Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021 Q&A Panel

During Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021, there was a section with KMR and FKHR, where they answered questions submitted by players. Here are translations for some of the more interesting ones.

High Level Raids

I’ve somehow managed to complete soloing Dark Rapture HL in all six elements, and my goal for the coming year is to solo the Belial fight, but it’s still a long ways off.

But when it comes to soloing the Belial fight, the fact that the 50% elemental damage resistance wears off after a certain amount of time passes makes it feels like soloing was taken into consideration.

So my question is this: when high level raids are being designed, is being able to solo the battle taken into account from the beginning of the design process? I would love to hear about how the raid battles are tested and such before they are implemented in the live game.

Player Submitted Question

(From the Planner Group)
We believe that being able to solo the high level raid battles is one of the ways a player can enjoy playing Granblue Fantasy, and an important one at that.

In order to facilitate that, when we initially create the setup for the boss fight, we make sure that there isn’t some part of the battle that absolutely prevents soloing the fight on a system level.

(From the Balance Group)
Every time we test a battle, we involve the maximum number of players for that battle and try them with all sorts of setups and groupings. For each test, we don’t use any of the debug cheats, and try to create situations that mimic the ones that our players would be experiencing.

What we consider when it comes to the difficulty of all of the raid battles
There’s no real point in completing a goal if you get there by the continuous readjustment of the challenge. We take the difficulty of all of the battles into account, which does mean that there will always be some things that are difficult to handle.

Trying to remove the idea of specific characters that are able to solve every possible situation in the game
We want the players to enjoy the trial-and-error aspect of building teams and figuring out actions for the high level raids. We would like to get rid of situations where strategies just end up being “all you have to do is this”.

What we consider in regard to the balance of each element
We really want to avoid making any element one that “is useless”, or “the only element you need”. And so we consider the overall balance between the elements, on a separate, comprehensive scale.