Suzumura Kenichi Interview – Pash! Magazine 04/2019

(translated from a Pash! April 2019 issue interview by @vibratingsheep, all mistakes are Sheep’s)

Pash: What kind of character does Sandalphon strike you as?

Suzumura: I see him as a very earnest character, who’s capable of true idealism. But I feel like his idealism also resulted in great pain and tragedy. He has a strong soul that lets him move forward, in spite of that pain.

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Fukuhara Tetsuya interview – Pash! Magazine 04/2019

(translated from the original Pash! interview by @vibratingsheep, all mistakes are Sheep’s. Please support Pash! Magazine by buying it from Amazon or Bookwalker)

Planning story events a year in advance

Pash: Congratulations on Granblue Fantasy reaching its 5th anniversary! Tell us your thoughts about reaching this milestone.

Fukuhara Tetsuya (FKHR): It’s all gone by in a flash. 5 years is ancient by the standards of a mobile game, but there are still so many plans in motion for new content and things that we still want to do. We’re not going to rest on our laurels; we’re going to keep working hard.

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