Fukuhara Tetsuya interview – Pash! Magazine 04/2019

(translated from the original Pash! interview by @vibratingsheep, all mistakes are Sheep’s. Please support Pash! Magazine by buying it from Amazon or Bookwalker)

Planning story events a year in advance

Pash: Congratulations on Granblue Fantasy reaching its 5th anniversary! Tell us your thoughts about reaching this milestone.

Fukuhara Tetsuya (FKHR): It’s all gone by in a flash. 5 years is ancient by the standards of a mobile game, but there are still so many plans in motion for new content and things that we still want to do. We’re not going to rest on our laurels; we’re going to keep working hard.

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Fukuhara Tetsuya Interview – Famitsu 12/15/2018

(translated from the original Famitsu interview by @vibratingsheep, all mistakes are Sheep’s)

The significance of taking Granblue to consoles

Famitsu: You just announced Granblue Fantasy Versus and showed off the latest build of Granblue Fantasy Relink. Why did you direct so much energy and effort to making console versions of Granblue Fantasy?

FKHR: On a business level, I want to keep the whole game industry healthy, so that’s one reason. Granblue Fantasy is our company’s biggest IP, and as a fantasy RPG it fits very well in a console setting.

Famitsu: You feel like you already have a strong mobile game, do you think that it will fit nearly as well on consoles?

FKHR: There are some people, especially young ones, who have only ever played games on smartphones and don’t know how fun console games can be. The opposite is true as well, with people who only play on console or who drifted away from gaming and are unaware of how advanced mobile gaming has become. And of course, people who play both platforms are welcome. We hope to bring them all as many new and enjoyable gaming experiences as possible.

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