Granblue TV Channel #44 translation thread – guest star Ogata Megumi (Grimnir)

We’re behind by a week, let’s get this done ASAP and move on to #45!

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Opening gag

In the opening gag, Grimnir gets so wrapped up in his own introduction that the hosts find it difficult to move on to the next subject. Siero tries to distract him with a Valentine’s chocolate cooking segment, but Grimnir starts rambling about Chocolate CREEEEEEAMNIR and things just get workse.

Opening chat

Ogata Megumi is nursing a bit of a cold and it’s affecting her voice, so she’s a bit hoarse for the show. She does enjoy the fact that she, Katou Emiri, and Ono Yuuki are having a Medaka Box reunion, though!

She feels like ever since Medaka Box aired, she’s been cast as a whole lot of chuuni-type characters.

She likes voicing Grimnir a lot, since she has instructions from the staff that she can do whatever she wants – so she gets to play around as if she were Wakamoto Norio (Ippatsu).

All about Grimnir

The hosts start by laughing at Grimnir’s profile:

Katou Emiri trips over the pronunciation of “Dostoyepsky”, and Ogata cheekily apologizes for it.

Katou also misreads 稚拙 (chisetsu, “childish”) in Grimnir’s profile, leading to some laughs in the studio.

Ono: “This is just a jumble of hard-to-pronounce words, isn’t it?”

Ogata apologizes again for Grimnir just throwing vocabulary words around.

They talk a bit about Grimnir’s release history in GBF, and Katou Emiri explains to Ogata that her character is extremely powerful in-game, saying that she was able to solo Ultimate Bahamut Impossible due to his presence on her team.

Ogata talks about how her early career was defined by characters like Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho and Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion – she played a lot of very serious characters, but she was a big fan of playing the nori-tsukkomi archetype, a comedy tradition in Japanese that involves going along with the ridiculous plans and schemes of the boke until the very end of the joke, where they finally yell at the boke.

When she was working on creating the character of Grimnir for Rage of Bahamut, Shimizu on the staff told her to go wild, with encouraging lines like “extend the GRIIIIIIIIMNIR by another two seconds!”

After a take that left her gasping, Shimizu told her “we’re using this one.”

Valentine’s Grimnir

After the hosts explain to Ogata that Grimnir is the first male Valentine’s character, Ogata says that after her first look at his Valentine’s version, she said “who is this?”

Ogata: “His clothes are so normal – he looks like he came out of an otome game. But he’s still a chuuni on the inside.”

Katou: “By the time this episode airs, I will definitely own him.”

Ogata: “Please show me how he plays. Make an Emiri Channel stream!”

Katou: “Well, I do always record myself when I play, but I don’t talk. Maybe I’ll add commentary afterward…”

Ogata’s 6 elements

炎 (flame) – she just… really, really likes fires. She finds herself staring into fireplaces and stoves for hours.

ド (d) – short for ドラマ (drama). She loves watching dramas on TV, and watches 12 per season.

陶 (ceramics) – she got into the hobby after an issue of Voice Animage, and enjoys the fact that it is an art that is fully separated from her voice work. The feeling of the clay in her hands calms her, and she has to focus completely on what she’s doing or the work will be ruined, which lets her take her mind off of things.

And, of course, she loves the kilns.

輪 (wheel) – she enjoys bikes, both two-wheeled and likes going on road trips. She’s gone as far as Hokkaido on her bike before, though she doesn’t get to go very often due to her busy work schedule.

酒 (alcohol) and 肴 (fish) are a packaged deal. She loves seafood and good wine, and often posts her meals on social media.

Dreams of Skyfarers

Ogata Megumi’s suggestion for a Granblue Fantasy segment is:

“A Mad Cyclone tour” – she is a bit realistic and says she probably can’t go typhoon chasing in Okinawa, but it would be more like a whirlwind tour of Japan, including stays in various onsen.

Katou Emiri nearly explodes with excitement at the suggestion, saying she wants to go.

Katou: “Now I want to take photos from Ogata’s sidecar!”

Ogata warns her about motion sickness if she looks through a camera on the many sharp turns of Japanese mountain roads, and the two of them suggest that Ono follow behind with the camera instead, to capture how cute Katou would be if she spewed (no seriously).


They move on to suggest an ocean tour too, and Ono Yuuki says that they could bring previous guest Inoue Kazuhiko (Siegfried) along so he could indulge his windsurfing hobby.

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Reminder, who says that they sent Valentine’s chocolates to Belial, Azazel, and Grimnir last year. They’re trying to figure out if they want to send 2020 Valentines to the same group, or to add more to the chocolates list.

Ogata accuses Reminder of serial infidelity, and Katou notes that Reminder’s tastes skew toward the chuuni kids. After explaining how GBF does Valentine’s to Ogata, they talk a bit about their Valentines from 2019.

Ono Yuuki sent a chocolate to his Gisla-empowering lord, Hades.

Ogata: “If I send Grimnir a chocolate, will he come to my house?”

Katou: “He will!”

Ogata: “It’ll be like sending chocolate to myself, sure, I’ll do it”

Katou Emiri’s Valentines go out to many characters, and she talks about how she loves the ability to ignore gender in GBF since she plays Gran – it lets her give chocolate to Grimnir every year, for example.

Ogata: “We can do that in real life too, we should have Ono treat me to something!”

Katou: “Could you do that in front of me?”

Ogata: “Then we could all share!”

That’s it from this episode – on to the next!