Granblue Fes 2020 News Recap (Day 2)

Granblue Fes 2020 Day 2 has ended, and with it news about GBVS and more updates for the mobile game. As the monthly blog post will come out soon that discusses everything covered in the stream in more detail, we’ll do a minimal recap now, and update later.

Granblue Fantasy Versus News

A trailer was shown for Yuel, who is playable starting Dec 14. The end of the trailer also reveals the next playable character, Anre!

Granblue Mobile Game Updates

Coming at the end of the year: Filene (from Shadowverse), Sandalphon (Another Version), and the Ox Zodiac, Shatora (not official localization). This new Sandalphon will look at him around the time of the first Paradise Lost, when he still had the hood on and was an enemy.

Blue chests changing in Proto Bahamut Impossible and Six Dragon Raids. Before: high chance to get blue chest until a certain honor level, lots of crap in the box Coming up: rare items only. Higher chance with more honors, sometimes won’t drop.