June 2020 Character Balance Changes

We now have full details on the adjustments to characters expected on June 9th, so view the rest after the break.

Anthuria (Fire SSR)

  • Gains Harp proficiency (also applies to Summer version).
  • CA: 10% dodge rate replaced by “Cast Dance of Delirium” (skill 1).
  • Dance of Delirium: Dodge up/Hostility up duration up to 3 turns (was 2), gains Other Self (1x) effect.
  • Alluring Step: Effect changed. Cooldown changed to 1 turn (0 turns at +).
    In Quick Tap: switch to Silent Tap (On dodge, heal all allies, stackable def up) In Silent Tap: switch to Quick Tap (extend all allies’ Hype duration by 1 on dodge/stackable attack up).
  • Captivation: effect changed to self CA Standby, Uplift/Shield/Hype to all allies.
  • Feet on Fire support skill: removed, and replaced with Quick Tap and Silent Tap.
  • Quick Tap: While in Quick Tap, extend all allies’ Hype duration by 1 on dodge/stackable attack up
  • Silent Tap: While in Silent Tap, heal all allies, stackable def up on dodge.

Percival (Fire SSR)

  • Lohenwolf++: Also grants Percival 20% CA meter.
  • Zerreissen: Grants Percival a fire Crest. Healing from Zerreissen++ increased.
  • X-Seele: Gains Delay on cast.
  • Traueumerei+: CD to 6 turns. Also adds new buffs based on Percival’s fire Crests:
    1: Debuff success up
    2: DA up
    3: TA up
    4: Crit up
    5: Keen
  • Kingly Aura: effect changed to Fire Atk up based on # of crests.
  • Ideal Vassals: adjusted to provide the Atk up earlier (currently does not provide atk up if Percival is the only party member standing).

Narmaya (Summer Limited Water SSR)

  • CA: Now grants Other Self (1x).
  • Physical Endurance: DA/TA up increased.
  • Mental Focus: No longer requires Break. Attack Greatly Increased percentage reduced since it no longer needs Break. CD from 7 turns to 6.
  • Fanciful Flutter support skill: now maxes at 5 stacks instead of 10. Dodge up per stack increased.
  • Also gains new effect: when Narmaya dodges, she deals Water damage and casts a Delay.

Aglovale (Water SSR)

  • Zerreissen: Grants Aglvoale a water Crest.
  • Eiszapfen: Duration of Coldcage now set at 2 turns if it lands successfully.
  • Dynast’s Men: Effect changed to Water Atk Up based on # of Crests.
  • Absolute Zero: support skill now active from back line.
  • Schneetreiben: Additional effects based on number of Water Crests. CD changed from 8 turns to 6 turns.
  • 1: Def up
  • 2: Revitalize
  • 3: Veil
  • 4: Fire damage cut
  • 5: Dispel Guard

Threo (Earth SSR)

  • Vorpal Rage: Effect changed. Now always provides Jammed.
    Axe mode: Drain (3333 for 1 turn)
    Sword mode: Supplemental damage to one-foe attacks (30%/1 turn). CD to 6 turns.
  • Berserk Forge: Effect changed.
    Axe mode: Counter on Dodge or Damage/3x
    Sword mode: Attack without taking a turn.
  • Berserk Forge+ CD from 7 turns to 6 turns (previously required ++)
  • Berserk Forge++: Effect upgrades to “Triple attack this turn”
    Axe mode: Hostility up, Counter on dodge/damage 3x
    Sword mode: 30% Earth chaser for 1 turn, attack without taking a turn.
  • Supernatural support skill: Changed to “Starts combat with Lethal Attack Dodged (3x)”. At level 90, upgrades to include “The 3rd attack of a triple attack gains up to 300,000 supplemental damage”

Medusa (Valentine Limited Earth SSR)

  • CA: Now casts Magical Medusiana instead of inflicting Scared Stiff.
  • Magical Medusiana: Effect changed. Inflicts Poisoned, Gains 1 stack (max 7). At 7 stacks, casts 3 times. CD changed to 6 (5 at +)
  • Support skill Sweet Enchantment: Effect changed to CA specs up based on stacks (see: Magical Medusiana)
  • Support skill Supreme Serpent Eye: name changed. Effect changed to “When the enemy activates a special attack, casts Magical Medusiana 1x per turn”.

