Granblue TV Channel #25 translation: guest star Inoue Kazuhiko (Siegfried)

While it’s an off-week for news on Granblue TV Channel, the upcoming Siegfried event will make a few people excited about Inoue Kazuhiko as he talks about all things Siegfried.

Opening gag

As Siero introduces Siegfried as this week’s guest, she calls him the Knight of Knights, a paragon who mentored other great GBF knights like Lancelot and the other Dragon Knights.

An overly excited Lancelot jumps out of the frame to extol Siegfried’s virtues, which Siegfried puts an end to with a Schwarze Chop.

Opening talk

Ono Yuuki and Katou Emiri are both tickled pink to have Inoue Kazuhiko on the show. Inoue Kazuhiko himself thought he might never be a guest on the show, but the show has now had all 4 Dragon Knights as guests, thanks to Eguchi Takuya playing Granblue Fantasy Versus on the show earlier in the month. To add to the Dragon Knights flavor, this week’s narrator is Oosaka Ryouta (Percival), who replaces the usual Shiraishi Minoru (Lowain).

Katou Emiri tweeted that she maaaay have been a little too in love with the guest.

The hosts introduce Siegfried, reading off his profile and noting that he is the most mature of the popular characters in Granblue Fantasy. Katou Emiri unfailingly sends him a Valentine every year!

“I send chocolate to Siegfried every year!”

Katou Emiri is amused that Siegfried is the kind of man who gives out senbei as treats, before giving the floor to Ono so that he can gush about Siegfried.

Ono wants Inoue Kazuhiko to join the rest of the Dragon Knights on stage at Granblue events, and Inoue Kazuhiko asks “Are you sure? Would I belong? The fans would see the four of us and say this wasn’t what we wanted!”

Katou Emiri’s first question is about the VR Dragon Knights experience – she got to sit through the Siegfried experience, and she spends the next few minutes talking about how awesome it was, laughing at how much of a fangirl she sounds like while she’s talking.

Katou, control yourself
You know what, never mind, let it rock, this is great

When they finally get Katou to move on from how much she loves Siegfried, they talk a bit about Siegfried’s outfits so far. The first stop: the Dragon Knights in suits, with Siegfried carrying a pug.

Inoue: “I love pugs. When I saw this art, I jumped for joy.”

After looking at Siegfried in his yukata, Katou Emiri asks if there is anything in particular that Inoue keeps in mind while portraying Siegfried.

Inoue: “Siegfried isn’t a person who is cool by acting cool. He’s someone who is true to himself, and that’s what other people find cool.”

Inoue Kazuhiko’s 6 elements

The first talk show segment is the Six Elements. Inoue describes himself with the following:

玉 – Ball. Inoue Kazuhiko loves bowling, and wanted to be a professional bowler before he ended up becoming a voice actor. He says that he used to bowl 40 games a day, though at his age he can “only” play 10 games a day. Katou Emiri asked him what his highest score is, and Inoue says that he has bowled a perfect 300 before, but now he caps out at 200. He used to practice his bowling form on the way home, leading to this wonderful Young Siegfried illustration from the art team:

Sieg Bowling!

味 – Flavor. He likes to cook, and it’s a bit related to one of his most famous roles, Yamaoka Shirou from legendary cooking manga Oishinbo. He actually has a professional chef’s license, which surprises the hosts. His family ran a ramen shop when he was young, and his father told him that he needed to be able to run the restaurant before he could chase his dreams of professional bowling. While he does have a professional chef’s license, he doesn’t practice cooking much anymore, talking about how he burns his pizzas to a crisp and pretty much can only cook with hot pots these days.

和 – Traditional (Japanese clothing). He loves old Japanese style, and he’s had a kimono made for him.

水 – Inoue feels at home in the water, enjoying the ocean more than the mountains of Japan.

風 – wind (see below).

板 – board. Inoue enjoys surfing, especially windsurfing. When there isn’t a good wind, he does simple stand-up surfing instead. Katou says that she would love to see that as part of the show, and he humbly requests that they let him lose some weight before that happens. As he describes the feeling of windsurfing, the staff provides a look at

Ono: “Let’s do this next year at the beach.”

Inoue: “Yes, let’s do it. But I don’t know if I can save you if you fall off the board.”

Ono: “It’d be my own fault if it happened.”

Katou: When it does happen, I’ll pull out my camera and make sure to capture it all!”

Inoue: “Make sure to capture the moments when they’re all falling.”

Siero is all of us

The Dreams of Skyfarers

Inoue Kazuhiko’s three suggestions:

Bistro Feendrache – an event which gets Ono fired up.

Ono: “How would you do it?”

Inoue: “All four of us would be there, in our restaurant outfits.”

Ono: “You too, Inoue-san?”

Inoue: “Of course.”

Ono: “Let’s do it!”

Katou: “Can I come?!”

Inoue’s suggestion is that they would come up with the menu on the spot, with food catering to each customer’s taste.

Granblue Ondo: this suggestion has to wait until next year, but Granblue Fantasy doesn’t have a traditional Japanese ondo-style song in its repertoire yet. He suggests having an event with the Dragon Knights in traditional gear, dancing an ondo – which the artists again provide for your viewing pleasure.

Inoue: “But wait, would I have to dance too?”

While talking about what it would be like to have the Dragon Knights leading a festival dance, they joke that Siegfried used to be this very mysterious figure, but as fans have learned more and more about him, the mystery has collapsed and Siegfried has become better known to the fans.

The last suggestion: an Auguste Resort on a Pacific island.

Katou: “We can do it on Okinawa! The water’s so beautiful there! Let’s have a Granblue Fest there, and then a lot of GBF fans will have an excuse to go there too! Then, we’ll dance the Granblue Ondo, and at night we’ll eat at Bistro Feendrache. I want this one…”

Mailbox segment

Katou mentions that they have received a lot of mail about Siegfried, so they get right to it with Porcinid Mushroom‘s mail. They started GBF a little under 2 years ago because of Siegfried, and are still having fun.

The second mail is from Onee-sama, who fell in love with Siegfried at first sight. They want to leap into the skies and meet Siegfried some day, and relate the story of how their first 10-roll had Siegfried in it, making them feel blessed.

Next, a full question from Aoringo (green apple): since Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi record as a group of 3, could there be a reason for all 4 Dragon Knights to gather in the same place and record at the same time? Just thinking about it makes them turn into Akaringo (red apple).

Inoue: “I feel like if all 4 of us were there, it would turn into an ad-lib contest. Maybe not for the game, but we could record a drama track, that would be a reason for us to do this.”


That’s it for this week – Inoue Kazuhiko returns as guest next week. There will be a Lyria’s Journal segment, and it will actually be a double episode, as it seems like Ono Yuuki will be getting a GBF-themed massage… possibly with Fukuyama Jun, who suggested a massage segment while he was on the show?!