Granblue TV Channel #34 translation thread: special guest Yonezawa Madoka (Ferry)

Delayed by the holiday season, here’s a quick look at the second episode of Granblue TV Channel featuring Yonezawa Madoka (Ferry).

Before that, though, here’s a reminder of what the news from Lyria’s Journal was:

On to the episode, where Yonezawa talks about Ferry skins, her life as a gamer with a young son, and fighting games!

Opening gag

The opening gag has Ferry going through the Daily Schedule talk show segment. In the morning, she works with the crew. For the next 12 hours, she plays with her ghostly pets by herself, and then goes to sleep.

When Gran and Siero mention that she seems to spend a lot of time playing by herself, Ferry melts down, saying that she thought she’d been cutting down on it since she left the Mist-Shrouded Island.

Gran and Siero quickly back up and talk about their own solo hobbies, including a reference to Katou Emiri’s tendency to stare into the void on her own time.

Ferry talk

With Ferry’s story running in the second season of the anime, the hosts talk about the history of the character in GBF, with an original SR, a Halloween SR, a light SSR, and now a dark Grand Series SSR.

Yonezawa doesn’t have Ferry’s dark version, and wants her. Ono Yuuki, the Hades player, says that her Unheil harp has served him very well.

They also briefly discuss the various skins that Ferry has picked up over the years. Ferry has a rock band version from the “Sora no Michishirube” single, a New Year’s furisode, the April Fools Day Ferry-chan version, and her latest one, the Santa miniskirt version.

With three seasons already covered (assuming you count April Fools as a season), Yonezawa requests a summer swimsuit skin.

Katou: “What kind of swimsuit would she wear?”

Yonezawa: “She’d wear something very open in the back.”

Katou: “True, Erunes have have open backs and exposed armpits in everything…”

Katou then plugs the main story of GBF, since Ferry returns in the the third arc.

Yonezawa: “I recorded what happens in those chapters, but I’m only up to chapter 90 myself and haven’t gotten there yet.”

Ono: “That’s pretty far!”

They make it to Ferry’s appearance in Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Yonezawa notes that Ferry’s a tricky character to play. Katou’s impression of the character was that very strong players gravitated to her in the beta.

Yonezawa’s own experience with the GBVS beta: “I played against my manager, and I lost with Ferry. But then I switched to playing Charlotta, and I won!”

They also mention Yonezawa’s side role as Vohu Manahu, and Ono Yuuki (Sagittarius) gives her a high-five as a fellow boss character.

Daily Schedule

Yonezawa Madoka’s own daily schedule represents one of her days off.

1-6: Sleep
6-12: Breakfast, household chores, and bring her son to the park
12-6: Lunch, work at home (review scripts, etc) while her son naps, and then play with him until dinner.
6-11: Dinner, bath time, put her son to sleep
11-1: Video games!

Yonezawa: “I have a little boy, and he has a lot of energy that I need him to use up at the park.”

“I can finally play video games!”

Katou asks her what her schedule was like before she had a son, and she says that about 8-10 hours would have been spent playing video games.

Asked about what games she likes the most, she says she plays mostly everything – she likes RPGs and fighting games especially. They’re a required part of her day.

(note: on Granblue Channel #112, the previous radio show, Yonezawa said that fighting games are the reason she became a voice actress.)

Mailbox corner

The first mail comes from Rairai, who asks the hosts if they have any in-game lines that they like to say along with the characters.

Yonezawa: “I love Pommern’s ‘I do say’ (desu ne~ in Japanese)

Ferry’s moustache is quite twirlable, I do say~

Yonezawa herself enjoys shouting the Skybound Art names. She finds herself at home yelling “Etherlite Onslaught!” or “Vivace!” when she just wants to let something out and feel better.

Katou finds herself saying a lot of Sierokarte’s generic shopkeeper lines in her Siero voice, especially “welcome!”

Ono enjoys the sound effects the most, especially the ratatat of Rain of Arrows.

The second mail is from Naru-nyan, who is very much looking forward to Dragon Knights VR at Granblue Fest in December. The question: what characters do the hosts want to see in VR next?

Ono: “I want to see Vyrn.”

Yonezawa: “I DO TOO! He would fly like this!”

They chat back and forth about how cute it would be to see Vyrn flying around, and maybe tossing him a few apples to make him happy.

Katou: “I don’t really care who it is, I just want a Harvin.”

Yonezawa: “I would love to see Charlotta, to see just how tall her crown is.”

Imai Asami’s Fried Shrimp

The prerecorded segment stars Imai Asami (Friday), who gets to make the Fried Shrimp that she requested previously.

She sculpts, decorates, and paints her own Fried Shrimp at a workshop.

And she sends it over to the studio!

After that is Lyria’s Journal, with the news above.

Next week (today) will be Morita Masakazu (Azazel, Meteon).