Granblue TV Channel #23 translation: guest star Shiraishi Minoru (Lowain)

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With 5 Sundays in September, episode 22 was a simple Granblue Fantasy Versus tournament held by four of the voice actors, but we’re back to normal with GBTV 23! On with our usual translation thread:

Granblue Channel episode 23 will be up until September 16th, 2019.

Opening gag

The opening gag has Sierokarte and Gran asking Lowain how he keeps his energy so high. The response: the HPA (Human Pyramid Attack) lifts his spirits just as much as it lifts him.

When Siero and Gran try it themselves, they remember that Siero is several feet shorter than Gran, causing some awkwardness.

Opening chat

For Shiraishi’s first official episode as guest, the hosts point out the Lowain Valentine photo on the bulletin board.

Shiraishi explains how much fun he has as the narrator for Granblue TV Channel. He doesn’t narrate the show as Lowain – his instructions are to narrate the show as himself, but with some Lowain flair. However, since he’s the guest, the replacement narrator is “The person who turns into a robot” – Imai Asami (Vira).

Vira as narrator

More stories of what it’s like to narrate GBTV: it’s fun on his part because he gets to see all his fellow seiyuu in action and see their unique personalities, but the amount he gets to talk fluctuates wildly with each episode and its guests. He points specifically at Fukuyama Jun (Feower, Joker, Lelouch), who never stopped talking and left very little time or room for narration.

Shiraishi’s 6 elements

Since Shiraishi has narrated this segment so many times, he’s one of the few who follows all of the rules and uses kanji for all 6 elements. His are:

遊 (play) – He likes to play, not just video games but all kinds of activities and games. He says that he never wants to forget what it’s like to be a kid at play, which the other actors respect about him.

音 (sound) – He’s been working as an anime music DJ for 6 years, and Katou Emiri notes that he’s used some of her songs in his sets before. Ono Yuuki gets a little jealous that none of his songs get used in those sets, which draws a laugh from the hosts, but Shiraishi gets back on the subject and says that his DJ work reminds him of what he loves about working in anime.

画 (video) – Shiraishi describes himself as a dedicated anime otaku, and when he’s home, the TV is always on. Lately he’s been into period pieces (jidai geki), and he plays GBF with those shows on the TV.

育 (raising kids) – He has two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is the oldest, and currently in grade school. He tells a few stories about how his son wants to direct Ultraman when he grows up.

Shiraishi: “If he told me he wanted to be a seiyuu, I would have stopped him.”

"Daddy, please share, like, and subscribe"
“Daddy, please share, like, and subscribe”

Meanwhile, his daughter has become obsessed with watching Youtubers, and has picked up some interesting habits.

Shiraishi: “At the nursery school they were teaching her how to say ‘Papa, thank you for everything’, and she was practicing that over and over. So one day she came up to me, and said ‘Papa, thank you for everything. Please subscribe to my channel.'”

演 (performance) – related to his work. He says that his true self comes out when he’s acting, and thinks that when he’s drinking he only ever talks about acting or things no one ever cares about.

無 (nothing) – At his age, he wants to make more time for himself where nothing is going on. With a job, two children, and everything else going for him, he seeks time where his only cares in the world are the beer in front of him and the yakitori that’s coming with it. Katou Emiri sympathizes, saying that she would love a version of that with just her phone in front of her so she can play games.

Dreams of Skyfarers

In this segment, Shiraishi lists off his requests for the show and other Cygames activities:

Melissabelle, corn ramen, sure, why out?

His first suggestion: Kimi to Boku no Ramen, a segment similar to Yuisishu where the actors go around trying ramen like Lilele and Ippatsu love so much.

Katou: “We could make corn ramen, and call over Mikami Shiori (Melissabelle)!”

Imai Asami on narration says that the segment should be her and Shiraishi having ramen together.

Granblue Fest in the club?

His second suggestion: the Granblue TV Channel Afterparty. After Granblue Fest, they could have an afterparty with him as narrator and DJ, using only songs from GBF, whether from the soundtrack or from the many character songs.

