Granblue TV Channel #24 translation: guest star Shiraishi Minoru (Lowain)

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Read on for more info about Shiraishi Minoru’s favorite characters, secrets of the Lowain sound, and more!

Opening gag

The opening gag has Siero staging a mock battle between Gran and Lowain, who are both going to be in Granblue Fantasy Versus. Gran doesn’t quite get the memo, though, and when he hears “fighting game” he swaps to Luchador to beat the snot out of Lowain. On to the rest of the episode!

“Today, we’ll be playing Granblue Fantasy Versus! Kind of!”
“Look behind you – it looks like a fighting game background now, right?”
“We got you, Siero! Let’s make it look good, Gran. …Gran?”
(There is no plan for Luchador to be in Granblue Fantasy Versus)

As the hosts start the show, they mention that this is Shiraishi’s third week in a row as guest (he was on the couch for the special Granblue Fantasy Versus episode), and Ono notes that the script for this episode included a note for him: “Don’t worry, this is the last time!”

Creating the Lowain Bro sound

In the free talk segment, Shiraishi talks about how difficult it was to create Lowain’s character. He knew that Lowain was a club rat (チャラ男) but had never played any character like him. He got into it by the end of the first session, at which point the voice director told him that things sounded so good, they should start over from the beginning. At this point, Lowain was recorded separately from Elsam and Tomoi.

But with so many lines that the three bros say in unison, it became better for Ishii Mark and Enoki Junya to be in the same room for their recordings, which made the sessions feel more like drama CDs than video games. Their character single was also recorded with all 3 actors in the studio, which surprised all of them. They worked on the full version of the song first, then the solos – by the time the solos came around, all of them were breathless and panting.

Katou asks about an SSR Lowain: Shiraishi says that after all this time, Lowain and the Bros making it to SSR will feel like there’s nothing left to do for those characters.

Shiraishi: “FKHR’s said that he’s planning on 12 years of Granblue Fantasy; maybe around year 11 we’ll get it! It’ll be, like, ‘wait, you guys haven’t gotten there yet?'”

Ono: “Maybe they’ll be the last Zodiac character!”

Shiraishi’s GBF status

Shiraishi is working on his 3rd Eternal. He has recruited Niyon and Tien.

Shiraishi shows off his water team, with Katou Emiri pointing out his SSR Seraphic weapon and Ono Yuuki looking at the two Bahamut weapons in his grid. Then, his wind team and grid, starring his favorite character Melissabelle:

He says that his light and dark are still so weak that he still uses Yoda:

When asked to show his characters:


Shiraishi: “Really?”

After some yelling, Ono Yuuki convinces him to use Ferry for his Strike Time and Mechanic teams, and Shiraishi laughs that the people at home must be staring at him like he’s an idiot.

Daily Schedule

Shiraishi’s daily schedule is a sample of the days he does Granblue TV Channel narration:

Mailbox segment

The first mail for the week comes from Danchou, who asks about the Soiya song playing during Kappa Summer Chronicle even though Jin, Eugen, and Soriz weren’t involved. They request that Elsam, Tomoi, and Lowain sing the Soiya song in the next Lowain Bros event.

Shiraishi: “We’ll call it 真・三羽烏 (the True Soiya Song). The Bros could wear peacock feathers and dance around-“

Ono: “You know, you look like you’re already doing that from my angle!”

The second question comes from Yura, who asks who Shiraishi’s top 5 favorite characters are.

5. Heles

Katou: “What?! That’s not a Harvin!”

Shiraishi: “I don’t JUST love Harvins, I love Harvins TOO! She’s a wonderful, perfect type of older sister character, but she has her dorky moments and has a teasing side to her, too.”

4. Charlotta

Shiraishi: “She’s a knight captain, but she’s so cute, too! This is something you can only get in 2D, and–Ono, why are you looking at me like that?”

Ono: “Let’s move on to #3.”

3. Scathacha

Shiraishi: “In anime, you get the kind of character who looks young but is actually hundreds of years old. That kind of character is right in my strike zone. Scathacha has a lot of age and wisdom, but she has no idea how to interact with mortals and I find that really cute.”

Ono: “Thank you.”

Shiraishi: “Are you just trying to move me along?”

Ono: “I see, that’s cool, I learned a lot.” (everyone laughs)

2. Arulumaya

Shiraishi: “The more events I see her in, the more she feels like a main character. I would really love to revisit Arulumaya’s yukata episode. Her Atatamaya version from Handsome Gorilla was great, too. And one of the first suggestions I ever made to GBF was to give out Arulumaya hand warmers, and they did it at Granblue Fantasy Fest!”

Ono: “So do we even need to mention your #1?”

Shiraishi: “No, I want to say it!”

Ono: “I won’t let you!”

Katou: “I mean, we all know his #1 is Melisabel–“

Shiraishi: “THAT’S CORRECT!”

1. Melissabelle

Shiraishi: “The first time I saw her, I was amazed that a character could be this cute. Her sleepy look, she gave me a bit of a tsundere vibe, it made me want to protect her smile! Handsome Gorilla made more people love Harvins, and it was great. HARVINS ARE GREAT!”

Ono: “The staff is laughing and our mics are picking it up, this is great.”

Lyria’s Journal

To repeat:

Closing talk

Shiraishi thanks the hosts for letting him on the show, saying that while the narration is fun, it feels like it’s been a long time since he was able to chat with Katou and Ono. He jokingly drops the mic and returns to his narration duties.

Next week: Inoue Kazuhiko (Siegfried)!