Secrets of the Old Bond story event

There are quite a few secrets and Easter eggs in the Old Bond story event, and to avoid putting spoilers on Twitter, we’ve collected them into this Grandcypher post. Curious what Galleon says in chapter 6? We’ve got that and more!

Deciphering the language of the Six Dragons

In the English version, Six Dragon language is rendered as English words written backwards. This is faithful to the Japanese, which converts their lines to roman letters, flips them backwards, and reads the backwards word in Japanese style. For example, “arigatou” (thank you) becomes “uotagira”, changing the pronunciations from ありがとう to うおたぎら. This is also the case for the event weapons. The SR katana is “Igurus on orod” (イグルス・オン・オロド), which is “Doro no tsurugi” (Sword of mud) backwards. It’s translated to “Dum edabl” (Mud Blade) in English. The SSR is “Amak on orod” (アマク・オン・オロド), which is “Doro no kama” (Scythe of mud) backwards and translated as “Dum Ethysc” in English.

Galleon’s Six Dragon-language lines in chapter 6-1 are not written out, so we’ll translate them here:

“Thank you”

Imakonisoh uritinaros uzukisoh
(星の神 空に散る 星屑)
“Sky god, the stardust scattered in the sky”

Ukarukomottom irurakaomottom arekakonisoh
(最も昏く 最も明るい 星の欠片)
“The darkest and the brightest shards of stars”

Galleon umon
“Galleon drinks”

Orologia’s point of view

Under Journal -> Archive -> S-U, there is a new journal entry titled “The Six Dragons”. It offers a little bit of extra lore on the relationship between the Six Dragons and the world of GBF, and while almost every other Journal entry is written in-character by Lyria, this one is written from the perspective of Orologia.

Hidden colors

6 colors are hidden in the chapter titles in both Japanese and English, to match the appropriate Dragon:

Chapter 1: Sui/Emer, for Ewiyar (Emerald)
Chapter 2: Koku/Bla, for Fediel (Black)
Chapter 3: Shu/Ver, for Wilnas (Vermillion)
Chapter 4: Haku/Whi, for Lu Woh (White)
Chapter 5: Heki/Bl, for Wamdus (Blue)
Chapter 6: Kon/Go, for Galleon (Gold)

Different captains, different dates

This is a little less hidden, but the events of Chapter 2 depending on your choice of Gran or Djeeta as main character.

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