KoreGra/7th anniversary megapost

KoreGra for March, containing all of the 7th anniversary info plus more, was posted on March 12th. Here is all the information, summarized and translated into English:

Home Sweet Moon-related info

Relic Buster details: Each step of Home Sweet Moon provides one treasure on completion, and after all 4 are collected, you will be able to unlock the new Relic Buster class. These treasures will be available for trade after the event is over.

Isaac and Beatrix will be released in the draw pool during March.

Eustace’s 5* uncap will unlock with the end of Home Sweet Moon, and work the same way as other event 5* uncaps – it will require a free treasure from a post-ending episode, which will be available in treasure trade later.

7th anniversary campaigns

The scratchers campaign lasts from March 10th to March 31st, and on the last day, the campaign promises “A very high quality item”.

There are also three cards that guarantee a better quality of item than normal: the Granblue Fantasy Fes 2020 cards and the Famitsu card have gold moons, earrings, or better.

March 10th through March 20th: earn 7x XP/RP, up to 7 million total, then get 2x XP/RP for the rest of the period.

March 20th to March 31st: the campaign resets – you get another allotment of 7,000,000 XP and RP to earn.

7th anniversary weapon ticket has:

Regalia weapons (but not the newest ones, Zechariah etc.)
Xeno weapons (but only up to 4 stars, 5th star still requires event)
Primal series (Ecke Sachs, etc)
Old Primal series (Old Ecke Sachs, etc)
Epic Weapons
Cerberus and Fenrir weapons
Proving Grounds weapons
Tiamat Malice/Leviathan Malice weapons

Yurius and Yuisis outfits on sale until April 1st. Video of the outfits in action here:

7th anniversary ticket set on sale from March 10th to April 1st, including Grand series characters up until Noa (end of 2019), and seasonal characters up to Lily (Christmas 2020).

Two Star Premiums planned: One for 2019/2020 seasonal characters available from 3/10 to 3/13

Second one will go on sale on 3/29 and guarantee a limited series character (except Vikala. Vikala returns to draw banners in 2022.)

Login bonus updates:

With the introduction of Daily Points, the Outfit Draw system is no longer in the works. Siegfried and Clarisse outfits are currently available for trade, and previously shown outfits for Jeanne, Gawain, etc. will be added to the Daily Points shop in future updates.

Masquerade class was released on March 10th. Check out our thread to see what it does:

Skyscope went live on March 10th, adding permanent missions to the game. The first set of missions was mostly meant to be doable for beginners, and more sets of missions meant for mid-level and high-level players will be released in future updates.

Monthly missions will start on April 1st, and the teaser for the update mentions that certain rewards will give you weapon drops from raids for completing the missions.

23 new support abilities for 20 SSRs and 3 SRs! 9 character rebalances as well. Full thread here:

Silver Relic weapons can now be reduced to 5 (+1 for elemental weapon upgrade skill if applicable) silver weapon shards.

The Bonus Stock went live on March 10th, allowing for easy transfer of plus marks, even allowing mass removal or addition of plus marks to grids.

The Upgrade screen was also redesigned to allow picking upgrade items and weapons separately.

Battle System 2.0 now allows for auto Guard during Full Auto – characters will Guard when an Omen targets them, unless the attack deals untyped damage or otherwise ignores Guard.

Gachapin roulette special rules: All players receive 100 rolls for free on March 20th (Flash Gala) and March 30th (Premium Gala). There is also a chance for Double Mukku frenzy this time. The chance is set, and not affected by how many rolls were in Gachapin Frenzy or the first Mukku Frenzy.

March 22nd updates

Coming March 22nd: Rank cap from 275 to 300

Luminiera Malice fight

Dark Rapture (Hard, AKA Blucilius) will have the option to fight as a single player fight with the Ascendant Prayer rules:

Also on March 22nd, unique EMPs for the Evokers will unlock. Thread on details here:

Optimus series 5* information:

Reducing an Agni will provide a new “Agni Anima” item, and the Agni Anima plus other treasures will be used to 5* uncap the summon. The same goes for Varuna and the rest of the Optimus series.

