrestling ring gear is basically swimsuits anyway. The two of them decide that it would be great to have Kishin Ladiva as a summer/swimsuit version.

Inada’s daily schedule

Inada depicts one of his days off, with no recording or other work, to show just how lazy he can be.

What the **** does that mean, Inada

Inada: “I didn’t want to write it down, so I’ll just show you. The blue is sleep. As you can see, I stay up until sunrise, and often fall asleep with my phone in my hand. Sometimes I drop it and wake up from the sound of it hitting the ground, which is the orange line – more time playing games like GBF on my phone. Then it’s blue again because I fall back asleep”

Inada falling asleep with his phone in his hand

Inada: “Then I wake up, feel disappointed in myself that I’m wasting a day off, and spend more time playing games on my phone. In the afternoon I get hungry and want to find something to eat, and this orange part is when I get in my car and drive to a place I want to eat – maybe I saw it on TV, or I’ve wanted to go there for a while. So the purple is meal time.”

The light blue is bath time, followed by more time spent on the phone, and for the green portion of the chart he tends to meet friends at a bar, then goes back home to watch Netflix, watch movies, and continue watching movies until the next sunrise.

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Tochaki, who asks the hosts if they have any birthday messages from GBF characters that they seek out every time. They also ask for Ono’s thoughts on SR Lancelot, who’s been in jail for years and always has the strangest seasonal lines.

Ono: “It’s getting crazier and crazier. At some point, he started writing a novel. How does he do it while tied up? Is he writing with his feet?! And there’s another one where he signs his autograph! How does that work?!”

Inada is newer to the game, so he didn’t know that the characters had birthday messages. His experience with the system comes when he’s recording for other events, and the various seasonal and birthday lines are recorded at that time. He promises to visit Lancelot in jail at least once this year, though…

Katou Emiri recommends Feower’s birthday episodes, because she enjoys the back-and-forth of Feower declaring his birthday to be the same as the MC’s, because he doesn’t know when his own birthday is.

The second mail comes from Mimimi, who failed to escape the Granblue-themed escape room, and would love another one. They would also like a GBF theme park like there is at GBF Fes every year, so they could have more permanent installations.

Katou, Shiraishi Minoru, Yonezawa Madoka, and Kawahara Yoshihisa didn’t escape

Katou relates the tale of her own failed escape from the Grandcypher, and says that the room has about a 20% escape rate. Then they move on to the GBF Land dream,

Katou: “We could have your Ladi-bar there!”

Lyria’s Journal

Closing comments

Inada had a lot of fun on the show, and he also learned a lot about how to play GBF from the hosts. He promises that next time he shows up on the show, he’ll know a lot more about GBF – and bring even tastier croissants.

Next week’s guest will be Oosaka Ryouta (Percival), who will be playing Granblue Fantasy Versus RPG Mode with the hosts!