Famitsu 2021 poll results

Famitsu ran its annual poll for the 7th anniversary of Granblue Fantasy – check out what the players had to say!

This year, 3,870 skyfarers responded to Famitsu’s online poll, which ran from February 4th to 10th. The demographics: 59.1% female, 40.9% male. 10.1% in their teens, 47.1% in their 20s, 32.7% in their 30s, 9.2% in their 40s, 0.9% in their 50s or higher.

Q1: How did you get into Granblue Fantasy?

1. Friend or family recommendation (825)
2. Collab event (823)
3. Its great art and characters (307)
4. People were talking about it (245)
5. Anniversary story event (215)
6. TV commercial (192)
7. Came in from other Cygames properties (130)
8. My favorite seiyuu is in this game (121)
9. No reason in particular (119)
10. Saw a magazine/ online ad (117)

Q2: What’s your current rank?

The average rank of poll takers was 185.9, with the majority between 150 and 250.

Yes, the 201-250 and 151-200 slices of the pie chart seem swapped

Q3: What do you mainly play GBF on, PC or smartphone?

Both: 25%
PC: 19.9%
Smartphone or tablet: 55.1%

Q4: What element are you most confident in?

1. Light (32.7%)
2. Dark (24.4%)
3. Earth (14.8%)
4. Water (9.9%)
5. Fire (9.2%)
6. Wind (9.0%)

Q5: What is your favorite class?

1. Lumberjack (979)
“It’s so strong in full auto, it’s perfect for multitasking and playing” (Male, 30s)

2. Chrysaor (436)
“It’s not just cool, being able to CA twice is really strong” (Female, 40s)

3. Doctor (267)
“The coat is cool and sexy” (Female, 30s)

4. Monk (239)
“It does so much damage at the end of the turn” (Male, 40s)
“It’s so strong!” (Male, 20s)

5. Glorybringer (238)
“Glowing swords are cool” (Male, 20s)

6. Nekomancer
7. Kengo
8. Berserker
9. Luchador
10. Robin Hood

Q6: What was the first story event you played?

1. What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost (414)
“This is the reason I started playing GBF” (Female, 20s)
“I was drawn into this game by Belial” (Female, 30s)
“People were talking so much about that I got interested, and I started the game when it reran” (Female, 30s)

2. Festival of Falling Flame (284)
“It was the first event ever” (Male, 20s)
“It’s the first one on the list in Side Stories” (Female, 40s)
“I hit my home page and Lyria told me to” (Male, 20s)

3. What Makes the Sky Blue? (232)
“I wanted to learn more about Sandalphon’s backstory” (Female 20s)
“I wanted to recruit Lyria” (Female, 20s)
“My friend who taught me the game told me ‘You have to play this!'” (Male, 30s)

4. 000 (151)
5 (tie). Defender’s Oath (113)
5 (tie). L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G. (113)
7. Seeds of Redemption (84)
8. Lonesome Dragoness (79)
9. Priestess of the Dunes (74)
10. Five Flowers of Fate (72)

Q7: What story event was the most memorable to you?

1. 000 (775)
“It was a fitting end to the trilogy, and I cried at the end” (Female, 20s)
“A perfect continuation from Paradise Lost” (Female, 30s)

2. Paradise Lost (389)
“I love Sandalphon and Lucifer’s relationship so much” (Male, 20s)
“It was riveting, like watching a movie” (Female, 30s)

3. Ranger Sign Bravo! (243)
“Who DIDN’T cry for this one?” (Female, 30s)
“Yamaguchi Kappei’s performance moved me to tears. I’m really looking forward to a sequel.” (Male, 40s)

4. What Makes the Sky Blue (223)
5. Seeds of Redemption (195)
6. Spaghetti Syndrome (193)
7. My Beloved Auguste (148)
8. No Rain, No Rainbow (130)
9. Reflections for a White Clover (101)
10. Together in Song (85)

Q8: What character would you like to see as the star of their own story event?

1. Lucifer (178)
“Because I want him to come back to life” (Female, 20s)

2. Seofon (162)
“He’s way too mysterious” (Female, 40s)

3. Sandalphon (130)
“I want to see more of his story” (Female, 30s)

4. Grimnir (96)
“He’s such a chuuni, I have to see what happens” (Male, 20s)

5. Narmaya
“She feels unexplored so far” (Male, 30s)

6 (tie). Lucio (68)
6 (tie). Belial (68)
8. Jamil (56)
9. Nezahualpilli (54)
10 (tie). Noa (51)
10 (tie). Cain (51)

Q9: What do you look for the most in a story event?

1. I like them all (38.9%)
2. I want serious drama (13.8%)
3. I want comedy (10.8%)
4. I want ongoing stories (9.3%)
5. I want it to be really cool (9.1%)
6. I want it to surprise me (7.2%)
7. I don’t really have a preference(6.7%)
8. I want it to be cute (4.2%)

Q10: Who is your favorite male character?

