Granblue Channel #26 translation: Guest star Inoue Kazuhiko (Siegfried)

This is all old news by now, but here’s Lyria’s Journal from this episode:

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The episode can be found here until Monday, October 7th:

Opening comic

The opening comic has Siero and Gran trying to convince Siegfried that he needs to greet t he audience with the same kind of energy as they have.

When he tries to summon the energy he used to fight Fafnir, they quickly stop him before he destroys the studio.

Opening chat

Inoue Kazuhiko does what Siegfried wouldn’t and screams out his greeting, which the episode’s guest narrator (Eguchi Takuya, Vane) comments on.

Inoue Kazuhiko’s story for the day is about the “One Radish, please” line that Cygames had him record. He didn’t know the Grand Blues joke, and was told to read “One radish, please” in as normal a voice as possible in the middle of the rest of his Siegfried recording.

The hosts comment that Siegfried’s serious nature makes it funnier when anything changes, like the Siggy skin from April Fool’s or the One Radish, Please sticker.

The Dragon Knights character song

Comments from the hosts about The Dragon Knights, the song sung by :

Inoue Kazuhiko: “We recorded this song separately, but it sounds really good with us all together, like we practiced.”

Ono Yuuki: “I want to sing this song on stage with all four of us some day.”

Katou Emiri: “I would be in the audience with my hands clasped just like this!”

Eguchi Takuya: “I would love to be there, too. Siegfried would be such a mature presence on the stage, it would be awesome.”

Dragon Knights merch

Inoue Kazuhiko owns a pair of the Siegfried glasses and wears them often, though the cleaning cloth that comes with them is so nice that he usually cleans them on his t-shirt.

He also owns the Siegfried perfume! Although he says he sprayed himself in the face and got a faceful of Sieg once…


While they don’t talk much about Siegfried to avoid spoilers, you should find you a partner who looks at you the way Katou Emiri looks at Black Black Knight Siegfried.

Mailbox corner

The first mail of the day is from Travel, who asks: “If the Dragon Knights were a family, what roles would they play?”

Katou: “Vane would be the little brother.”

Ono: “Would Lancelot be the mom?”

Inoue: “No, Siegfried would be the mom.”

Katou: “Vane would be the best mom, come to think of it. He’s good at cooking, cleaning, he cleans Lancelot’s room…”

Inoue: “So Siegfried would be the dad?”

Katou: “That makes Lancelot–“

Ono: “The son who never cleans his room…”

More imagining Siegfried as mom: the serious kind who tries hard but just can’t quite get things right.

The second mail comes from Fire, who asks: “After watching the Yuisishu episode, I wanted to ask about how you would make character cocktails. For example, a Percival would look spicy but if you actually drank it, it would end up fruity. Or a Siegfried Andalucia (Sherry, cognac, and rum). Lancelot’s would be easy to drink and popular with the women, Vane’s would use orange or lemon and be peppy. Yuisis’ could be sake, green tea, and lemon. What do you think?”

Inoue and Ono note that selling that kind of thing at Granblue Fantasy Fest would lead to some pretty drunk people as they try all of their favorite characters’ cocktails.

The third mail is from Runrunrirurun (Lilele’s catch phrase), who says: “I can’t believe I hard from another woman in her 50s who plays this game! My family plays, so I like talking to them about it. The most we’ve ever talked about it was when my daughter and I gave chocolate to SR Event (jailed) Lancelot! (lol) I have the Conqueror of the Eternals title, and my next goal is my 5th uncapped Eternal!”

Ono: “HEY! That’s just wrong!”

Inoue: “It’s so fun, though. I just like looking at him.”

Ono-as-Lancelot: “Siegfried! Don’t just stand there, help me!”

Inoue-as-Siegfried: “Want some chocolate?”

Ono-as-Lancelot: “Yes, yes I do!”

Inoue-as-Siegfried: “I’ll just leave it here.”

Ono-as-Lancelot: “I… I can’t reach it!”

Fukuyama’s Dream Come True

The next segment comes from Fukuyama Jun’s suggestions, where he suggested a massage segment. They go and do it – we’ll skip this one.

Next week’s guest is Narita Tsutomu, composer for Granblue Fantasy! See you then.

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