Granblue TV Channel #29 translation: guest starring Imai Asami (Vira) and Tachibana Rika (Yuisis)

Episode #29 is a nonstandard episode, with two guests on the couch and the focus on playing Granblue Fantasy. Let’s dive in to see how Imai Asami and Tachibana Rika are doing!

Opening gag

In the opening gag, Siero and Gran offer to give Yuisis and Vira a training course in how to play Granblue Fantasy and get past their current walls. Normally, in educational shows like this, the actors all jump up, and when they land they’re in a new set.

But in this case, when they jump, they call the Grandcypher, which flies in and nearly kills Vira and Yuisis because they didn’t jump high enough.

Opening talk

The last time these two ladies were on the show, they spent the entire time drinking. Tachibana Rika assures the cast that she didn’t come to drink today, and quickly shushes Imai Asami when she points at her cup and says “Are you sure that’s not booze?”

With that out of the way, it’s on to reporting their status in the game:

Tachibana Rika has unlocked 5 Tier IV classes this year after she previously said her goal was 4. Imai Asami has also unlocked 5 of them herself, thanking Katou Emiri for coaching the two of them on LINE and sending tutorial videos.

Solo exhibitions

To show off where they are in the game, the ladies do some quest solos.

First up, Tachibana Rika takes on Leviathan with her Earth team.

Ground Zero, two nukes, and an attack later, it’s done!

Rikka-sama please unlock Halloween Eustace skill 3

Next, Imai Asami takes on Colossus Omega, showing off her beloved grandpa Yodarha.

Two characters eat Dimensional Cleaves, are replaced, and Imai Asami gets a relatively clean clear.

Third up is Ono Yuuki, who of course one-turn KOs Luminiera Omega with his dark enmity team.

Tachibana Rika’s look of disbelief is the best part of this clip.

Fourth up, Katou Emiri shows off her one-size-fits-all “summon Bonit0 and hit attack” team for soloing her daily Omegas.

Coop questing

The rest of the show is dedicated to the 4 hosts playing Pandemonium’s Chaos Beast and Astaroth.

Against the Chaos Beast, the four teams are:

Katou Emiri – Light Berserker, Halluel and Malluel, Fif, and Kumbhira.
Ono Yuuki – Dark Luchador, Narmaya, Orchid, Summer Zooey.
Imai Asami – Light Chrysaor with Vira, Tweyen, and Albert
Tachibana Rika – Wind Bandit Tycoon with Yuisis, Summer Siegfried, and Melissabelle.

After that, they fight Astaroth.

Imai: “Are we allowed to hit someone this pretty?”
Katou: “Go for it!”


The first mail comes from Yonaka no Ramen, who asks the hosts how they organize their parties in Set A and Set B.

Imai Asami immediately removes herself from the conversation, saying that she doesn’t do it very well – she builds parties into empty slots from left to right, top to bottom based on what job they’re using.

Tachibana Rika did similarly, with stronger teams on the left and other teams on the right. Her A sets are her weird teams since they were built first, and her set B teams are the stronger, more recent ones that get used the most.

Katou Emiri’s main teams are all in Set A, with one section for each of the six elements. The remaining slot is marked with a treasure chest, for the teams dedicated to material farming.

Ono Yuuki builds new teams in Set B, and if he finds them to be strong enough, he transfers them to Set A for more frequent use.

The second mail is from Uguisu, who asks the hosts when they recruited their first Eternal.

Ono Yuuki jokingly says that he grabbed his first Eternal with a surprise ticket, which Tachibana and Imai believe for a moment before they are informed that Ono Yuuki is joking.

Going back to more serious discussion, Tachibana Rika says that her first Eternal came at around rank 103 or 104. She had a lot of the required materials sitting around, but they all dried up and were a tough grind for her second Eternal.

Imai Asami doesn’t remember what rank she was, but does remember that she was at Osaka Extra Fest, when she heard so much about them that she figured she had to do it. So, two days later, she recruited Tweyen.

That’s it for this week of Granblue TV Channel – next week, they’ll take on harder raids, with a fifth helper. KMR will come in to assist!