Granblue Fes 2020 News Recap (Day 1)

Granblue Fes 2020 Day 1 has ended, and we’ve compiled all the news and info from it for your convenience. Today had a mix of news for the mobile game, and a detailed update on Relink’s current development status – view the details below!

One thing to note, they acknowledged how quickly merchandise sold out, and they will look into restocking, with no additional details given.

Koremade GBF 2020

First up was a recap of everything that’s happened in Granblue this year. While not having new info per se, this was a chance to get some insight from FKHR and KMR.

GBF TV Channel Live

This 3 hour(!) segment featured many guests participating in party type games, and news coming in during the last 45 minutes. You can view our Twitter if you want our coverage of the guests and what they did, but it’s mostly entertaining fluff.

Rewards won by the guests

  • 200 half elixirs
  • 2 intricacy rings
  • 3000 crystals
  • 3 omega anima of Shiva, Grimnir, Alexiel, Europa, Avatar, Metatron
  • 600 soul berries
  • 5000 CP
  • Damascus Ingot
  • Guaranteed SSR Ticket

Granblue Relink Updates

Mobile Game News

For the mobile game, they showed Christmas versions of Lily, Spinnah, and an outfit for Tien! Lily and Spinnah will appear in the gacha soon, and Tien’s outfit will be available for purchase.

The Premium Friday for Christmas is special – fighting FRIED SHRIMP will award points. Points from ALL players combined will earn rewards, laid out in the next tweets:

4th unlock: a treasure for all players that provides 300 rainbow crystals and a fried shrimp per month.