December 2020 Koregra Roundup

The monthly news post for December came out this week, so here’s a recap of the information. Most of this mirrors what came out of Granblue Fes, so let’s dive in! Note: Character Balance changes are in a separate post, which can be found here.

Updates planned before 7th Anniversary

Updates to the GBF Handbook and character filtering coming on the 21st – Eternal unlocks will be available to set as goals, while characters can be filtered by character type.

The following changes are related to raids and drop rates.

Some clarification on the wording of this translation: The chance of a blue chest maxes out at 50% of the boss’ hit points in honors – not necessarily a 50% chance for the chest to drop.
Addendum to the PBHL drops: Normal chests will also include Showdown anima (Ifrit, Cocytus, etc) and showdown Omega Anima.

Updates planned for 7th Anniversary

The following updates will go live by 7th anniversary.