Granblue Extra Fes 2021 Goods Ordering Guide

Goods for Granblue Extra Fes 2021 will be available for ordering starting 8/7 6:00 PM (JST), so here’s a guide on how to register! A couple notes:

  1. Ordering requires a Japanese mailing address, so have a friend in Japan or proxy service ready.
  2. You have until 9/6 12:00 PM (JST) to order, but be aware that popular items will sell out quickly.
  3. You must register an account with the Cystore page first – registration is unique to this event, so you have to do it even if you’ve registered for previous events!
  4. If you’ve registered for previous things like Valentine’s Day cards, then the process is almost identical.

More detailed instructions after the break. If you need a translation of the goods available, here’s a compilation of the Granblue Extra Fes 2021 Goods available.

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Famitsu 03/18/2021 interview: the Scenario Writing team

The 7th anniversary of Granblue Fantasy issue of Famitsu interviewed a previously unnamed and unsung portion of the GBF team – the story writers. Three members of the event writing team sat down with Famitsu‘s interviewers, and talked about their time writing for years worth of events and episodes. The online version of the interview went into much more depth than the print version, so let’s dig in!

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