Congratulations to Sandalphon for winning this poll 3 years in a row!

1. Sandalphon (574)
“He’s the reason I started playing GBF” (Female, 30s)
“He’s handsome, yes, but I love how strangely careless he is” (Female, 30s)
“Just the sticker is enough to make me cry” (Female, 20s)

2. Belial (214)
“His horniness is a mood” (Male, 20s)
“He’s the worst. It’s the best.” (Female, 40s)
“He’s such a great villain” (Female, 20s)

3. Seox (207)
“I love the gap between masked and unmasked Seox so much” (Female, 20s)

4. Seofon (200)
“He gets the job done when he needs to” (Male, 30s)
“He’s everyone’s big brother” (Female, 20s)

5. Siegfried (185)
“I fell in love with how he can be so airheaded sometimes” (Male, 20s)

6. Percival (159)
“He has a big heart, he’s the best boss you could ask for” (Male, 40s)
“He’s a tsundere and he’s so bullyable” (Female, 30s)

7. Lucifer (123)
“I want him to be rewarded for all his hard work” (Female, 40s)
“He may be the Supreme Primarch, but he’s so clumsy in affairs of the heart” (Female, 30s)

8. Lancelot (119)
“He doesn’t show his cute side very often, but when he does…” (Female, 40s)
“The textbook definition of a hottie” (Female, teens)

9. Grimnir (104)
“He’s so hot and so, so cringey” (Female, 30s)
“I’ve been a fan of his since Rage of Bahamut” (Female, 20s)

10. Vane (96)
“He’s just the best and nicest” (Female, 30s)
“I cried when his 5* uncap made him so strong” (Female, 30s)

Special mentions:

12. Eustace
“Platinum blonde hair, dark skin, and fluffy ears? Thank you for the food” (Female, 20s)

21. Drang
“I resonate with granny’s boys” (Male, 20s)

35. Rackam
“I can’t stop thinking about how cute he was as a kid in his fate episodes” (Female, teens)

Q12: Who’s your favorite female character?

1. Cagliostro (196)
“The world’s cutest and smartest alchemist” (Female, teens)
“Ouroboros is cute, too” (Female, 20s)
“The pairing of Tange Sakura’s voice and that foul mouth is the best food” (Male, 40s)

2. Vikala (180)
“The difference between her with the mouse ears on and her with the ears off is so cute” (Female, 30s)
“I just want to protect her” (Male, teens)

3. Narmaya (177)
“She’s an adorable older sister who works so hard at everything she does” (Male, 40s)

4. Lyria (160)
“As the female lead, I love the traditional rom-com moments she finds herself in” (Female, 20s)

5. Djeeta (110)
“I love the cute outfits she wears for each class” (Female, 30s)

6. Zeta (96)
“She’s like a really friendly big sister” (Male, teens)
“I love Hanazawa Kana’s voice” (Male, 20s)

7 (tie). Tweyen (88)
“I cried at ‘Seeds of Redemption'” (Male, 20s)
“Her voice makes me melt into a puddle” (Male, 30s)

7 (tie). Vira (88)
“I fell in love with her as she started opening up to the main character, and not just to Katalina” (Male, 20s)

9. Ilsa (83)
“I want her to rain verbal abuse on me” (M, teens)
“The feminine side she only shows when she’s off duty is adorable” (Male, 30s)

10. Tien (73)
“The way she tries to be so strong for her brother Feower and all the kids in Stardust Town make her so admirable” (Female, teens)

Special mentions:

11. Vajra
“I’m a dog person, just seeing her makes me feel good” (Female, 20s)

19. Lily
“She’s such a brave and cute little girl… and she’s so powerful too!” (Male, 20s)

26. Anthuria
“Her constant blushing around the MC is so cute to me” (Male, 30s)

39. Lunalu
“An ‘artist’ from our world who made it into a fantasy world” (Female, 30s)

Q12: Power-wise, who would you recommend to a new player?

1. Lily (water) (425)
“Her skills make her ideal whether you’re a beginner or a top end player” (Male, 20s)

2. Yodarha (water) (377)
“He’s easy to use and really strong early, that’s a big deal” (Male, 20s)

3. Sandalphon (light) (255)
“He’s easy to recruit, and he’s strong and durable in long Full Auto fights” (Male, 30s)

4. Sandalphon (Grand) (251)
5. Seox (Eternal) (163)
6. Zooey (Summer/Grand) (136)
7. Andira (131)
8. Altair (79)
9. Yurius (78)
10. Seofon (75)

Q13: What character do you just want to gush about to people who’re starting the game?

1. Sandalphon (509)
“I want them to play the entire What Makes the Sky Blue series” (Female, 30s)

2. Belial (194)
“I want everyone to fall into this wonderful pervert’s honey trap” (Female, 20s)

3. Seox (109)
“Once you’ve made it far enough in the game to recruit him, you’ve become one of us” (Male, 20s)

Q14: What character do you want to see in formal attire?

