Granblue TV Channel #46 translation thread – guest star Ogata Megumi (Grimnir)

Feeling a little chilly? Let the Mad Cyclone and Doctor Gran cure what ails you!

Translation follows.

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Opening gag

The opening gag uses a very well-worn Japanese pun, as Siero hopes to use Grimnir’s control over wind (風, kaze) to help her cure her illness (風邪, kaze).

After going along with it for a few lines, he switches to tsukkomi mode and says “hey, that’s the wrong kaze!” Gran comes in and suggests that the two of them should work on curing the world’s illnesses, and Grimnir freaks out that Gran is still working that same joke.

Siero fantasizes about Doctor Gran and Doctor Grimnir, and says that the world needs this.

Opening chat

Ogata Megumi flubs the usual “hey, good to see you again!” intro, and the hosts laugh about it. Katou Emiri thanks the artists for the good food, as she loves Doctor Gran in the first face and adding Grimnir to the mix was amazing for her.

After Ogata Megumi talks about how Grimnir’s chuuni nature makes any outfit he wears into a risk, Katou Emiri asks what other seasonal Grimnir versions they would want after the new Valentine’s Grimnir.

Ono Yuuki wants Children’s Day Grimnir, likely because Grand Blues! Grimnir is great with kids.

Katou Emiri thinks that Grimnir would get way into Halloween, from the costumes to the everything else. Ogata Megumi thinks that he would put a pumpkin on his head – but Ono says that it would be a half-mask, because that’s just how Grimnir rolls.

Ogata Megumi suggests Labor Day, which draws a laugh from Katou Emiri – but after thinking about it for a second, she says that a Labor Day skin from Grimnir would inspire her to new heights in GBF. So many different holidays come up that Ogata Megumi suggests Respect for the Elderly day, because why not? It would all suit him well.

Labor Day Grimnir is her favorite out of all the suggestions:

Ogata: “It would be great, he would fit in working at a school cafeteria, he’d look good as a construction worker, and as a waiter at a cafe we could have great scenes where he has no idea how to tie an apron.”

The only thing Ogata Megumi doesn’t think he’d do well, staring straight at the show’s staff, is being a production assistant on a TV show.

Katou Emiri says that there haven’t been any story events with the Primal Disciples (Shiva, Alexiel, Europa, Grimnir) yet, so even though they’re playable and have skins, it’s not quite the same. They’re all extremely strong, but they haven’t actually said much yet.

Ogata Megumi suggests a sports festival-like event, where Grimnir suggests that the four of them would be unbeatable in a 60-meter race or a kibasen (see: Lowain’s Human Pyramid Attack), where the four of them would get into spirited discussions about who got to be the top of the pyramid.

Grimnir’s seasonal lines

While Grimnir hasn’t been out for very long yet, the hosts take some time out to listen to Grimnir’s seasonal lines, starting with Christmas. Katou Emiri watches with an adoring fan’s eyes, while Ogata Megumi calls him an idiot and looks disappointed at her idiot son.

After listening to the lines, Ogata thanks the skyfarers out there for inviting Grimnir in from the cold – if there hadn’t been a holiday party to go to, Grimnir would have been stuck reading Nieszchel poems alone.

Remember to listen to Valentine’s lines before it’s too late! They end on 2/28.

Daily schedule

Ogata Megumi brings up one of her old schedules for this segment – around 20 years ago, she collapsed from exhaustion. This represents one of the days from her way-too-busy schedule back then:

Mentoring younger seiyuu

Ogata Megumi talks about doing a radio show with a very young Minase Inori (Diantha), who was 14 at the time. When she asked how Minase practiced and rehearsed, the younger girl said that she and other seiyuu hopefuls would practice on Skype calls to voice manga scenes.

She talks about the high demands of the modern seiyuu industry, with so many things that prospective seiyuu have to do, like playing musical instruments live. She’s not badmouthing the practice, she’s just amazed that so much of the younger generation has it so rough.

Mailbox corner

The first mail comes from Sarubia, who says that they love fighting against Grimnir to hear his squeals when he enters Break status, from “Time out! Time out!” to “Hey, cut it out!” They ask if any of the hosts like any boss lines like that.

Ono Yuuki brings up his time as both Sagittarius and Xeno Sagittarius – the first time, he had to sound like a robot and say English phrases like “Stand by!” and “Amazing!” in a robotic tone. Then, when Xeno Sagi came around, he wondered how that would change, and he just said the exact same things, but louder and with more emphasis.

Katou Emiri, for her part, really likes – what does she like, again? She forgets and starts laughing on set, until she says “it talks really fast” and one of the show’s staff tells her that she probably means Xeno Ifrit.

“I can’t remember” -Katou Emiri

She laughs that she has no idea what the hell Xeno Ifrit is saying, and growls out her rendition of his “yakitsukushite yaru” (“I shall burn you down to ash”

Just hit play for the time stamp, it’s great

Next mail is from I’m leveling my wind party, who asks if there are any of the GBF seiyuu who have had to separate their recording sessions like Tange Sakura’s Cagliostro (who tends to do separate sessions for the cutesy Cagliostro and the Aggro Cag).

Katou turns to Ogata and asks if the comedy Grimnir and the chuuni Grimnir need to be separated – Ogata says no, as long as it’s the same character, she does it all at the same time. There are some situations, like playing twins, or playing multiple personalities in a single character, where they’ll need to be separated, though.

The third mail is from Elsa, who asks about Granblue Fantasy figures, and how there aren’t enough of them. They ask what the hosts want as figures.

Ono loves Vyrn, and wishes for a figure version of Vyrn – most of the Vyrn merchandise is fuzzy and squishy, including the slippers that the hosts are all wearing on set. He also requests a motorized Vyrn, which you can turn on and it’ll fly in circles around your room.

Ogata Megumi thinks that GBF figures must be difficult to make since the art and designs are so detailed – a Grimnir figure wouldn’t just have his armor, it would have to have all of the wind and storm effects that surround him, too.

Ogata: “Look, when it comes to a Grimnir figure, it can be from Rage of Bahamut, it can be from Shadowverse, and it can be from Granblue Fantasy – it doesn’t matter. Just release one, please.”

Lyria’s Journal

Closing comments

As the episode closes, Ogata Megumi encourages fans to continue tweeting their suggestions, especially ones that involve making Grimnir figures. Ono agrees, saying that Grimnir’s popularity plus the voices of fans made Valentine’s Grimnir a reality, and that can work for many other things as well.

Ogata closes the show by saying “hey, Ono’s going to get me something for Valentine’s Day, right?”

Ono: “What would you like, Ogata?”

Ogata: “Sushi?”

Ono: “!#$&%^!#*&”

Next week’s guest will be the King of Braves, Hiyama Nobuyuki (Seox)!