Gawain (Wind SSR)

  • Gains Spear specialty.
  • 5* CA: Shield amount increased to 1500 (was 500)
  • Fracture: Damage increased. At Fracture++, applies Earth Attack Down, damage and damage cap increased. Atk Down success rate increased.
  • Rebellion: Effect changed. Deals Wind damage, Jammed effect to self. Consumes 30% of max HP. CD from 5 turns to 7 turns (6 turns at +)
  • Noblesse Oblige: Also adds 100% Debuff Resistance to allies.
  • Use it or Lose it: Effect changed to Atk/Def up increased as HP decrease.

Carmelina (Wind SSR)

  • War Hoop: Def down effect and success rate increased. DA/TA Down success rate increased.
  • All Sensation: Effect changed to “Deals Wind damage to all foes. Applies Debuff Resist Down (stackable)”.
  • Universal Star: Effect changed to “Attack specs up while Mirror Image is active.”
  • New support skill added: CA damage/CA damage cap up based on number of debuffs on the foe.

De La Fille (Light SSR)

  • Jewel Mirror: Effect changed to “Gain a Shield based equal to 70% of max HP (max 4000), gain light Chaser.” Chaser lasts until DLF takes damage. Chaser strength increased (was 20%, no new number listed)
  • Glorious Flame: Damage up. Light Def Down effect increased. Dark Attack Down added.
  • Regeneration: Now Heals and Revitalizes all allies. CD changed to 7 turns. Revitalize duration from 5 turns to 3.
  • Glimmering Barrier: Effect changed to “Debuff resistance up while Shielded”

Seruel (Light SSR)

  • Quick Raid: Name changed to Courtly Blade. Deals Light damage, applies Attack Down.
  • At Courtly Blade++, adds Dark Atk Down. Damage and Damage Cap increased, Atk Down debuff success up. CD to 7 turns (6 at +)
  • Royal Curtain: Effect changed to Veil to all allies/Seruel Triple Attacks this turn. CD from 8 turns to 9 turns (Back down to 8 turns at +)
  • At Royal Curtain++, the guaranteed TA buff increases to 2 turns.
  • First Prince of Irestill: Effect changed to “all allies’ DA/TA up while not debuffed.”
  • New support ability: Quick Raid. Every 3 turns, Seruel deals Light damage and gains Skill Damage Cap Up (stacking). (see: Heles)

Vira (Dark SSR)

  • Affection Abyss (CA during Luminiera Merge): Now also reduces all of Vira’s skill cooldowns by 1.
  • Layer Rise II: Effect changed to Atk down (stacking)/Def down (stacking) to foe and Atk up/Def up (stacking) to self. CD from 7 turns to 5 (4 at +)
  • Affection Oath+: Now inflicts Dark Atk/Def down and Light Atk/Def Down.
  • Heal to self increased to 3000. CD from 9 turns to 6.
  • Blade of Light support skill: Luminiera Merge mode Atk up, Def up, DA up increased.

Olivia (Dark SSR)

  • Sterling Sea: Damage, Damage Cap increased. Multiattack Down debuff effect increased.
  • Peccatum Mortale: Now affects all foes. Damage and Damage Cap increased. CD from 9 turns to 7 (6 at +)
  • Nevermore: Effect changed. Applies Shield to self. Veil to self. Gain Dark Angel’s Wings buff (buff ends after taking damage 3x). CD from 7 turns to 8 turns.
  • During buff: TA up, Crit up, Debuff Success up. Damage cap up. Dark chaser.
  • Fallen Angel support skill: Changed to “Supplemental damage to single-foe attacks while affected by Dark Attack Up buff”. No numbers given.

A number of characters will be gaining weapon specialties.

  • Anne: Gains Staff
  • Anthuria (all versions): Gains Harp
  • Vira (grand Light): Gains Spear
  • Gawain: Gains Spear
  • Societte (fire, water): Gains Harp
  • Magisa (fire): Gains Melee
  • Melissabelle (wind): Gains Axe
  • Yuel (all versions): Gains Harp, loses Sword (Katana specialty remains untouched)