Granblue TV Channel #43 translation thread – guest star Oosaka Ryouta (Percival)

Oosaka Ryouta, the voice of Percival, joined the studio to play some Granblue Fantasy Versus, as well as talk about his character.

Opening gag

The opening gag is built around an onomatopoeia pun – Percival is always looking for vassals (家臣, kashin), but instead Siero offers him a machine that makes snipping (カシン, kashin) noises with its metal claws. Strangely enough, Percival likes it, and even appreciates the kashin-machine rhyme.

Studio intro

This week, the hosts got into character to play GBVS, with Ono Yuuki rocking the Gran hoodie (that was one of his merchandise suggestions in the first place).

Oosaka talks about how the role of Percival was different from the other roles he’s taken – Percival speaks much more deeply than any of his other roles, and he took a calculated risk. He’s gotten used to the voice now, though he jokes that sometimes his Percival voice comes out sounding old instead of deep.

He also talks about Percival’s brothers, and how he’s just as curious as everyone else is about how Lamorak grew up – Percival and Aglovale are pretty stern types, but Lamorak definitely seems different.

Katou Emiri recommends that everyone listen to the Percival voices every season – she heads straight to Percival every time seasonal lines are available.

Katou: “He goes on Christmas dates, takes you out to dinner…”

Katou: “My Gran made a snowman, put some leaves on its head, and said it looked like Percival. I thought to myself ‘Wow, these two are soooo cute!”

The hosts move on to talking about Percival’s delinquent skin from “The Other Side of the Sky” – Oosaka was told that while it’s a delinquent, it’s still Percival, so he should play it straight. He thought these instructions were extremely difficult…

So he focused on the concept of a delinquent as a tough exterior hiding a friendly person, very similar to Percival himself, and used that to incorporate both concepts into one performance.

Katou Emiri, for her part, requests the Black Dragon Knight version of Percival from “SIEGFRIED” as a skin.

While they’re talking about these skins, they realize that it’s been 4 years since Percival received a new version. Oosaka, for his part, spins it positively – the other Dragon Knights have all come to him in Fire, he’s never had to go and meet any of them in other elements.

Katou is sad about Percival always being Fire – she wishes that he and Aglovale could be on the same team. Oosaka says that it could happen, but with those brothers, it would have to be in Dark.

Granblue Fantasy Versus

Oosaka Ryouta jokingly calls himself the first ever Granblue Fantasy Versus champion, since they held a backstage tournament at Granblue Fantasy Extra Fes and he emerged as the winner.

Sadly, Percival isn’t playable in the save game they’re playing on (Percival is recruited well after the Colossus fight in GBVS). Oosaka is forced to play Charlotta, and with Ono Yuuki as Gran, the two of them take on Colossus.

Their first experience with the boss goes about as you’d expect, and Dimensional Cleave takes them out. A few Lyria lines explaining Colossus’ attacks later, the two manage to take down Colossus.

On to the talk show segments!

Oosaka Ryouta’s 6 elements

His 6 elements are:

旅 (travel) – he loves travel, and road trips. His dream is to visit all 47 prefectures, though he hasn’t gotten very close to that goal yet.

動 (videos) – he loves YouTube and has gotten into watching drone and jet videos.

球 (ball) – he loves ball games of all kinds – baseball, bowling, ping pong…

He and Okamoto Nobuhiko (Gilbert, Ceylan) play table tennis against each other all the time, and Katou Emiri challenges him to a match some time.

耳 (ears) – he has soft and floppy ears, which Ono Yuuki goes to check for himself.

美 (beauty) – he uses and owns a lot of beauty products, and when he talks about facial masks, he says that he ends up looking like a Chaos Ruler.

無 (nothingness) – he would love to be able to sit around and do nothing for 5 hours.

Dreams of Skyfarers

Oosaka’s dream is to go on a journey and search for people willing to be Percival’s vassals (although he uses the wrong kanji, oops). He would love to talk to people who have mastered a craft, calling them human National Treasures.

Next week (Tomorrow) they play Granblue Fantasy Versus in Versus mode, and talk about their favorite characters in time for Valentine’s Day!