Granblue Fantasy 2020 Valentines Compilation

People in Japan have started receiving their 2020 Valentine cards from Cygames, and we’ve compiled all the ones posted on Twitter thus far. Please consult the following sheet:

Granblue Fantasy 2020 Valentine Images

At the time of this post we’re still missing a few entries, so please reply to us on Twitter if you happen to find them! And below you will find a gallery of the ones we personally ordered.

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Famitsu 04/02/2020 interview: Fukuhara Tetsuya and Kimura Yuito

The latest issue of Famitsu has an extensive interview with Fukuhara Tetsuya (director, Granblue Fantasy) and Kimura Yuito (producer, Granblue Fantasy) in its 6th anniversary special. They talk about a range of topics from Granblue Versus‘ reception to future projects and what’s coming up in year 7. Let’s dig in!

Update 4/4/2020: Famitsu posted an extended version of this interview online – new additions are marked in this salmon color to make it easier to skim.

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