December 2020 Character Balance Changes

With December’s Koregra came balance changes for various characters – please find them summarized below. Please note, all of these are subject to change before they go live.


  • Crimson Dance: Yugetsu Gains additional “Healing specs up (stacking)” effect
  • Eye of the Sparrow: changed to 4 hits of Fire damage, MA up (stacking). At ++, gains atk up (stacking) / dodge up (stacking) and activates twice against enemies with Foxflame debuff. MA up (stacking) effect buffed, CD to 6 turns.
  • Gurren: Fire damage/inflict Foxflame. At ++, also boosts party MA/partywide Chaser.
  • Third Dance: Jinka changes to “Deals triple attacks this turn/attacks twice”
  • Moonrise Support Ability changed to Boost to Damage against enemies with Foxflame.
  • EMP support ability changes to “reduced damage to party from enemies with Foxflame”


  • Fleeting Spark++ counter changed from 1 turn to 3 turns
  • Arm the Bastion gains 100% fire cut in addition to 100% All Damage cut
  • Enlightened One grants Undying (1x) and at level 90 will full heal Anre /remove all debuffs when almost knocked out once per fight.

Europa (Summer)

  • Tyros Benedictus: Changes to “Deals TAs/dmg cap up.” At 5 Starry Waters, affects all allies. 6 turn CD. No longer consume Starry Waters.
  • Spring of Stars support no longer starts battle with 2 Starry Waters. Adds “Damage cap up based on Starry Waters.”
  • Twilight Miracle support ability changed to “When another ally is revived by a skill or summon call effect: End cooldown for Summer Europa’s skills”


  • Uwe++: Damage, damage cap increased. Gains Water Switch.
  • Manigance: Effect changed to “Gain Jammed. (Consumes HP”. At ++, adds Dmg cap up, MA up, Armor, Undying (1x).
  • Delirium: Changed to “Clear foe’s charge diamonds. Gain Charge Bar +100%. Can’t recast.”
  • Current Drachenblut support skill changes name. Effect becomes “Gain additional Charge meter from damage taken. Def up as HP decrease”.
  • New Drachenblut support: Sieg takes 10,000 damage max water damage, reduces debuff duration by 2.

Jeanne (Summer)

  • Reversal Tide: Gains “Remove 1 buff”. CD from 6 to 7 turns (down to 6 at +)
  • Salvation: Effect changed to “Grant a Wind ally Recovers Once from a Knockout/Crit up/MA up/debuff immunity/damage cap up”. CD from 6 turns to 9 (8 at +)
  • Banner of the Brave: Effect changed to “Heal all allies. All allies gain 20% Charge meter and Revitalize.”
  • La Pucelle: Name changed. Effect changed to “Extend duration of Salvation by 2 turns when Jeanne Charge Attacks”


  • Merculight: Now grants Dodge All (1 time) instead of 1 turn. At ++, attack up effect increased.
  • Depravity: Increased accuracy on Poison, Burn, Putrefy. Atk down/Def down debuff effect increased to 25%, debuff success rate increased to 90%.
  • Clicher+: No longer increases damage as number of foes decreases. Will always have the max damage cap.

Mary (Holiday)

  • Holy Star (charge attack): Now also casts Snowdrop.
  • Snowdrop: Damage cap increased. Also debuffs light def.
  • Piece of Cake: Also grants 50% Light Chaser
  • Good Tidings to All! support changed to “Light allies CA specs up against foes with Bounty effect”


  • Butterfly Effect no longer Skill Seals her. Debuff to own defense now 20%, lasts 3 turns.
  • Transient: Puts a special debuff on enemy. In Dawnfly stance, guarantees MA (2 turns). Freeflutter unchanged. At ++, skill damage cap up, guarantees TA (2 turns)
  • Kyokasuigetsu: in Dawnfly, now dispels (still delays). In Freeflutter, Assassin effect requires Narmaya’s unique debuff and not OD. Now grants crit up and not ATK up.
  • Glasswing Waltz now ready immediately. CD to 6 turns (was 10)
  • Fortified Vigor: “Narmaya’s buffs cannot be dispelled. Starts battle with Lethal Attack Dodged (1x)”
  • Lock Swords: Guarantees damage reflection during Kyokasuigetsu.
  • EMP support: +crit vs. enemies w/her debuff