Granblue Fantasy 2023 Valentines Compilation

The 2023 Valentines are now being shipped to people, and we have been compiling the Twitter links.

Before going to the sheet, please understand that these are links from ordinary people, not official staff. They may end up taking down the photos if they get pressured by the sudden attention thanks to our sheet. So here are some tips on Twitter etiquette.

  • Only retweet and/or like the link, do not quote retweet!
  • Do not download the pics and post it on your own account, even if you credit them – a retweet is enough.
  • If you reply to them, assume they do not understand English. Keep your responses simple enough that it can be run through Google translate and get your point across. No sarcasm either – “Thanks I hate it” will be taken literally!

If you found an entry that hasn’t been filled yet, you can submit it to us via This Form and we’ll fill it in.

Granblue Fantasy 2023 Images

9th Anniversary Megapost Addendum 1

The slides from the 9th anniversary stream that we delayed for translation were dense enough to warrant a post on its own. This will cover the following:

  • Character Rebalances
  • Grand Weapon Awakenings
  • Changes to V2 Honors
  • Yamato Job Class
  • Job Class IV / EX II Boost System
  • Evoker 5* Uncaps

For the rest of the 9th Anniversary news please visit the original post.

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Granblue Fantasy Valentine’s Day 2023 Ordering Guide

The Valentine’s Day Campaign at Cystore will begin on February 1st at 3:00 PM (JST). If you haven’t done this before, the idea is that you’re sending a virtual gift to a character or summon of your choice. In exchange, you’ll receive something back from them, in the form of an art print. You must register on their page to order – we suggest you do so before it opens. Here’s a guide on how to register! A couple notes:

  1. Ordering requires a Japanese mailing address, so have a friend in Japan or proxy service ready.
  2. You must register an account with the Cystore page first – registration is unique to this event, so you have to do it even if you’ve registered for previous events!
  3. If you’ve ordered Valentines in previous years, the process is basically the same.

More detailed instructions after the break.

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