Pash! Interview: Matsukaze Masaya (Cassius)

As part of a spread featuring Cassius, Pash! Magazine ran an interview with his seiyuu, Matsukaze Masaya. The translated text follows:


Pash!: Granblue Fantasy is a franchise with a huge cast of characters, and a whole lot of backstory. What are your impressions of the series?

Matsukaze: I thought of GBF as a big, sprawling adventure with serious tones to it. But this latest story was totally different from what I was expecting, and I mean that in a good way (laughs)

Pash!: What kind of character is Cassius? What was your first impression of him, and what are his best features?

Matsukaze: At first, I thought of him as a very blunt military man. He’s so good at his job that he’s entrusted with dangerous missions on his own, but because he’s so blunt and serious, he’s also incapable of speaking candidly or making and understanding jokes. If you look at him from the outside, that makes him pretty funny.

Pash!: What did you focus on when you recorded his lines?

Matsukaze: I put my full faith in the staff, and followed every instruction they gave me. Thanks, team!

Pash!: What did you think of the July event (Kappa Summer Chronicle)? Did any of Cassius’ lines stick with you?

Matsukaze: I couldn’t believe that this was about sushi! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. As for the lines, I really liked imitating the kappas with the line “Sakudoridappa” (translator’s note: we actually don’t know what this was localized to)

Pash!: Cassius is fascinated by the illogical nature of fossildwellers; what do you think of them, Matsukaze-san?

Matsukaze: I love them for it! So many things we do as human beings can be considered illogical, and that’s what makes us human.

Pash!: One of the themes of Kappa Summer Chronicle was about the courage to explore the unknown, wasn’t it?

Matsukaze: I face that challenge every day, and need to keep on facing it. I never want to stop challenging myself!

Summer Cassius

Pash!: What should we expect from Cassius from here on out?

Matsukaze: There are so many delicious foods that he hasn’t tried yet, I want to see how he reacts to them.

Pash!: Could you give us a message for all your skydweller fans out there?

Matsukaze: Thank you for all of your support! Please take me around on your adventures and let me experience new things.