Granblue TV Channel #31 translation thread: special guest Shiraishi Ryouko (Loki, Societte)

This episode came out while we were at Anime Weekend Atlanta, so we’re running through both 31 and 32 on the same day – let’s get started!

Episode 31 brings Shiraishi Ryouko (Societte) onto the show to talk about her character for Kou and the Hollow Existence.

Opening gag

The opening gag plays up Societte’s shyness, as she’s embarrassed to be on set for Granblue TV Channel. To calm her down, Gran and Sierokarte suggest that she dance, since she always seems so serene during her dances.

After she complies, Gran gives a thumbs-up that everything was caught on camera and was great, sending Societte into fits of embarrassment that threaten the expensive studio equipment.

Opening chat

Shiraishi Ryouko is happy to be on set; it’s been a while since she was on stage for Granblue Fantasy, but she says that it doesn’t feel like it’s been very long at all.

To celebrate her guest appearance, the pin board in the back has both Loki and Societte’s Valentine Polaroids posted.

Shiraishi: “You don’t see Loki smiling like that very often. It’s cute.”

Ono: “He doesn’t look very nice in that picture…”

Shiraishi: “That’s because he’s not very nice.”

They talk a bit about Societte’s role as a support character, and Ono Yuuki asks about her time playing GBF – Shiraishi started playing in late 2018, so when she was on stage for Granblue Fantasy Extra Fest Fukuoka in April, she was still a newbie.

Katou: “You don’t play many games in general, though, do you?”

Shiraishi, in an embarrassed whisper: “I pretty much don’t play them at all…”

Katou points out that a lot of people who don’t normally play many video games seem to play Granblue Fantasy, and Shiraishi says that the events convinced her to try.

Societte talk

When the hosts go over Societte’s profile, they’re most surprised by her profile saying that she’s 19 years old – her quiet nature makes her seem more mature than she is. In her early fate episodes, conversations were fairly one-sided, but as the game has moved on, Societte has been able to talk more confidently.

Shiraishi: “That’s because Yuel is there!”

Katou: “Yeah, they’re such a great pair.”

When talking about the various versions of Societte (wind Societte was most not released at the time of the recording), Shiraishi says that she has not rolled water Societte yet, so she doesn’t know what her animations look like.

When they talk about Societte’s holiday lines, Shiraishi says that she loves doing unique lines for events and holidays, because they let her see new sides to Societte.

Societte and Yuel

When they move on to Societte and Yuel’s relationship, Shiraishi talks about how happy she was that Societte and Yuel were picked for the 9th character CD, out the many popular Granblue Fantasy characters who could have gotten that slot.

Katou: “It’s such a perfect song for dancers, too.”

Shiraishi: “I’ve always said this, they should make a music video with Yuel and Societte dancing. I would love that.”

As they talk about the various avenues that would make this possible, the topic of the Character Concerts at Granblue Fest come up, with 3D characters animated on stage. Shiraishi would love that, though Ono suggests that it might be easier for Shiraishi herself to dance on stage as Societte (something that Shiraishi herself declines; what would she wear?)

“Who, me?”

Kou and the Hollow Existence

The script for Kou and the Hollow Existence was enormous; Shiraishi doesn’t remember if she recorded Societte’s in-battle chatter with Yuel at the time, when asked by Katou Emiri. She does remember how the story starts out with so much pain, and ends up a very happy and cozy place.

Shiraishi: “Everyone who loves Kou should play the event, especially ones who want to be called Big Sister.”

Shiraishi’s 6 elements

Shiraishi’s 6 elements are:

雲 (clouds) – she loves cloudgazing, but she’s not the kind of person who digs super deep into her hobbies. She likes clouds, but doesn’t know what kinds of clouds are which; she just knows that there are some clouds that are nice to look at. She often uploads pictures of clouds to her blog.

カ (ca) – for Camera. She enjoys photography, but isn’t very good at it – she usually uses autofocus for everything.

Shiraishi: “I want to learn more!”


Katou Emiri gained a new disciple that day.

登 (climbing) – She enjoys hiking and climbing, but has only ever been up Mount Takao. Katou and Ono suggest hiking with a camera and taking pictures of the clouds – it’ll be 3 hobbies in one!

麦 (grain) – it stands for 蕎麦 (soba noodles).

Katou: “I thought it might be for beer.”

Shiraishi: “It’s also for beer.”

She would love to make her own noodles some time, which Katou casually mentions that she’s done before.

Shiraishi: “Katou, you’re just better at me in everything, aren’t you?”

Katou: “Oh nononononono”

ツ (tu) – for Twitter. She’s an avid tweeter and reader of social media.

ゲ – for Games. She’s playing GBF and is at rank 70. She enjoys playing the main story and the events, but there’s so much that she often finds herself at a loss for what to do. She can do very little on her own, so she relies a lot on getting help in raids.

Dreams of Skyfarers

Shiraishi’s suggestions for things she wants:

1: She wants to pet all the fluffies. Especially Loki’s fluffies.

Shiraishi: “Between Societte and Loki, there are so many fluffy things to pet…”

Katou suggests heading up to Hokkaido, where there are a few places that allow you to pet foxes.

2: She wants to dance with Societte’s enormous fans.

Ono: “Wait, when I mentioned it earlier, you said you didn’t want it…”

Shiraishi: “I did say that all I wanted was a music video.”

After a quick conversation, she decides to add a third request:

Shiraishi: “Okay, let’s make those big fans and make a music video!

Katou: “So when you’re dancing, will Yuel be there with you?”

Shiraishi-as-Societte: “If Yuel isn’t there, I get too shy…”

Ono: “So she’s been pressed into service.”

Katou (looking straight at the camera): “[Ueda] Kana, good luck.”

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Please put Forgiveness and Gratitude in Side Stories, who asks what the most memorable story event for each host is. They say, of course, that Forgiveness and Gratitude is theirs.

The second is from Tron, who says the same and asks for a playable Kou. The hosts turn to the camera and clap for Kou in congratulations.

The third comes from Henohenomoheji, who talks about close-knit groups in GBF like The Lowain Bros, Yuel and Societte, the Gunsmith Sisters, and the Naoise-Seruel-Scathacha-Heles faction. What are the host’s favorite groups and in-battle chatters?

Shiraishi: “Am I allowed to answer Yuel-Societte?”

After explaining in-battle chatter to Shiraishi, Katou recommends the Black Knight and Orchid lines, especially when Orchid copies Black Knight’s roars.

Shiraishi Minoru [narrator and lover of Harvins]: “My favorite, of course, is Milleore and Sahli Lao.”

That’s it for this week – on to episode 32!