Granblue TV Channel #35 translation thread: special guest Morita Masakazu (Meteon, Azazel)

Granblue TV Channel #35 celebrates the release of Platinum Sky II with Morita Masakazu, the voice of Meteon and Azazel.

In the episode, he connects with his character over his love of motorcycles, tries to soar over the skies, and… talks about Star Wars?

As usual, this link to the episode will only be valid until next week – watch it while you can!

Opening gag

In the opening gag, the hosts welcome Meteon to the show, noting that he has a large number of female fans. When asked if he’s interested in dating anyone, he says no – he only cares about the Blue Orbit.

Gran and Siero think about this, and decide to let his fetishes rock without judging him – it’s the Granblue Fantasy way!

Opening chat

This is Morita Masakazu’s first appearance on any Granblue Fantasy live shows, even though his character first appeared 3 years ago. (“Three years ago!?” -Ono)

Morita talks about the two motorcycles he owns: he has a well-loved 20-year-old junker that he bought used and tuned himself, and also owns a Honda Super Cub 110 (the 60th anniversary edition).

Platinum Sky

The hosts talk about how Platinum Sky marked a new era in Granblue Fantasy stories, with more dynamic animation and camera cuts than the previous entries, which mostly involved cardboard cutouts standing still and talking back and forth.

Ono Yuuki especially remembers Maddie, getting into the MMF pose as he talks about all of the ways that the event imagery emphasized speed and power.

Morita: “I was pretty weirded out when Maddie fused with his ship at the end. I asked ‘wait, is that allowed?'”

Meteon and Azazel

Katou speaks for many female skyfarers when she said that Meteon himself was welcomed by a lot of fans, and a lot of those fans talked about him on Twitter when he said “You have a surprise waiting for you next year” on Halloween.

They talk about holiday lines in general, and Morita talks about how many of those holiday lines are comedic in nature – Meteon plays things very straight, but when he plays Azazel he gets to play around a lot more. They turn to show off the Azazel and Meteon valentines hanging from the cork board in the back, and Morita comments:

Morita: “Azazel looks so cool here. But whenever he talks, he sounds stupid, and ends up as the butt of a lot of jokes. I’ve been playing him since the Rage of Bahamut days, and they told me to play him like some low-level yakuza thug.”

Morita: “Azazel might be a big name in demonic lore, but… they told me to play him like I was a street punk.”

As for Meteon, Morita admits that he didn’t like Meteon at first sight – I had this image of Granblue Fantasy as a sweeping fantasy story, and here’s Meteon with this tight, realistic racing suit that it looks like he’s going to burst out of. It’s cool-looking – it looks like he’s going to transform [into a Kamen Rider], but…”

After they look at Meteon’s profile, Morita jokes that Meteon would hate him – he doesn’t have any goals, and doesn’t have any guts, but he does like apples, at least.

One of Meteon’s charming points is how his looks contrast with his fiery and passionate nature, like the victorious shouts he lets out when he wins a race.

Katou: “Another part of his popularity is how weird his uncap art is.”

Morita: “I didn’t know about any of this, what do you mean?”

Katou: “One of the best parts about getting a new character is seeing the uncap art, and with Meteon being so pretty, everyone was looking forward to it. And then we got the Blue Orbit!”

Katou: “But when he got his 5 star uncap, we finally got to see our beautiful Meteon’s face.”

Ono: “We were pretty worried, right? That it’d just be a picture of an upgraded Blue Orbit.”

Behind the scenes of Platinum Sky

Morita talks about his first experience with Granblue Fantasy:

Morita: “I thought it was going to be this tiny little script for a mobile game. Then they gave me this huge script to read from, complete with a full story and notes about what Meteon thinks and feels. When I read the script at home, it felt like I was reading a novel. It was really fun to read. When it came time to record, Metoen had become a character I really knew and treasured.”

Katou: “It’s true, GBF scripts really paint a picture. It’s easy to read their scripts.”

