Granblue Fes 2020 News Recap (Day 1)

Granblue Fes 2020 Day 1 has ended, and we’ve compiled all the news and info from it for your convenience. Today had a mix of news for the mobile game, and a detailed update on Relink’s current development status – view the details below!

One thing to note, they acknowledged how quickly merchandise sold out, and they will look into restocking, with no additional details given.

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Granblue Fes 2020 Ordering Guide

The Cystore offers merchandise from all their titles, including Granblue Fantasy. They accept international forms of payment, but can only mail packages within Japan.

This means that it’s possible for foreigners to purchase goods with some extra help – we’ll discuss what options you have for delivery, and show you how to create an acccount and add payment information.

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Granblue Fantasy Fes 2020 Info

The official site posted an update last night with information on the Granblue Fantasy Fes – it will be streamed online over two days, with a main and satellite stream.

When: 12/12/2020 – 12/13/2020
Links to the Streams:
Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Satellite Stream:

More details about the schedule and goods below – we will update this as we get more info.

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Regarding our coverage of Cagliostro in GBF and GBVS

Because we feel it’s important: a public statement regarding coverage of Cagliostro in Granblue Fantasy and Granblue Fantasy Versus and our stand against derogatory language.

Due to the nature of Cagliostro’s design, it’s common to use the word ‘trap’ to describe how such characters leave snares, explosives, and other ‘traps’ on the screen. Similar characters to her include Byakuya (Under Night In-Birth) and Testament (Guilty Gear). Due to her circumstances, this can be misconstrued and misused as a transphobic term. We will do our best to minimize usage of it in our coverage and provide proper context each time. We also do not tolerate the use of transphobic slurs in our social media spaces, and will act as necessary when we see it.

Granblue Fantasy 2020 Valentines Compilation

People in Japan have started receiving their 2020 Valentine cards from Cygames, and we’ve compiled all the ones posted on Twitter thus far. Please consult the following sheet:

Granblue Fantasy 2020 Valentine Images

At the time of this post we’re still missing a few entries, so please reply to us on Twitter if you happen to find them! And below you will find a gallery of the ones we personally ordered.

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