Sunlight Stones will be usable to uncap from 4 stars to 5. In addition, a new item in the Gold Moon trade will be added on March 22nd. It will cost 30 Gold Moons, can be used to uncap an Optimus series summon to 4 stars, or 5 stars. On March 22nd, every player will be sent one of these treasures.

In addition, the team is looking into methods that will make the Optimus series summons more available to players. This could take the form of the summons being available for Cerulean Spark trade in certain draw banners, available in some Surprise tickets, or other ways. No timeline is set for this implementation.

On March 22nd, they will implement the option to auto-reserve weapons when they drop. The settings will not apply to weapons that have AX Skills on them.

Late March

Swimsuit Andira, Swimsuit Kumbhira characters coming in March (Famitsu says March 31st).

Bonus Poses for Summer Ayer, Summer Izmir, and Summer Korwa on March 24th.

April updates

The feature to uncap multiple stars on weapons/summons/characters all at once has been delayed due to bugs in testing. It was scheduled for 3/26, and is now scheduled for April.

Water Societte uncap in April, and the Treasure Trade shop will change in April – some of the cost changes listed below.

April 1st collab: SAY WHAT? BO-BOBO!

April 7th Unite and Fight updates:

In addition, draw boxes 46 and later have 10 more half elixirs. (it just barely didn’t fit in the thread)

Later in April: Eustace joins Granblue Fantasy Versus as the 5th character of Season 2! The next trailer for GBVS will be unveiled on April 15th.

Eustace will also come with a new stage, the Dydroit Belt, and two new lobby avatars: the Vy-Ball and Joy.

Other updates coming to GBVS: new skins avatars etc. for Battle Pass Round 3.

Later updates

June: New main story chapters. The latest Wandering Astral arc is called (tentatively) “The Circus of Liars”.

Seeds of Redemption will rerun this year. Date not revealed.

Replicard Sandbox updates scheduled for the end of the year: a new area to explore, an uncap for the New World Foundation weapons, and a new Sephira Guidebook along with new pages for the existing Sephira Guidebooks.

Permanent bonuses coming for crews – trade in treasures and rupees to gain permanent buffs and bonuses for everyone in your crew. Date not disclosed.

Raids becoming 1 player to reduce noise in the raid finder:

Zarchnal Flame(+Hard)
Imperial Guard(+Hard)
Ancient Dragon Hard
Will-o’-Wisp Hard
Evil Eye Hard
Twin Elements(+Impossible)
Macula Marius(+Impossible)
Dark Angel Olivia(+Impossible)

Difficulty and drops for these fights will be adjusted as appropriate to make sure their drops don’t become too rare.

Over the course of the next year, 6 new raids will be implemented, one for each element. They will come with their own new drops, and be about the same difficulty as the current Twin Elements Impossible tier.

An upcoming high difficulty raid, Belial, will drop treasure to add new pendulums to the Dark Opus weapons. Date not disclosed.

Summer 2021: new EXP-based upgrades for Tier IV and EX2 jobs, and new class-specific EMP bonuses.

Winter 2021: New Class Champion weapons for Tier IV classes.

Spring 2022: New Class Champion Weapons for EX2 classes.

There is still no date for the “even if you wipe, you can continue contributing” update, but it’s still coming.


Graphic Archive VII and Extra Works coming this summer!

Grandcypher Kitchen permanent cafe opening in Akihabara, allowing you to experience a piece of the Granblue Fantasy world.

Figuarts Zero Zeta and Beatrix now available for preorder via the Premium Bandai shop. They will release in September 2021.

Q-Pot accessories and collab cafe now open – their store accepts international orders, too!

Grand Blues! DVD on March 26th, which comes with a serial code for your choice of: a gold brick, a sunlight stone, a Sephira Evolite, or 10 Damascus Crystals.

Granblue Fantasy Extra Fes 2021 and Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021 are both in the works, though Cygames needs to look into if the events will have to be online or not.

Rage GBVS 2021 Summer will be the next big GBVS tournament, with more details to come later on Twitter.

A GBVS artbook is in the works too, with concept art, storyboards, models, and more!

That’s… that’s it for Koregra, we think!