GBVS 1.21 patch notes

Version 1.21 of #GBVS is coming with not just Soriz and Djeeta, but a first pass of character balance adjustments!

Available in all modes: Playable Soriz and Djeeta
System voices for Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta added
Lumacie stage added
Rosetta and Yggdrasil lobby avatars added
(the Rosetta and Yggdrasil lobby avatars come with the Lumacie stage)

Soriz and Djeeta additions

New weapon skins for Soriz:

The Man’s Way (Soriz default, new to GBVS. Record Keeper translates this as Undaunted Hero)
Tattoo Fist
Drakewing Knuckles
Mesh Gloves (new to GBVS)
Wyrmtiger Claw
Crimson Vyrnger

New weapon skins for Djeeta:

Partenza (new to Djeeta, default)
Albacore Blade
Sword of Bahamut Coda
Seven Star Sword
Alter Ego Realized (new)
Eternal Sword (new)
Excalivyrn (new)

New BGMs:
“Macho Ultimatum” for Soriz
“The Same Blue Sky” for Djeeta

RPG Mode additions

New missions added to:
Albion (requires Djeeta unlocked, and chapter 9 Ares cleared)
Lumacie (requires Djeeta unlocked)
Grandcypher (Titled “The girl who travels the skies (HARD)” – is this Djeeta boss mode?)
Auguste (requires Soriz playable)
Auguste again (titled “The Man’s Way”, seems to be Soriz boss mode)

New weapons:

Wind Heiliges Schwert
Wind spear of Assail
Earth Wyrmtiger Claw
Light Eternal Sword
Light Seven Star Sword
Dark Albacore Blade
Dark Bahamot Sword Coda
Dark Alter Ego Realized
Fire Mesh Gauntlet
Earth Drakewing Knuckles
Water Gauntlet
Water Tattoo Fist
Dark Crimson Vyrnger
Dark Excalivyrn

Soriz and Djeeta medals added to drops

Single Mode

Soriz and Djeeta can now be encountered in Single Mode (even if you don’t have them unlocked yet)

Training Mode

A new frame data display color will be added, for “even” (also known as +0, added to supplement the current “close to even” color which is anywhere from 0 to -4)

Fixes to setting Yggdrasil and HPA meter to unlimited

Tactics Mode

New missions for Soriz and Djeeta


“Macho Ultimatum” and “The Same Blue Sky” added to battle BGM section (can be unlocked with pendants)


New titles added

New lobby avatars for Soriz, Djeeta, Yggdrasil, and Rosetta (requires appropriate DLC)

Updates to online features

In Ranked matches, you will be able to see the number of stars you gain from a victory in the Entry screen. Bonus stars for a win streak will be added in a different color, and stars for promotion matches will also be a different color.

The beginning and end of Server Maintenance will now be put in the chat log.

Replays: if a replay is not playable in the current version, an X will appear by its title.


If your system voice is set to Random, it will re-randomize with every scene change.

Character balance


Shining Onslaught (technical input): will no longer come out if you are holding Down (2) or Neutral (5) while inputting commands. (AKA, it shouldn’t come out anymore by accident if you want to press buttons after charging back/4)


2H (crouching Circle): startup hurtbox lowered, hitbox raised

2U (crouching X): recovery lowered

j.H (jump Circle): faster startup

X-Seele (5U): Longer hitstun, longer advantage frames. Overall recovery unchanged.


2H (crouching Circle): initial hitbox made larger

1H: initial hurtbox lowered, now matches 2H. Initial hitbox made larger.

Aetherial Seal (22X): Cooldown no longer ends when a butterfly is hit by an arrow. It will pause, then resume after the hitbox disappears.


Far M (Triangle): recovery reduced

Far M (Triangle): recovery reduced

2H (crouching Circle): faster startup


Far M (Triangle), 2M, close H (Circle): recovery reduced

2H (crouching Circle): Lowered the initial hurtbox. Expanded hitbox. Recovery reduced.

Spear of Arvess (technical input 66X): no longer comes out unless you are holding 6/Forward

Spear of Arvess (Light version/66L): faster startup

Any straight up or down version of Spear of Arvess (22M, j.22M, 2 or 8 followup to Spear of Arvess): hitbox expanded to make it easier to hit behind Zeta


Close H (Circle): recovery reduced.

2H: Lowered the initial hurtbox. Recovery reduced.

2U (X): recovery reduced.

j.M (Triangle): Faster startup.

Soul Forge (5U): Faster startup. Armor active earlier. Reduced recovery. Decreased grounded hitstun and blockstun

Note about Soul Forge: overall advantage on grounded hit and block unchanged from previous version.

Battalions of Fear (technical input): Will no longer come out if you are holding neutral (5) or crouching (2) when inputting a command (see: Charlotta)

Bloody Moon (236236H, or 236Ab): faster startup. No longer in counterhit state while recovering from this move.

Aftermath (236236U, or 236U+Ab): Adjusted so that even if the late frames hit, the cinematic will still activate if the opponent is close enough.


Langelaan Field (623X): Ability icon changed to properly reflect its status as an invulnerable move.

Bug fixes in 1.21:

Beelzebub neutral tech, back tech: Fixed a bug where the animation was longer than other characters’ techs

Narmaya neutral tech, back tech: Fixed a bug where the animation was longer than other characters’ techs

RPG Mode exclusive bug fixes:

Beelzebub air throw and Narmaya air throw bugs fixed. They used to throw the wrong way when used against trash mobs.

The character patch notes end there, but there are a few previews of 1.30 (the Zooey patch):

-An overhaul on the recovery and block stun of every character’s close normals
-An overhaul of projectile startup and when the hitbox appears
-Removing accidental 22 inputs

Miscellaneous bug fixes

-Fixed the Vyrn weapon collection trophy
-Fixed some game crashes during dialogue transitions
-Reduced load time for dialogue scenes
-Fixed the filter when watching ranked replays, so it no longer goes back to default filters after watching a replay
-Fixed a bug where the game would occasionally crash in the loading screen
-Fixed miscellaneous text errors
-Small graphics bug fixes

Patch 1.30 will come with Zooey and all the juicy updates – see you then!