Granblue TV Channel #33 translation thread: special guest Yonezawa Madoka (Ferry)

With the Mist-Shrouded Isle arc starting in the anime, this week’s GBF TV guest is Yonezawa Madoka (Ferry)!

As usual, this video will be replaced in a little under a week.

Opening gag

The opening comic has Ferry introduce herself to the show – but since she’s still not fully introduced in the anime, her intro is full of spoilers. To protect the viewers from any further spoilers, Gran switches to Spartan and pulls out a device that can beep out any spoilers.

The “beeps” are just Sugita Tomokazu (Drang) saying “BEEEEEP” – you should hear it for yourself, it’s amazing.

So much of what Ferry says is a spoiler, it sounds like she’s swearing up a storm on TV instead…


Yonezawa Madoka spends some time admiring the set, snuggling the Lancelot plushie on the couch next to her (Ono: “stop kneading him like you’re a cat, please!”) and acting envious of the giant Vyrn plushie.

Katou: “I really want to lie on top of it and play Granblue.”

While this is Yonezawa Madoka’s first time on GBTV, she has a longer history in Granblue Fantasy than Ono Yuuki does – she appeared at Tokyo Game Show 2015 for GBF. As has been mentioned a few times at Granblue Fantasy Fest and other shows, she went on hiatus after giving birth, so she’s fallen behind a bit.


Ferry’s profile lists her as 13 years old and 145 centimeters tall (4’9). The hosts marvel at how she’s shorter than Lyria (152 cm, just short of 5’0), but guess that Ferry is taller when you count her ears.

Before her current arc in Granblue Fantasy the Animation Season 2, Ferry appeared in the 2017 special Halloween episode. It was Yonezawa’s first time recording for GBF in a group, since game recordings are done solo.

Yonezawa: “I was really happy, the group was really friendly during recording. Having everyone there gave us a lot more flow to our lines, too.”

When it comes to the current season of Granblue anime, the hosts talk about the show’s combat scenes, laughing at how often Gran gets beaten up:

Yonezawa: “In the episode with Aliza, I thought he was going to fall into the fire!”

Ono: “Yeah, the way he throws himself around, he could die at any time. He’s been knocked around since the first season!”

Yonezawa relates a story from recording the anime – Sawashiro Miyuki (Katalina) wanted ice cream, so Ono Yuuki bought some. When there was extra, she offered it up to the rest of the cast, and Itou Kanae (Sturm) claimed it instantly.

Yonezawa: “She had some left over, too. She wrote ‘Sawashiro’ on the package and everything. Did anyone ever finish that off?”

Ono: “No, it’s still there.”

(staff note: Sawashiro finished it later)

Yonezawa’s 6 elements

Yonezawa Madoka’s six elements are actually listed in the colors of GBF‘s 6 elements:

蛸 (octopus) – she’s from Osaka, and often has takoyaki parties.

青 (blue) – she loves the color blue.

旅 (travel) – she likes travelling, but as a mother, she doesn’t find as much time to travel as she used to. She ends up going on two trips a year, and really enjoyed going to Nikkou and Kanazawa.

鳥 (bird) – she owns an Okinawan parakeet, which can say its name “Kinako-chan” and “I’m home”. Ono Yuuki also owned a bird when he was little, and by coincidence, it was named “Lan-chan” (Lancey).

謎 (riddles) – she enjoys escape games and puzzle rooms. She tells the story of a horror-themed one she did recently, with an actor paid to chase the players around and force them to hurry with the puzzles. She’s really looking forward to the Granblue Fantasy collab escape room.

銃 (guns) – she likes playing airsoft and paintball, though she hasn’t done it recently. She fondly describes playing Capture the Flag, and versions where one player on your team is a spy. But her favorite is the Overlord Battle, which is a game she and her friends made up on the spot.

Kawahara Yoshihisa (Tyre) declared himself the Overlord, and deputized Yonezawa as one of his Four Heavenly Kings, and it was the the five of them armed with full auto weapons versus everyone else with small arms. Kawahara spent his entire time ad-libbing and hamming up his demonic villainy.

Katou: “That’s definitely a game that’s better with actors!”

Dreams of Skyfarers

Yonezawa Madoka has 3 requests:

1: I want to be surrounded by animals.

Due to Ferry’s small menagerie of ghost animals, Yonezawa wants that as an excuse to be surrounded by cute animals – especially birds.

Yonezawa: “I don’t care about bird poop, I want birds everywhere!”

One of Katou Emiri’s original requests on the show was to find her own Gotle, so she suggests teaming up and going on a bird expedition.

2: Zombies!

Since the Mist-Shrouded Isle is populated by zombies, she wants to put on zombie makeup. She wants to be as unrecognizable as possible, and while she has it on, she would love to be able to scare somebody. Her preferred target would be Sugita Tomokazu (Drang), since he has a strong connection to the Ferry character, but the hosts rethink that when they realize that the eternal prankster Sugita would probably say “oh.” and leave it at that.

“With good zombie makeup, no one would know it was you – maybe the zombie should have a whip. We don’t know why, but give it a whip.”

So, they switch potential targets to Itou Kanae (Sturm), who would probably have a much stronger reaction.

3: A VR GBF experience, fighting against a Primal Beast.

Things she would really like in this experience: having a weapon in your hands that you can swing in VR, shouting the names of moves to activate them, and a Lyria over your shoulder who will help you out by summoning Primal Beasts.

“We can make it about protecting Lyria! Before you go into combat, you, I dunno, put her down somewhere behind you, or something.” -Ono Yuuki


The theme of the mailbox this week is Granblue Fantasy the Animation. Ossan especially enjoys the action scenes, while Till enjoyed the cameos from Aliza and Tezcatlipoca. Seeing everyone in formalwear in episode 2 was also a highlight.

The hosts talk about how one of Hirata Hiroaki (Rackam)’s ad-libs was cut from the first episode after he tried it out in an early version of the script (he ordered a seaweed dish on Sierokarte’s dime). Because GBF has special, weird names for all of its seafood, it was cut because it didn’t sound weird enough.

Katou: “When Tezcatlipoca appeared, all I could think of was Unite and Fight.”

Ono: “We’ve fought so many hundreds and thousands of these things…”

The next mail is from Kasamaru, who asks to see how the hosts arrange their grids. Kasamaru themselves mostly puts all the duplicates at the top.

Ono Yuuki cracks the usual Gisla joke, but then talks a bit seriously. He organizes his weapons by the skill type: Normal modifier weapons first, then Omega/Magna weapons after that, and his Seraphic weapon in the bottom right.

Katou puts multiples on top, and one-ofs on bottom.

Then it’s time to see Yonezawa’s grid, which she hasn’t really put too much thought into:

“I got a lot of Blue Spheres, so I leveled this to 100” -Yonezawa Madoka

Katou: “When we were just starting, Madoka was actually farther in the game than I was…”

Ono: “You’re kidding, right? There’s no way.”

As they talk about how far she’s fallen behind since she became a parent, she shows off all the characters that she’s drawn or earned but hasn’t leveled or uncapped yet.

Ono Yuuki reels in his chair when he sees that a level 1 Lyria, and he tells Yonezawa to uncap her and level her.

Yonezawa uncaps her on the spot, promising to level her to 70 soon.

That’s it for this week – next week, Yonezawa Madoka talks about playing GBF at home, and Imai Asami gets a saw for some reason!

She’s probably making a fried shrimp.