Granblue TV Channel #28 translation: special guest Narita Tsutomu (composer)

This week’s Granblue TV Channel unveiled the Zeta and Vaseraga trailer for Granblue Fantasy Versus, completing the launch roster.

With that out of the way, it’s finally time to unpack Mr. Narita’s GBF habits.

Opening gag

This week’s opening gag keeps Narita’s lines to a minimum – Siero requests a song, and the music is so magical that a forest grows around him. When a monster shows up, the trees protect him as a testament to the power of music.

Narita’s GBF habits

Narita talks a bit about how he made it to rank 250 (the rank cap as of recording), joking about how even during work he reaches over and taps the game to auto.

There are times where it’s harder for him to play, though – especially during Unite and Fight, when he’s spending a few hours gathering meat. He likes to hop on his chat apps and see who’s up so he can talk to them during his hours of meat grind.

Please give us this Narita sticker, Cygames

Narita shows off his meat farming team and grid, explaining the Izuminomikami Kanesada CA that lets the rest of his team join in the Chain Burst from turn 1.

Narita also shows off his dark team and explains its design, trying to mash as many attacks with in red health as possible.

While Ono Yuuki admires Narita’s Gislas and the Kolulu pick, Narita apologetically explains that he uses Death to kill Kolulu and guarantee triple attacks, then summons Shiva the turn after. As Kolulu was the first character that Ono Yuuki gave a perpetuity ring to, he’s understandably outraged.

His Supplies screen puts most to shame, too.

Ono: “There’s something wrong with you, man! Do you even spend any time composing music for this game?”

Narita’s daily schedule

Narita’s daily schedule is split into two types: a regular day where he’s a night bird, and a Unite and Fight day, where he’s a morning person.

“I missed on where 5 AM is, sorry” -Narita

Regular day:
5 AM to noon: Go to sleep
Noon to 1: Wake up, check inbox, etc.
1 PM to 8 PM: Compose and stuff (sometimes he spends 2-3 hours in coop raid rooms)
8 PM: Other stuff
10 PM: GBF daily raids, etc
11 PM to 5 AM: either keep playing GBF and chat with crew, or maybe work on GBF stuff

Unite and fight:
6 AM: Stuff
7 AM: Morning Unite and Fight! (length depends on who the opponent is)
9 AM: (depending on how the UnF day is going): Compose, maybe… if possible…
10 PM: meetings etc
Midnight: Sleep, and hope tomorrow goes well

Notably, Narita says that he owns an alarm clock and only uses it during Unite and Fight.

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Ultimate Myconid, who says that they love the music of GBF a great deal, especially the Tiamat Omega theme.

Narita explains his process for composing Tiamat’s theme, where he made it to be a hymn of praise for a godlike supernatural being (he tweeted about it after Granblue TV Channel #19, when FKHR talked about the same song)

Narita: “I was watching TV and I made a (゚д゚) face when they talked about me. The Tiamat Omega song was written to give praise to a grand supernatural force, which influenced the sounds and the words we used (we took inspiration from hymns, too). We were going to leave the meaning of each word or phrase to the listener… ^^;)

The second mail is from Kuroneko, who asks what the hosts’ favorite songs in GBF are. Narita’s top 5:

5. Second Advent (he likes the mechanical aspects)
4. Yggdrasil Omega (he calls it “spacy” and “heroic”)
3. Starke Island (he loves the melancholy acoustic guitar and paid special attention to every note)
2. Dydroit Belt (another one he loves the melancholy tone of – he’s Dark element in-game, after all)
1. Auguste (one of the first songs he ever wrote for GBF, written in a Texas hotel. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to recapture that feeling again)

The third mail is from Datsu, who recently completed their Ultimate Bahamut Impossible solo clear, asks if the hosts recommend any raids that players should try to solo.

Narita is impressed that Katou Emiri has defeated Tiamat Malice solo – in fact, it was her first clear of the raid because she’s afraid of messing it up for other people. This is also the reason she hasn’t challenged Lucillius yet. Since Narita mostly plays in teams, he yields the floor to Katou, calling her one of the strongest skyfarers he knows – something she denies vehemently.

That’s it for this week (and sorry for the delay on our translation!)

Next time Narita comes on as a guest, the hosts request that he bring a band and do some live music for the show.

Next week (AKA today): Imai Asami (Vira) and Tachibana Rika (Yuisis) take on some raids with help from the hosts!