Then, after the appetizers, it’s time for what he calls the main course: a gallery of the great Katou Emiri’s photographs, which draws embarrassed laughter from Katou herself.

He was inspired by all the Granblue Fantasy Extra Fests and other events, where he always sees Katou on-site before everyone else, lugging her trusty camera and some lenses he mistakes for water bottles, they’re so big.

Shiraishi: “I think at one of these GBF Fests, we’re going to see someone cosplaying as Katou Emiri with a camera, she’s such a fixture now.”

Mailbox segment

The first mail of the day comes from Napotteru, whose favorite characters are the Lowain Bros. A quick joke in a previous TV Channel asked for suggestions on Lowain skins, and Napotteru is happy to oblige, asking for:

-The slick threads he has on in one of the official tapestries
-The white clubbing suit from the Lowain Bros CD
-His own Albion Academy uniform
-The SR Lowain at the cafe, but now with Tyre sitting at the table.

With Academy Korwa being a character, the writer thinks that the Albion Academy Lowain could work – and if so, Katalina, Vira, and Sutera Albion versions should come out too.

The tapestry threads in question:

Shiraishi: “When I saw that for the first time, I thought ‘who is this character?'”

The white clubbing suit from the Lowain Bros CD:

Katou: “If that skin happened, would your song start playing on the home page?”

Shiraishi: “We just talk for the first part of that song anyway. It takes a long time before anything actually starts.”

The second mail comes from Nier’s Current Boyfriend, who also suggests some Lowain skins. What about Lowain as a cook? There are already cook versions of Lyria, Baotorda, and other characters, so why not one for the character who’s a professional chef?

A haori and a hakama
Haori and Hakama style

The third mail, from Miyama, suggests a Haori and Hakama style, similar to the New Year’s Eugen and Rackam skins.

The fourth suggestion: the Lowain Bros in pajamas.

Shiraishi: “Harvin pajamas…”


Shiraishi: “I made a little mistake!”

Ono: “That doesn’t count as a little mistake, you just think about Harvins all the time!”

Katou: “We were talking about Lowain, not Harvins! Oh no oh no oh no!”

Katou Emiri gets off the couch to get some distance from the Harvin-loving Shiraishi

Shiraishi: “I swear it was just a slip of the tongue!”

Imai: “Shiraishi, you have to pull yourself together, how does talking about Lowain turn into Harvin pajamas?”

The hosts calm themselves down and go back to what they were supposed to be talking about, and Shiraishi completes his thought. Erune pajamas, he says, would be weird to see since Erunes never seem to cover their backs. Would Erune pajamas just end up looking like soccer bibs?

Royal PJS pls

Shiraishi: “I don’t think many people would want to see Lowain in his pajamas, why don’t we give the Erune pajama skins to the royal siblings, Heles and Seruel?”

Katou marvels at just how many mails they received with suggestions for Lowain skins, before moving on to the fifth mail and second question. Kennee writes that Vira is their favorite character, and her conversations with Lowain make them laugh every time. The question to the hosts: are there any characters they would love to see interact in events?

Shiraishi: “Nothing good can come out of asking me this question.”

Ono: “I smell trouble all over this question.”

Shiraishi notes that a lot of people talked to him about how much they liked Handsome Gorilla, the Lunalu event, and he feels like his version of the Grandcypher has a lot of Harvins on it. He doesn’t seem to draw many Draphs – even though there are fewer playable Harvins than any other main race in GBF. So, Shiraishi’s honest request is to have more Harvin-focused events like Handsome Gorilla, which Katou Emiri, a Harvin lover herself, agrees with.

Another event type that Shiraishi would enjoy is a cooking contest, since there are so many great cooks on the Grandcypher (Ono Yuuki brings up Vane from the Dragon Knights as a specific example). The characters he would want to be in that event as judges: Charlotta and Melissabelle. He would also like to see more characters who haven’t been seen lately, especially characters who are only available as R and SR.


Asked what it was like to be a guest on the show for once, Shiraishi says that he talked too much, but it felt nice because he got a lot of things off his chest, as if this were a counseling session. He’ll be back next week, along with the Lyria’s Journal news segment. See you then!