1. Lucio (209)
“Please put him in a super sharp suit for an anniversary outfit” (Female, 30s)

2. Lucifer (144)
“He only has one outfit, I want to see him wearing something new” (Female, 20s)

3. Seox (122)
“I really wonder if he would still wear a mask with his suit” (Male, 30s)

Q15: What NPC would you most like to see as a playable character?

1. Lucifer (385)
“I’m waiting patiently for the day he comes back to life and becomes playable” (Female, 30s)

2. Nehan (239)
“I want him to wake up soon, for Mugen’s and Seox’s sakes” (Male, 20s)

3. Belial (190)
“I can’t stop thinking about what his lines would be every time he pressed a button” (Female, teens)

4. Lamorak (184)
“I want to make a party with all 3 brothers” (Female, 30s)

5. Adam (174)
“He’s done so much work in the main story, bring him in soon!” (Male, 30s)

Special mentions:

8. Polaris
“She’s a Harvin with a huge hammer, save her with the Fantasy series, please…” (Male, 30s)

10. Azrael and Israfel
“I just want to see them happy” (Female, 20s)

Q16: Who was the first Eternal you uncapped to 5 stars?

1. Tweyen (660)
2. Seofon (528)
3. Seox (435)
4. Tien (402)
5. Feower (298)

Q17: Have you Transcended the Edge on Anre or Tweyen?

Yes, Both: 2.2%
Yes, Tweyen: 5.8%
Yes, Anre: 0.5%
No, I haven’t: 91.5%

Q18: What’s your most used sticker in raids?

1. Let me help! (524)

2. Thanks! (Gran, Vira, and Belial) (447)

3. Good work! (Djeeta and Vira) (283)

4. Fried Shrimp (270)

5. Quokka (167)

6. Welcome! (155)

7. OK! (Vira, Lyria)

8. Beatrix dogeza

9. Here goes!

10. I’ll be Eur-Ol’-Pal

Q19: Did you play Granblue Fantasy Versus?

“I bought it and played it” (42.2%)
“I’ve always liked fighting games” (Male, 30s)
“It’s easy to play for beginners like me” (Female, 20s)
“The game codes lured me in” (Male, 20s)

“I borrowed it and played it” (2.4%)
“My family bought it, so I get to play it at home” (Female, 20s)
“I don’t own the console, so I borrowed one from my friend” (Male, teens)

“I haven’t played it” (55.4%)
“The barrier to entry for fighting games is so high” (Female, 20s)
“I don’t own a PlayStation 4” (Male, teens)
“They don’t have Sandalphon” (Female, teens)

Q20: Do you want to play Granblue Fantasy Relink when it comes out?

“I want to play it” (67.8%)
“Seeing the game in motion really got me interested” (Male, 20s)
“I can’t wait to take control of a 3D character in the world of GBF” (Female, 20s)

“I don’t want to play it” (3.8%)
“I won’t want to play it until I own a game console” (Female, 20s)
“I’m terrible at action games” (Male, 20s)
“It’ll make me motion sick” (Male, 30s)

“I don’t know” (28.4%)
“I’ll make a decision based on the story, the playable characters, and the GBF bonuses” (Female, 20s)
“There isn’t enough info yet, so I want to make a more informed decision” (Male, 30s)

Q21: Relink will come out on the PlayStation 5. Do you own a PS5?

“I own a PS5” (2.0%)

“I don’t own a PS5, but I do own a PS4” (59.5%)

“I own neither a PS4 nor a PS5” (38.5%)

Q22: What are you hoping for in Relink?

“I want it to feel like Granblue Fantasy” (Female, 30s)

“I want it to be a fun action RPG” (Male, 20s)

“I want my favorite characters in it” (Female, 40s)

“I don’t care, as long as it’s fun” (Male, 30s)

“I want it to be easy to watch, so even watching a Let’s Play of it is fun” (Female, 20s)

“I want GBF codes” (Male, 30s)

“I hope the story and the characters can surprise me” (Male, 40s)

“I want a whole lot of new art” (Female, 20s)

“I want characters who don’t show up in the main story to get a chance to shine” (Male, teens)

“I want a Nintendo Switch version” (Female, 20s)

Final thoughts from skyfarers

“5 more years and I’ll have all of the Divine Generals!” (Male, 40s)

“I’m looking forward to the day we can hold big events like GBF Fest again” (female, 30s)

“This game has really helped me a lot throughout the pandemic” (Female, 20s)

“I’m still a weak player, but I want to keep playing and become a mighty skyfarer. I want to go to a Granblue Fantasy Fest one day!” (Female, 20s)

“I love the bright and cheerful world of GBF” (Female, 30s)

“Every year they keep changing the game for the better, it always brings me joy” (Female, 30s)

“Congratulations on the 7th anniversary! My husband and my mom play and we’re all rooting for you!” (Female, 20s)

“I want more players to join GBF and make it a national pastime.” (Male, 30s)