Pash! November 2019 Dragon Knights interviews: Ono Yuuki (Lancelot)

Continued from yesterday’s Siegfried interview in Pash! Magazine: next up, Ono Yuuki (Lancelot)!

Ono Yuuki (Lancelot)

Pash: What does Granblue Fantasy mean to you?

“Unshakable spirit and kindness” are my slogans for Lancelot!

Ono: The two slogans are “Your story in the sky” and “traditional RPG on your phone”, and it lives up to both of those. It’s a very old-school RPG, where you set out on an adventure in the sky with your crew. As a skyfarer myself, it’s had something new to offer me every time, and it’s been a lot of fun.

Pash: What kind of character does Lancelot strike you as?

Ono: He’s the kind of leader who will use his fast and graceful sword skills to strike at the heart of the enemy lines… but a lot of the time he’s also a friendly guy, and in this event we saw that for sure. He had a mischievous streak when he was younger, but after his time with Siegfriend and his experience as a knight, he’s become the man he is today. I think that’s what makes him so appealing.

Pash: What do you focus on when playing Lancelot?

Ono: My big keywords for Lancelot are Unshakable Spirit and Kindness. Of course, I have to make sure I play him differently from how I play Gran, but I want to make sure that Lancelot is very much his own character.

Pash: Which of Lancelot’s events has left the strongest impression on you?

Ono: I think it was his first event, Defender’s Oath. Back then, he felt like he couldn’t measure up to Siegfried, but now, they’re truly a team as the Dragon Knights. Other than that… Lancelot’s event version saying things like “Wait, am I allowed out?” and other silly things.

Pash: What did you think of the September story event?

Ono: I liked the scene where Vane declared that some day, he was going to stand side by side with the captains and fight with them. His strong will led him to where he is now, and I really felt that.

Pash: What do you think of Vane, Percival, and Siegfried? What do they mean to Lancelot?

Ono: Vane is Lancelot’s oldest friend, and the two of them are partners who’ve watched each other grow up. I think both of them feel the same way. Percival has a noble lineage and fearsome strength on his side. But he’s strangely easy to get along with for all that. Percival still treats Lancelot like an old friend, and that leads to him lending a lot of help without hesitation or grudge. As for Siegfried, he thinks of him as his mentor and teacher. In the confusion and chaos of the event, there was some doubt, but after it was all over he was able to respect Siegfried again. I think from Siegfried’s side, Lancey is slowly growing from “Someone I have to keep safe” to “Someone I should keep an eye on” and “a comrade in arms”.

Pash: What would you like to see from Lancelot from here on?

Ono: I think he’s done plenty already, but if I had to say one thing… there should be something that gives us a good reason to have a Dark Lancelot. In order to fight a new enemy, he’ll have to draw strength from his inner darkness. Once he’s swallowed by that darkness, he’ll never be able to return… but then there’s a scene where Vane holds Lancelot tight in his arms and yells “Lancey, you’ve always been… you’ve always been my light!” and Lancey will get access to both Light and Darkness. That’s what I want.

Pash: Do you have a message for all the skyfarers out there?

Ono: It’s been a blessing to be part of so many Dragon Knights events. This event actually put Siegfried in some danger, too. I think this let us show another side of the Dragon Knights that skyfarers hadn’t seen before. As a skyfarer myself, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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