Granblue TV Channel #32 translation thread: special guest Shiraishi Ryouko (Loki, Societte)

The news was light this week, so here it is:

On to the show!

Opening gag

It’s time for Societte to fill out her daily schedule, and while she’s trying to remember how much time she spends each day in dance practice, she hears Gran talk about a bee (hachi) hive and his twelve Gislas, so she writes in 8 AM – 12 midnight as her practice time.

Loki discussion

After last week’s Societte talk, this week is mostly dedicated to Shiraishi Ryouko’s other role in GBF – Loki.

Loki first appeared not in the main story, but in the first Christmas event.

Shiraishi: “I played Loki before I played Societte, so to me, GBF started with Loki and not Societte. So it was about a boy running around with his dog Fenrir and doing bad things.”

With Loki’s role in the main story of Granblue Fantasy, she has spent far more time with Loki than Societte. The staff told her that Loki’s role was originally much smaller, but kept expanding as they worked on the story.

As Shiraishi has played the character and seen the results of more and more of his schemes, she’s actually become more confused by what he’s actually planning. She thought at first that he was a mischievous little imp who wandered around with Fenrir and enjoyed wreaking havoc, but as he’s revealed more of his motivations, she’s found it harder and harder to get his tone and character right.

Katou Emiri starts gushing about Loki, and looks straight at the staff when she says that she wants Loki to be playable.

Katou: “I love how you can’t tell if he’s on your side or working against you at any given time, it’s brilliant.”

Ono: “That sounds like the Black Knight, and she eventually became playable.”

Katou: “So there’s still hope!”

Katou and Ono’s Newbie Guidance Corner

The next segment has Shiraishi asking Katou and Ono about how to prioritize things in the game. She feels pressured to move ahead with the main story, while also playing events, and also raising her rank so she can access new quests. So, what should she do first?

Katou advises that she play events first to get stronger, and then use those tools to advance in the main story. Side Stories are also great for new players, so Shiraishi decides to play some more side stories.

Ono relays the path to power that was revealed to him by his GBF mentor, Katou Emiri. The advice he was given was to use the Enmity skill, so in 3 months he built a Celeste claw grid and gained great strength.

Shiraishi’s next question: even though she’s low rank, should she help in other people’s raids?

Katou says that as long as she does her best, she’s doing great – even if she dies in the process! So she should keep joining and helping out.

Daily schedule

Shiraishi’s daily schedule draws ire from Shiraishi Minoru, the narrator:

Ono: “What the hell?”

Katou: “I’ve never seen anyone do it this way.”

Shiraishi explains that her days aren’t all the same, but she offers as her example a day off.

So she just puts down whatever she recalls doing on her days off, from checking Twitter to eating.

Ono: “I don’t think anyone else put going to the bathroom on their schedule…”

Shiraishi: “But I do! I’m human!”

For her GBF time, she relates Imai Asami (Vira)’s advice to her, where she fights against slimes on the weekends. She turns on Journey Drops, fights those slimes… and then after a while gets sleepy and ends up napping.

She does wish that she could attend more after-parties for Granblue Fantasy events, where she gets to talk to the other actors about the game.

Katou Emiri agrees, since those after-parties are where she gets to unleash her otaku side and gush about her favorite characters.

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Imoten, who says that there are more multi-character units these days, like the Morrigna, Lancelot and Vane, Team Chickadee, and more. What combination units would the hosts like to see?

They immediately kick the question to Katou Emiri, since they know she has many opinions on this matter.

Her first suggestion: Sturm and Drang. They are different elements, so you never hear them talk to each other, even though they are great and amusing lines.

Her next suggestion: Yuel and Societte, who are in 3 elements together already.

Ono Yuuki, as usual, recommends one of his own characters – since Lancelot and Vane already exist, he wants Lancelot and Siegfried together. Then after that, Lancelot and Percival, and after that…

Katou quickly brings the segment to a close, since she herself could go on forever about group units she would like to see.

Next is from White Sugar, who asks: in September’s Premium Friday quest, the Feisty Flyin’ Cypher Rangers featured a Sierokarte with abilities and stats. Will Sierokarte ever be a playable character?

Katou explains the Trial Battle section of the game, which has Sierokarte stand in for other characters.

Katou: “She says so many puns in her battle lines…”

Ono jokes that she should fight with Gotle, her bird. After all, the GBF team already has no problems animating bird attacks with the Island Rail skin…

The third mail is from 3 x 2 = 6, who asks about what stamps the hosts would like to have in the game.

Ono Yuuki says he wants stamps that say things like “I’m going to work” “I’m going to school” and “I’m going to eat” to explain going AFK.

Poor Shiraishi…

Katou Emiri says that she would like Unite and Fight-focused stamps, like “Let’s do this”, “I’ll fight someone else’s raid first”, “It’s time for the morning grind”, “I’m farming meat”, “please turn on the officer buffs” and “I’ll just Auto this”.

Poor Shiraishi Ryouko tries very hard to keep up with this conversation, but just… look at her.

Katou Emiri also talks about stamps that she would like for turning crew skills back on when they run out.

Katou and Ono note that there are a lot of stamps that don’t have any meaning like the Fried Shrimp, and because they’re so meaningless, players love to use them to grab potions.

A final sticker Katou Emiri requests is for late night co-op rooms: it would ask if the host has fallen asleep and they need to move on to the next host.

Closing comments

Shiraishi thanks the hosts for giving her so much advice on the show, and is glad that she could talk so freely about her characters. She also thanks the hosts for calling her Ryouko-san the entire time, since calling her Shiraishi-san would confuse her with the narrator, whose name is also Shiraishi.

Shiraishi Ryouko, looking up at where the narrator would presumably be: “Sorry, Shiraishi-san.”

Shiraishi Minoru, in narration: “No problem! Come back soon, Ryouko-san!”

That’s it for this episode – the next guest will be Yonezawa Madoka (Ferry), just in time for Ferry’s arc in Granblue Fantasy the Animation!

See you next week!