Granblue TV Channel #44 translation thread – guest star Oosaka Ryouta (Percival)

It’s week 2 with Oosaka Ryouta in the studio, and the hosts concentrated on taking down the First Champion of Granblue Fantasy Versus.

This video will be up until 2/17/2020 – check out some GBVS gameplay!

Opening gag

The show starts with Percival and Gran playing Granblue Fantasy Versus against each other. Gran picks Lancelot, and proceeds to run circles around Percival with the character’s speed. Days later, Percival orders him to fight head on instead of zipping around all the time, since he’s still mad at losing to him in GBVS.

Valentine’s talk

Katou Emiri asks the hosts about who they’re going to give Valentines to this year, and Ono Yuuki says “It doesn’t add any attack, so I’m not going to do it for anyone.” Katou suggests sending one to Aoidos, since Ono Yuuki’s a huge Taniyama Kishou fan –

Ono: “Okay, maybe I’ll send one to Taniyama–“

Oosaka: “We were talking about Aoidos, not Taniyama!”

When Katou asks Oosaka, he instantly replies “Djeeta. And Magisa.”

Oosaka was very happy when Magisa had a Christmas version release.

Oosaka: “She’s so sexy!”

Oosaka’s grids

Asked to show off his parties and weapons, he shows off how much of a veteran skyfarer he is with his Dark and Fire setups. After Granblue Fantasy Fes, he uncapped Seox, and leveled him to 100 in a day.

Seox, Valentine’s Clarisse, Ferry, with Black Knight and Olivia in the back

His summons are also very strong:

He recently drew another Bahamut on a single roll, and has a second one at 4 stars. His dark grid also brims with power, including 6 Limited weapons:

He’s also proud of his Hermanubis, which he recently 4 star uncapped. The Qilin sword is going to be replaced at some point, and Ono Yuuki suggests Gislas.

He puts one on the table, and Oosaka Ryouta is quick to swat it away like a cat, drawing Ono’s ire.

His fire team is a spear team:

Shiva, Athena, and Anila, with Siegfriend and a level 80 Tien in the back

Katou runs the same party herself, and the two of them note that the party is extremely stable. He’s a little sad that the team doesn’t have Veil (he’s using Apsaras), and Katou notes that he doesn’t seem to have Percival on his own team. Oosaka says that he sometimes puts himself in the back row.

His grid features 4 Ixabas, but he’s a little sad that he hasn’t uncapped his Sword of Michael yet due to mismanagement of resources during Rise of the Beasts. Katou empathizes.

Ono: “You’ve been playing a lot, haven’t you?”

Oosaka: “Yeah, I got past your rank last night.”

Ono: “Wait, what?”

Granblue Fantasy Versus segment

Last time, they played RPG Mode, but this time, the hosts play Versus Mode against each other. As the champion, Oosaka waits in the finals while Katou Emiri and Ono Yuuki fight each other to decide who gets the right to play him.

Katou picks Ladiva, while Ono Yuuki plays Lowain. Ono Yuuki shouts “weeeeei” every time his character does too – it’s pretty fun to watch, go ahead and watch it yourself on YouTube once it’s up!

After Ono wins, he takes on Oosaka Ryouta, who takes out his Lancelot with Percival’s Super Skybound Art, retaining his crown as the seiyuu GBVS champion.

The staff jokingly draws Percival with a prize of bean cakes, which he won back at the original backstage tournament.

Oosaka’s daily schedule

Oosaka’s daily schedule includes a few “play” (プレイ) segments where he pulls out his phone and joins two or three raids.

Morning: He does his morning work, and during breaks, he pokes a few raids during his breaks. Katou Emiri often ends up in the same patterns – since voice actors often work alone, they don’t have anyone to talk to during breaks, they poke raids a lot.

Oosaka wishes his crew’s Strike Time went from 11 PM to 1 AM, since he often gets home after 10 PM. Katou wishes that people could set their own Strike Times, outside of Unite and Fight.

Lyria’s Journal

Closing thoughts

As the episode closes out, Oosaka Ryouta plugs Granblue Fantasy Versus a few more times – he’s always wanted to be in a fighting game, and GBVS made this dream come true.

Next time, on Granblue TV Channel: The Mad Cyclone, Ogata Megumi!