Ono: “Even when there are one-liners in the script, they always have a lot of context written in, with notes on how to play them.”

Platinum Sky II

With Platinum Sky II running, the hosts look through the new costumes for returning characters, and Morita (who already made one Kamen Rider reference on the show) fixates on Nicholas’ red scarf.

Morita Masakazu is a lifelong Kamen Rider fan, you can tell by how he looks at that signature scarf

When they make it to the new character Fehr, Ono Yuuki notes the white suit and says “I want to throw dirt on it.”

Christmas Meteon

Morita: “I have a bad feeling about this, guys. He still has the Blue Orbit in the background!”

Ono: “We can’t trust Cygames, they could do something to him for his uncap art…”

Morita’s six elements

Katou: “The flip board we give each guest is based on the element of their character. But since you’re two different characters, Meteon who’s wind element, and Azazel who’s dark element–“

Morita: “You mean he’s not Low Level Goon element?”

The first four of Morita’s elements are all related to his love of photography and cameras:

写 (photo) – photography is his passion, a hobby that Katou Emiri herself is also very into. The two of them could chat about nothing but photography for the rest of the show, if they were allowed to.

暗 (dark) – a reference to another word for cameras, 暗箱 (these days it refers to Camera Obscura specifically). He loves cameras, and owns an old-school film camera, which Katou herself is not brave enough to do yet – all of her photography is digital.

買 (buy) – he enjoys shopping for old and used cameras.

愛 (love) – he loves the cameras just as much as he loves the photographs he can take with them. He owns hundreds of cameras, as shown below:

He invites Katou out to go shopping for used cameras after the show, even.

磁 (magnet) – when he travels, he likes to bring home magnets as his souvenirs, since they’re conveniently small and fit in his bags. He hears that putting too many magnets on your fridge can make your luck bad, but he enjoys seeing all of the magnets that show all the places he’s been.

歩 (walking) – he enjoys taking strolls with a camera in his hand, and walks everywhere he can when he travels.

Dreams of Skyfarers, Morita edition

Morita’s first request: Flying Squirrel Sky, a segment where he gets into a wingsuit. He would have to lose some weight before he did that, so he hopes he’ll be ready for it with 2 years of dieting. He jokes about joining the Self-Defense Force in order to train for it, but he definitely wants to experience flight like that. Maybe for the 10th anniversary, he’ll be ready!

His second request is his dream GBF collab: “To be force with you“, which is very likely a mangled version of “May the force be with you”. He wants Meteon to race against Star Wars machines, so he can shout “Ah-2!” (he is very specific that this isn’t R2, it’s Ah-2).

Morita: “Can we do this? Is this something we can do?”

Morita: “The adults in the room are making really sour faces right now…”

Katou would love this collab too, and she and Morita make “voom” noises as they talk about light sabers.

Ono: “I don’t know if we would be able to pack all of these ideas into one event.”

Morita: “We could collab with Episode I, Episode II, it goes up to IX!”

Ono: “You want all nine?!”

For once, Ono is the adult in the room.

Mailbox segment

The first mail comes from A Skyfarer Who Lost Everything in the Jewel Resort Casino, who asks what other game genres GBF could venture into, from a Platinum Sky racing game to a rhythm game that uses GBF‘s massive music library.

Morita: “This could be a Star Wars game too!”

Ono: “What”

Morita: “They had a fighting game! And don’t you want a lightsaber?! The fans are calling for it!”

Katou manages to pry him off of the Star Wars track by asking what Meteon or Azazel would do as fighting game characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus, saying that Azazel would be easy to port into a fighting game since he fights with his fists. But Meteon…

Morita: “He would hit everyone with his skyship! Bam!”

Katou: “How could you ever beat that?”

As for a GBF rhythm game, he jokes about making a rhythm game where the Blue Orbit races along a musical track, moving to the music and catching the notes.

Next week: the hosts try to predict what Meteon would look like with a swimsuit skin, and the actors try their hands at the GBF Real Escape Game! See you then!