Granblue TV Channel #36 translation thread: guest star Morita Masakazu (Meteon, Azazel)

First, the Lyria’s Journal news:

This week is brief, since half of the show is dedicated to plugging the Real Escape Game. Let’s get started!

Opening gag

The opening gag has Meteon signing up for a recorded speed test. To minimize the weight in his skyship, he hops in the Blue Orbit stripped down to his tank top and helmet. But the temperature outside is freezing.

Meteon: “I can see people on the other side calling to me…”

Siero: “This is what they call the view you can only see at great speed!”

Gran: “No, I think it’s a near-death experience.”

Camera talk

Please enjoy this representation of Ono Yuuki trying to show off his yo-yo skills during the break between episodes, as Morita Masakazu and Katou Emiri chat about cameras with the passion of hardcore enthusiasts.

Ono: “No one even looked at me!”

The camera talk continues even on camera, as Katou Emiri talks about how her friends are so photogenic that it makes her photography hobby easy. Morita continues to urge her to switch to film cameras, and as they chat, Ono Yuuki’s face is so funny that Morita stops mid-sentence and asks him if he’s okay.

Ono: “I’ll be fine…”

Katou: “This will all work out if you pick up photography with us!”

Ono tries to make a joke about how much of the show they can dedicate to Morita talking about photography, and Morita answers with a speech so long that the show fast-forwards to the end of his lecture.

Morita ends up suggesting a GBF Photography Club, and Katou jokes that all of the voice actors who enjoy photography could go to Granblue Fantasy Fest together and take pictures of all of the cosplayers there.

Morita takes it to the next step, saying that he’s willing to go overseas for photo shoots. He suggests Ireland as a great stop for amazing photographs.

Future Meteon versions

When asked about Meteon’s outfits up to this point, the hosts say that the next version would definitely be a summer version – but with how Meteon art usually goes, his summer version would just be him in a beach thong… while sitting in the Blue Orbit.

Morita: “In his uncap art, we could zoom in on it, and the cockpit of the Blue Orbit has become a pool, and he’s sitting in the water relaxing inside like this…”

Morita: “If any of this happens, my Twitter mentions will explode, so please let’s just forget I ever said anything.”

Morita’s daily schedule

Morita’s daily schedule depicts one of his most memorable days in recent memory:

Noon: Went to the dentist because he had a toothache, and he was so scared of the dentist that he was sweating, even though the dentist told him everything would be fine. The blue “down” arrow means that he was pretty gloomy after this, since he remembers a lot of bleeding.

The red ring actually represents how much his mouth was bleeding for the rest of the day.

After his tooth was extracted, he asked about keeping the tooth as a memento – he thought they would just put it in a plastic bag, but they put it inside of a cute little case so he could keep it.

Katou: “It’s kind of like a ring box, isn’t it?”

1:00: Regular physical at the doctor – while he passed all his tests with flying colors, he couldn’t talk to his doctor much because his mouth was still bloody.

4:00: he went in to the agency office, and he remembers turning the sink of the office bathroom red.

At 8, he felt good and the bleeding was going down, and to warm himself up on a cold day he got into the bath… and bled into the bathwater.

At midnight, he tried to eat since he hadn’t eaten since the dentist appointment and was hungry, which led to more bleeding and a generally poor eating experience that took an hour and a half.

From 2 AM to 6 AM he watched the Discovery Channel, then tried to go to sleep and couldn’t get to sleep until the sun rose the next day.

Mailbox segment

The first mail is from Lily Fan, who is surprised that the Gachapin collab was actually a collab and not just a gacha roulette. What do the hosts want as the next collab?

Morita instantly responds with Star Wars, which was his request from last week.

Ono: “There’s one of your shows, Morita, that would make a great collab. It also has really cool swords…”

Morita feigns ignorance for a moment, but agrees that Bleach would be pretty neat to have in GBF.

Ono relates the story of his early career in voice acting, when he would watch an episode of Bleach and read all of Ichigo’s lines in his own voice, and while he refuses to do it in front of the real Ichigo, Morita reminisces a bit about how Bleach was done. The lines during combat scenes were all ad-libbed by the actors as they watched the storyboards.

Other fantasy shows starring Morita include Kingdom and Saint Seiya, and both would make very solid crossovers with GBF.

Morita: “Would any of Tezuka [Osamu]’s works work well in GBF?

Katou: “He did a lot of fantasy manga, there’s a lot we could choose from.”


Ono’s answer is Mahoujin Guruguru, a Dragon Quest parody series that he enjoys greatly and would fit well with GBF. They would call the collab Mahoujin Guraburu and it would be perfect!

GBF Real Escape Game

The live action segment stars Katou Emiri (Sierokarte), Yonezawa Madoka (Ferry), Shiraishi Minoru (Lowain), and Kawahara Yoshihisa (Tyre) going through the Granblue Fantasy escape game experience.

Yonezawa Madoka mentioned in episode 33 that she loves puzzle games and escape rooms,

They eat the Lyria pancakes, drink the Lyria latte,

As they check out the GBF character merchandise, pointing out Barawa and Sarya, Shiraishi raises his hand and asks a question:

Shiraishi: “There are so many characters here, why aren’t any of them Harvins?”

While the four guests failed to clear the room, they all had plenty of fun, and Katou Emiri packed her camera to take some photos in the “We won!”/”We failed!” photo area.

At the closing of the show, Morita notes to everyone in the Granblue Fantasy Photography Club that they should get their passports in order – who knows when they’ll be needed?

That’s it for this week – next week’s guest is…

M・A・O (Narmaya)! The preview has her chatting with Katou about the GBF characters they love most – Sandalphon, in M・A・O’s case.

We’ll be in Japan for that episode and recovering from GBF Fest – see you next week!