Pash! November 2019 Dragon Knights interviews: Eguchi Takuya (Vane)

Continued from the Siegfried and Lancelot interviews: Eguchi Takuya, the voice of Vane, weighs in on his character!

Pash: What does Granblue Fantasy mean to you?

Eguchi: All I know is, I do a ton of recording for it. It’s super big (laughs). I think there’s still a lot of room for it to grow, too, and that’s amazing to me. I really feel the passion of the creative and development teams.

Pash: What kind of character is Vane to you? What do you like about him, and what changed for you with this event [SIEGFRIED]?

Eguchi: When I saw the past versions of Vane, I thought about how much my boy has grown up since then (laughs). But he’s always been 100% genuine and honest, and that’s why he’s so lovable.

Pash: Is there anything you focus on when playing him, or any difficulty you have with the role?

Eguchi: Hmmm… not really (laughs). The way I play him, he acts the way he feels and he’s very open with his emotions. When I play Vane, I find myself moving around a lot while I’m talking, which I didn’t expect (laughs). He’s a funny guy.

Pash: Which of Vane’s events has left the biggest impression on you?

Eguchi: There was a scene in one of them where Lancelot was filled with doubt, and Vane totally stepped up and established himself as this really dependable guy. I really liked that scene. That shift from calling him “Lancey” to calling him “Lancelot” really made me think that Vane was always going to be there to help him.

Action pose!

Pash: What did you think of this September’s story event? Were there any scenes or lines that stuck with you?

Eguchi: My favorite part was when all 3 of us used Siegfried’s line: “The man who emerges victorious is the man who continues struggling until the bitter end.” That was awesome.

Pash: What do you think of Lancelot, Percival, and Siegfried? What do you think makes them appealing characters?

Eguchi: Lancelot is perfect, but it feels like he’s missing something (laughs). And I think that’s what makes him perfect (laughs). For Percival, it’s his kindness. Whenever he shows how kind he is… well… (laughs). Siegfried’s cloak of mystery makes him really cool. Men would love to be like him. Heck, I would love to be like him.

Pash: What would you like to see from Vane from here on?

Eguchi: Vane is so cheerful and genuine, it makes me want to see a different side of him. But that creates a dilemma, because then he wouldn’t be so genuine with his cheer anymore… (laughs)

This is the only Kumbhira picture we have on hand, and we’re feeling lazy

Pash: Is there another GBF character you like, other than Vane? What do you like about them?

Eguchi: I like Kumbhira. She’s cute.

Pash: Do you have a message for all the skyfarers out there?

Eguchi: I’m so happy to be blessed with a universally loved character like Vane. I’ll make sure he stays as wonderful as ever. Keep playing Granblue Fantasy and keep on supporting Vane!

Coming next: Percival!