Granblue Fantasy Fest 2019 attraction and prize roundup

With two weeks to go before Granblue Fantasy Fest 2019, the attractions and prizes have been revealed! Let’s take a journey through each area, and see what the show has in store.

Stickers! Bookmarks! And way way more!

Mary and Karva’s Treasure Hunt Dungeon

The dungeon-themed games return from GBF Fest 2018, starting with the Eternals medals. Playing a game will earn one medal from the set of ten, and you can collect and trade for them all.

These are returning items.

Tien’s Intense Bullet Challenge: “Shoot down the barriers, and finish the treasure hunt!”, a carnival gun game. Awards a Tien sticker for playing, and if you win, you earn a box-eye view of Tien and her brother Feower opening a treasure chest.

Participation prize
An illustrated card awarded to winners

Whack A Slime: Appears to work like regular whack-a-mole. Awards a Vyrn and Slime sticker for playing, and if you win, you earn Vyrn and Slime mini-bags.

Participation prize
Vyrn and slime-themed miniature bags for winners

Karva’s Trap Ball: A returning attraction from last year, similar to a marble maze. Awards a Karva sticker or a Mary sticker for participating, then gives you the other one plus a postcard for winning.

Trials of Bahamut: A returning attraction from 2018, featuring a Bahamut wall painting. Awards a GBF Fest 2019 postcard for participating, and a Dragon Bar V bookmark for winning.

Participation prize postcard
Dragon Bar V bookmark for clearing the Trial of Bahamut

Vania and Veight’s Bloody Castle

Every attraction in the vampires’ castle awards one of 13 playing cards decorated with GBF characters.

Joker: Belial
Kings: Aglovale, Seofon, Lucifer, Percival
Queens: Athena, Medusa, Scathacha, Rose Queen
Jacks: Naoise, Sturm, Lancelot, Alexiel

Ferry’s Monster Training: Crack Ferry’s whip on monsters and ghosts to train them well! Awards a Ferry sticker for participating, and if you clear the game, you earn a Ferry clear file.

Ferry sticker for playing
Ferry clear file for winning

Coco and Mimi Panic: a game that might also be whack-a-mole, but with Coco and Mimi? Awards a Cerberus sticker for playing, and Coco and Mimi finger puppets for winning.

Cerberus sticker
Coco and Mimi finger puppets!

Melinda’s Fruit Feeding Time: Melinda is hungry, and you need to feed her all the fruit! Awards a Vania and Melinda sticker for participating, and a Certified Bloodkin card for winning.

Vania sticker for participating
Vania’s signature and seal mark you as a Certified Bloodkin.

Lich’s Phantom Call: a game where you apparently work together to summon Lich? Awards a Veight sticker for playing, and a picture of Vania and Veight having a party for winning.

Veight sticker for playing
Vania and Veight party card for winning

Orchid’s Puppet String Fortune Teller: Replacing the Bahamut shrine fortunes from last year, the fortunes are now Orchid-themed!

Last year’s fortunes came with Vyrn illustrations. What’s in store this year?

Ghost Cotton Candy: Last year’s was festival themed, this year’s cotton candy machine is Halloween themed!

Cafe Millennia

Sandalphon’s cafe has been updated with new drinks, and rules.

Step 1: Take a number for the menu items you want, and return at the time indicated by that number. Limit two items per person. The souvenir coffee-shaped chocolates can be purchased separately, also with a limit of 2.
Step 2: At your appointment time, line up in front of the cafe.
Step 3: Show your number at the register, and pay for your order.
Step 4: Get your stuff and go.

All Cafe Millennia drinks come with this coaster.

The menu items:

House special blend coffee

Iced milk coffee

Lattes with latte art Sandalphon or latte art Lucifer

Peanut butter sandwiches

Wine-poached apples with custard cream, sponge cake, and feullentine

Cafe Millennia coffee bean-style chocolates (this item does not come with a coaster, and is also available from the merchandise area)

Korwa and Chloe’s Happy Cawa Makeup Salon

There are 11 styles available of makeup available, based on GBF characters.

In order from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Azazel
  2. Tien (Esser)
  3. Eahta (Octo)
  4. Bandit Tycoon
  5. Ezecrain
  6. Pholia or Anila (both have the same “maro eyebrows”)
  7. Skull
  8. Societte
  9. Walder
  10. Zombie (female)
  11. Zombie (male)

It’s not just makeup, either – ears and horns are also part of the package! Examples below: