KoreGra overview: October 2019

Kore Kara no Granblue Fantasy showed us a peek at the near future for GBF. This is the condensed version of our translation thread!

Upcoming changes

(Previous versions of this translation contained errors about the Six Dragons post, the NM100 post, and left Huanglong and Qilin off of the adjusted drops list. They have been corrected. Thank you to all who wrote in, especially those of you who were polite about it.)

As previously mentioned on Granblue TV Channel, Rise of the Beasts returns on October 6th. A gold brick will be added to the shop.

Thanks, Lyria!
Happy Halloween!

Proving Grounds starts on October 13th, with Dark bosses. This time, Jack-o’-Lantern will be one of the bosses! The Proving Grounds boost: triple attacks will deal more damage. The weapon name appears to be Zwei Schädel, or “two skulls”

Also starting on October 13th, the Halloween mini stories and the Halloween quests return. The Treat Stick and the Halloween Character Ticket return as prizes, though the fine print says that if you’ve cleared these quests before, they will still be cleared.

On October 20th, Forgiveness and Gratitude (the Yuel, Societte, and Kou event) reruns.

As first reported on Granblue TV Channel, the Side Story for October is Robomi: Generations and the character uncap is (wind) Mirin.

In early November, 12 characters (two SSRs from each element) will be getting ability and CA changes, updating their strength to fit the current game better. These characters are:


Fire: Zahlhamelina, Sturm
Water: Silva, Drang
Earth: Cagliostro, Halloween Eustace
Wind: Seofon, Lecia
Light: Sarunan, Lucio
Dark: Seox, Christmas Rosetta

Raid balance updates are scheduled for mid-December, with drops and stats adjusted to make Seraphic weapons, Ultima weapons, etc. less painful to farm.

Adjusted Drops: Athena. Grani. Baal, Garuda Odin, Lich, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Huanglong/Qilin HL.

Adjusted stats: Ultimate Bahamut (not the impossible version) and Four Primarchs

Changes coming to November Unite and Fight: They are currently working on a boss more difficult than current Nightmare 100. It will be available from Finals day 3 and onward, and can only be joined by crew members. It will become available after defeating a certain number of NM100s within your crew, and will provide higher honors per battle. It won’t have updated graphics, animations, or triggers; it’ll just be tougher, with higher defense and attack. It will still cost the same AP and meat as regular Nightmare 100.

Full Auto goes live on October 3rd: Full auto will use buffs, then debuffs, then damage skills, then auto attack. It will not use Fields, heals, summons, or skills with 0 cooldown. While it’s going, you can still put abilities and summons on the ability queue.

You can toggle between Full Auto and traditional Auto on a quest by quest basis, and save your choice for each quest.

Coming… soon? The My Page section will be redesigned!

The main changes: the draw banner will be reduced in size, and positioned below the Draw button. If there are multiple draw promotions going on at the same time, it will be a carousel that can be swiped back and forth.

During Premium Gala and Flash Gala, the color of the Draw button will change based on the current banner.

The Seraphic Weapon banner will be changed, and put at the bottom of the home page.

Arcarum and Casino banner sizes will be changed.

On the home page, you will be able to tap/click the AP and BP meters, and it will display the time needed to restore the AP and BP. You will also be able to use items to restore AP and BP from this pop-up.

On the Top/News page, the draw and event banners will no longer be displayed.

Coming Soon (but no dates)

In addition to the Six Dragons Impossible raid that was revealed in the Summer Stream, there are more raids in the works. Details will be revealed at a later date, but for now, here are two silhouettes that are totally Leviathan Malice and Grand Order But With Way More Dragons.

Merchandise updates

Nakau collab

The campaign comes in two parts, running from October 10th to November 6th, collect all the special metallic cards!

That’s about it for this month! See you in Proving Grounds, those of us who had to fight Jack-o’-Lantern as fledgling skyfarers will finally get our revenge!